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    We need an APIRest (JSON) with the 4 methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) using persistence markdown files with the format: [log ind for at se URL] --- slug: "foo" weight: 1 draft: false --- ## body the API path should be automatic depending on the directory system: content /        Blog/            [l...

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    ...term working relationship, you don't need to send tons of proposal every day to get any project, I have been there and know how it feels Terms & condition : 1. I have lots of bad experience with developers here so, please you are not confident enough don't bid. 2. You have to communicate every day and share your screen so that I can assure you are working

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    ...and cooking videos o Designated Health section for articles and videos o Designated Motivational section for articles and videos o Ability for subscribers to comment/share articles within community o Tracker for all customer to track weight loss success over time o Are for submission of weight loss information, health information etc to track...

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    ...Metallic. It also happens to be the vehicle I will be towing with the RV. Image “TREK” is the original. Image “Honda” is the paint color. Image “demo”, is my really bad attempt to make it look better, but I made it worse. Other images are examples of flourishes and designs from other modern bus type vehicles. Added deep metallic blue

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    My grandmother was from Croatia. My father remembers her repeatedly speaking the phrase "What goes a..."What goes around comes around" in the Croatian language. It is an idiom, so likely cannot be a word for word translation. It is a reference to kharma, and how if you do bad, bad things will happen to you. If you do good, good things will happen.

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    Hi there, I am building a site in wordpress. As I've added some custom css to my menu ( making my desktop version look fine ), now my mobile version looks bad and as long as i've been trying to fix it i can't, so I need a help from a developer. I need this fixed ASAP. More details in contact.

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    ...netifd: Network device 'eth4' link is down Wed May 15 22:31:21 2019 [log ind for at se URL] netifd: Interface 'wan' has link connectivity loss Wed May 15 22:31:21 2019 [log ind for at se URL] netifd: Interface 'wan6' has link connectivity loss Wed May 15 22:31:21 2019 [log ind for at se URL] kernel: [512410.155948] igb 0000:05:00.0 eth4: igb: eth4 NIC...

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    We are a trading company dealing in used broadcast equipments -Looking for someone expert on ebay dealing in used broadcast equipments -Looking for someone expert on ebay product uploads -The product pictures and description is ready - each product have 3-4 pictures -weight and dimensions need to be picked-up from the PDF files manually

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    ...FFA sites, adult & porn sites, pharmacy sites, illegal websites, hate-based websites, violent websites, cracking or hacking websites, no blacklisted or spam sites, links from "bad neighborhood" sites etc. - No scraped content, mirror sites, orphaned link pages, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, ads, sponsored links, intrusive

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    ...Businesses need to be able to list freight items that need to be moved and truckers can bid on moving the load. This would need to have origin, destination, type of goods, weight, dimension and date and time of collection and date and time of delivery. Truckers who do the work need to be able to rate and review the business. The locations must include

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    Complete a Website Udløbet left

    I started a 12 page wordpress site and have lost the time to finish it. However, it is currently a bad representation of my brand. I have verbiage and most photos plus a theme and samples pages to go by.

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    ...2000 words on the analysis - plagiarism free. introduction and illustration for each model. • show the significance of each model and how this model is good and what are the bad points of this model. • show the 10% significance predictors and the 5% significance predictors of each model. • shows the equation of each model and when applied on our data

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    We need to translate few landing pages to Polish, the content is related to weight loss pill and we prefer someone that have experience on that. Thanks

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    We have just developed our website [log ind for at se URL] which is a PWA. We tested its performance on ...tested its performance on [log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL] The results in terms of speed are bad. We are looking for a professional who can improve this.

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    Trophy icon Design Flyer Udløbet left


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    18 indlæg colour with red colour and replace BEEF TREATS with LAMB TREATS. Replace BEEF LIVER TREATS front of bag with PREMIUM LAMB LIVER TREATS. [log ind for at se URL] NET WEIGHT 100GM from back of bag. Add NET WEIGHT 50g to middle bottom front of bag, 3. Replace [log ind for at se URL] with [log ind for at se URL] 4. Provide the front and back bag as an end product

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    ADA compliance Udløbet left

    I have installed an ADA compliance scanner but am a loss on how to fix many of the errors. I am seeking assistance for a reasonable price to fix errors and bring my website into compliance

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    I need a job done to get into my chick's messenger. No bad intentions

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    I need a job done to get into my chick's messenger. No bad intentions

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    I have an excel file with formulas than I need co...file to create an R program. This way it will be dedicated program for this and not have to Excel every time. The formulas contain multiple inputs (IE: BMI needs a height and weight input). I would also afterwards like for you to show me how the coding works so that I may understand it a little more.

