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    Hi i got a small issue while looping using foreach . I have a table and data is coming from two queries and i am looping a for each inside another and the second loop is printing all the array values in all lines . Need to fix this . I want to fix this in php no javascript . I am attaching all the files for your reference . Model , controller and view You can fix this and sent me the correct code...

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    Improve existing webdesign for forum (2 pages). The forum is Question and Anwsers with score. just make css and html. The design need to be beautiful, clean, and smart. The forum works like [log ind for at se URL] little budget max 40 euros

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    Upgrade webdesign for forum -- 2 6 dage left

    Upgrade existing webdesign for forum (2 pages). just make css and html. The design need to be beautiful and clean. The forum works like [log ind for at se URL] little budget

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    Upgrade design for forum 6 dage left

    Upgrade existing design for forum (2 pages). The design need to be beautiful and clean. The forum works like [log ind for at se URL] little budget

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    I need help understanding how to use array functions, enum, constructors etc when writing a java program. If i am happy i will continue the business relationship to help me keep learning how to program in java.

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    I have a three block building schematic that I would like to use for a booking system. I'd like to use SVG images to make the hotspot responsive and avoid using imagemaps with hotspots due to floating points moving with images that are on mobile. Read this as what I want to achieve > [log ind for at se URL] I have three image blocks (attached) each block shows the empty areas and there i...

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    OS project 6 dage left

    A parent process that will create child processes to perform tasks and will collect the output from these children. There are three tasks that should be performed: • Read the input file that contains Linux shell commands. Parent process will create a child process to read that file and child process will return the content of that file in the form of a string using a shared memory area. &bu...

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    Hi! I need two python functions, which accept an integer with 13 bits (enumerated as 0123456789abc, where for example 4 is the fifth bit and a is the 11th bit) and an integer with 4 bits (enumerated as ABCD). These bits should be concatenated four times and at the end the other 4 bits, so like this: 01234567 89abc012 3456789a bc012345 6789abc0 12345678 9abcABCD The first function should return t...

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    I need to model (1) airflow patterns in a rectangular room, under steady-state, driven by a single outflow and single inflow rectangular air handling unit, situated inside the room. All dimensions, parameters and specs provided. (2) I need to model incident irradiance of UV light at every location in that room (ignore shadows and reflections) in W/cm2, from an array of sources located inside the...

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    Merhabalar, Temel olarak, adı Matriks (MTX) olan bir masa üstü uygulamadan DDE veriler alabiliyorum. Bu sayede ilgili verileri excel’e çekebiliyorum ve aslında bundan sonra anlatacağım her şeyi VBA üzerinden yapabiliyorum ama excel'in sınırlamaları nedeniyle, eğer yapabilirsem excel'i aradan çıkartan bir uygulama yaz(dır)maya çalışıyorum. Yapma...

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    I am looking to hire someone that could develop a real-time inverse kinematics solver that can handle an arbitrary number of joints of any type(revolute, prismatic, spherical). The solver should generate an array of possible solutions, while automatically handling singularities and redundant joints, as well as non-aligned or arbitrarily fixed joints. It should be written in C/C++, using only neces...

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    I need a php site which is similar to a exsisting one. Its a comparision site. PHP code with no database, all data should be arranged in array. No backend needed. use .htaccess to control the pages Use array to manager the site review data and image settings. The example should have 2 site reviews included in the site. you should have popup feature like the target site.

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    I have a hospital Operation Room Cinema 4D scene. I need a good quality materials / textures to be made on this scene, I need these materials to be done with Corona Rendered for Cinema 4d. So I am looking for an artist who has these softwares and skill to make this Operation Room great on video. Not too heavy rendering times.. Here is the geometry, just as good as I have it: [log ind for at se U...

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    I would like a concept for a tower (steel pole) that is 7m, high. The tower will hold two camera arrays. One is at the top of the pole, the other is 1m lower. Each array is a horizontal octagon with two cameras at each apex the two cameras on each side produce stereo photographs for sensing. there will be a communication panel at the top that has satellite, 5G and radio communication. At ground le...