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    Script to use : (and to grab) [log ind for at se URL];v=77&b=177&back_r=245&back_g=245&back_b=245 If black > use [log ind for at se URL] (freelancers adds bad char in some urls) Put it on load of WP site as this : [log ind for at se URL] Should animate and fade central logo & white background in

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    ...Divisions o Single Touch Button Control o 7-Segment Display o Total Thickness(including casing) 5mm o Dimensions 200 x 150 x 5 mm Operation: o Place load to turn on display o Show weight in grams(g) by default. o Touch Button to change to ounce(oz) o Touch and hold button to Tare o Tare indication on display (Appropriate SSD-LCD will be sourced) o In-built

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    I am looking for someone to write articles regularly on the subject that I ask. You will need to have excellent written English skills. There could be potential for regular article writing for me.

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    I am in the US looking for a product less 1 to 1.5lbs for my ecommerce store. I read your prof...that is why I am coming to you. I would like to source a product from China for my ecommerce store. The product can be several things bundled of needed but I dont want the weight mentioned abpve exceeded. I need a reputable company with a reasonable price.

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    ...FFA sites, adult & porn sites, pharmacy sites, illegal websites, hate-based websites, violent websites, cracking or hacking websites, no blacklisted or spam sites, links from "bad neighborhood" sites (e.g. link farms, porn and so on), ping sites, etc. - NO ARTICLE or Directory Sites, No Spammy Comments. - No scraped content, mirror sites, orphaned link

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    We are looking for well-researched, instructive and entertaining articles on compelling health and fitness-related topics. We are particularly adept at balancing theory with practical application, so the right candidates should be able to write in a manner that enables and empowers people who are passionate about self-improvement, well-being and satisfying

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    Trophy icon Create great content ideas! Udløbet left

    ...Provide 5 great ideas for newsletter content. Avoid puns, word play and anything local since we translate all our newsletters Avoid copy about exercising, good looks and losing weight Avoid certain seasons or dates in your copy Avoid political discussions and gender discussions Avoid clickbait subject lines Avoid any debates Provide 5 ideas in a in a PDF

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...specified set of voices that I could use in my games. I need those voices to provide additional feedback for the player during gameplay, for instance when he did something good or bad. NOTE: - words recorded by female with sexy voice - I would like every sex (POSITIVE, NEGATIVE and FLIRTY) recorded by single woman POSITIVE FEEDBACK Said in a warm, rewarding

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    ...following - racetrack location, distance, ground, type of race I.e hurdle, handicap or not, class of race. The only exception is on the horses page I would want the age and weight of the horse. I can and have done a basic excel spreadsheet myself for this, but I need an easier way to update it as I have to do it by hand and as not all options are needed

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    39 bud clicked). Copy values for following: TotalShareCapital Reserves TotalCurrentLiability TotalNonCurrentLiability CurrentAssets TotalAssets Then click on "Profilt & Loss" just below the "Financials" heading and copy values for following: DepreciationAmortisation FinanceCost OperationsRevenue TotalExpenses Earnings ProfitBeforeTaxInterest

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    ...couple of offenders, but one in particular guilty of overposting on this "widely know classified ad site". He spams the forum to the tune of 200 to 250 ads a day. It's gotten so bad that other people on the forum are actually posting to ask other users to flag this one particular guy. I have about 50 ip addresses that I switch between to flag but it takes

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    Write an article Udløbet left

    I'm the owner of a startup dedicated to provide IT and Cleaning services to computers an...persons, I want to make an email campaign explaining the importance of our provided services is for them daily life. Like the importance of keep the actives cleaned to prevent bad functionality, or why is important to keep the structured wired in good condition.

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    Twitch emotes Udløbet left

    ... (as required by Twitch) They need to be in 3 different sizes, each. I adore angels and greek mythology, and i'm kind of a hipster/chill girl, so anything that displays, "bad girl" is my kind of thing. Some characters I love are: Raven (from Teen Titans), Maleficent etc. I don't want my emotes to look like manga/anime, super realistic and detailed

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    ...upload the csv [log ind for at se URL] have email data. it should verify email in below process : verify doamin exist or not verify email exist or not export working mail data separate and bad data separate and expert in csv and it should open in excel. many people already creating this kind of php open source code. you can use any. i just need working email id data

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    ...veteran in a futuristic Germany army uniform Text to include: Captain Baz Schmidt Affinity: Assault. Gain 1 Action Point Pro: Gain 1 Attack Con: Lose 1 Action Point Weight Points: 8 Card 2: Component Card Image: The left arm of a mecha robot with a large gauss rifle attached. A player will build their mecha robot by laying out cards together

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    ...usa PRODUCT page TITLE BRAND 'SHIP AND SOLD BY' FIELD(IT VARIES AS PER PRODUCT) PRICE "IN STOCK" FIELD(IT VARIES AS PER PRODUCT) SHIP WEIGHT SALES RANK 1 SALES RANK 2 4. We should be able to filter data using weight, any exclusions, keyword etc some changes might be needed while developing it Again speed is top priority. BID IF YOU KNOW, DON;T WASTE

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    24 bud I would like to create a spreadsheet with the following columns. 1. Name of Ingredient (e.g dehydroacetic acid) 2. Rating of Ingredient (e.g Good, Bad, Average) 3. Description of Ingredient (E.g A synthetic preservative used in amounts of 0.6% or less where it’s proven to be safe and effective) 4. Category of Ingredient (e

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    In this job you have to copy paste articles

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    My website needs some touch ups and a facelift. I don’t think it’s anything major. Google shopping quit working because of landing page error. The last person I hired was bad at updating me regular and that is a requirement.

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    I looking for someone who have good knowledge in Java and SSL certificates, i am facing connection issue in my website [Failed to establish secure connecti...looking for someone who have good knowledge in Java and SSL certificates, i am facing connection issue in my website [Failed to establish secure connection to server. Perhaps a bad certificate?

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    ...employee collected tax 2. Book keeping of company files 3. K1 need to be completed 4. Personal Income Taxes 1099 Miscelleneous via quickook 5. E-Filing,Profit/ Loss, Balance Sheet, Income Statement..... 6. Need to know setup the program and manage its tools. At least 2 years of experience doing this kind of job. 1. Apply send us

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    ...1. A. Yes. 2. Q. And you're familiar with Navistar; right? 3. A. Yes, ma'am. 4. Q. And you've been familiar with Navistar for decades? 5. A. Yeah. All these old things sound bad but, yes, 6. decades. 7. Q. And this engine that was in the Nolans' Excursion that 8. was manufactured by Navistar; right? 9. A. Correct. The above would be scraped, numbering

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    I'm a weight loss coach and would like someone with Copywriting skills to prepare a professional looking flier that is fun and tone which I can use to market my business. Please research more on Keto. You can edit as you see fit

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    ...contain chemical preservatives, and slow to act., We wanted to fill this huge gap in the Energy Drink market by producing an alternative product that was low cost, without any bad taste, convenient to carry and to use anytime, anywhere; yet provide all the same effective ingredients as the leading Energy Drinks or Shots in equal and in many cases far superior

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    I'm looking for a video editor who can work long term. I'm a Weight-loss Coach and my objective is finding someone to be a part of my team who will be able to portray my message through creative videos. Your role will be to edit my videos to produce content to post and upload on FB, Insta and Youtube. I need someone that's passionate about

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    ...allocation of beauticians to customers. Customers can choose a preferred beautician - manage commissions for each beautician - preparation of financial statements, I.e. profit and loss, balance sheet, daily, weekly and monthly reports per product, per beautician, etc. - software should be hosted on the cloud - Salon’s to be charged a standard fee on downloading

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    ...[log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Core

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    I will like to draw a financial plan for my new startup, financial forecast, *Profit and Loss Statement (3 year) *Balance Sheet (3 year) *Cash Flow Statement (3 year) *Sales Forecast (3 year ) *Key Ratio Projections

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    Trophy icon Illustrate a graphic photo Udløbet left

    ...28-year-old man, thick-necked, broad-shouldered, in a black suit. HIS BIOGRAPHY *Career: Medical representative *Height: 6’1, Weight: 220 lbs *Martial arts: achieved Black Belt *Fitness level: runs marathons and weight trains regularly. I need the illustration showing this man throwing a Yakuza gangster over the hood of a car in downtown Tokyo

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