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    the wp site have old avada on it. revolution slider plugin make an error and cannot be activated - "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: [] operator not supported for strings in /home/XXYY/public_html/wp-content/plugins/_ToCheckrevslider/inc_php/framework/[log ind for at se URL] Stack trace: #0 /home/XXYY/public_html/wp-content/plugins/_ToCheckrevslider/[log ind for at se URL](237): UniteBaseAdmin...

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    Hi , I need a c++ script . Script will load the data from csv file. csv file will have two column . First column is question and second is answer. Once the program is started - You need to load the data of these two columns into two string array. On the windows you will need to show question one by one in random order . User will type answer after every question . After user click enter you need t...

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    Program manager 4 dage left

    Organizing programs and activities in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization. Developing new programs to support the strategic direction of the organization. Creating and managing long-term goals. Developing a budget and operating plan for the program. Developing an evaluation method to assess program strengths and identify areas for improvement. Writing program funding proposal...

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    I don't have time to spend programming, so I want some help to finish off the function I started writing. I started to write a function struct record* loadcsv(char *filename) which reads from a CSV file of fixed format to an array of a structure. Its very simple C Stuff with fscanf's reading from the file into the array. Some of the Strings will be Hexadecimal strrings so need to be tur...

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    Need a component that looks like the image attached. Requirements: 1. Must be able to add to an array of strings that correspond to the different lines it displays 2. Must be able to scroll in both directions 3. Must be able to select/copy text from this component 4. Component must be able to resize with its parent container and display more or less lines, as required 5. Component must do ...

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    I have a JavaScript array that needs to be echoed into a comma seperated url path

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    I want to develop a Wireless power transmission system using a circular array of tiny magnets as my rotating transmitter and the coil placed above it will impersonate a receiver coil ( It can be multi-turn coil). The rotation of magnets should induce voltage in the coil. I want to look at 1D plot of induced voltage in the coil. Animation should show the circular ring of coils rotating. Look at the...

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    We are currently developing a new platform and looking for a good developer to develop some features in the area of artificial intelligence/machine learning. We use laravel in the backend and bootstrap, jquery in the frontend. The design still needs to be adapted and completed. A detailed description is available. short overview of some functions: - OBJECT, PERSON, BRAND, FACE AND TEXT DETECT...

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    Solar Raft 2 dage left

    I need an engineer to design and workout the loadings and material requirement for a solar panel raft 6X12m with 4m spans that will be attached my single storey house. (The present roofs don't work for a large array of solar panels ). To make the structure light and maintaince free I'm thinking of using aluminium truss . The weight of a 1X2 m solar panel is about 25kg The raft will be ...

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    I wish to create an LED light array for horticulture purposes. Freelancer should have the ability to take heat issues into consideration and check LED thermals on datasheet and recommend either thermal via's or utilize a metal core PCB. We will need to be able to mount this PCB onto a heatsink. Sizing will be chosen at beginning of the project. We have a wide variety of different LED'...

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    Hey, we need a PHP developer for the first project (later could be multiple of them) for the application described below. The application will (every few minutes) via Facebook API check: Primary text Headline Description Website URL Display link of all ads in the Facebook business manager account. We have a list of domain names that are whitelisted (you can create an array that we can easil...

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    A Web Search Analyst at Zen3 will drive a broader array of functional aspects within the prominent search engine and will be responsible for updating & validating information for the same. This role will be given a defined set of tasks to complete, that are all centered on improving the overall performance of the search engine. • Must be native citizens of UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germa...

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    On this page: [log ind for at se URL] Done by members list pro List all registered people in a table, in the way below. It is done by the plugin members list pro [log ind for at se URL] Project description: [log ind for at se URL] Problem: The entries in “Position” and “Suche” are showing “array” (see problem described and solved from here: [log ind for at ...

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    Powershell script to execute sql scripts found in a database table and output results to a tab in a XSL spreadsheet 1. first script must set variables to configure connection to sql server 2. run sql script to populate array variables for server scripts and tab target these are all found in a sql table. 3. each row in the variable array will be used to do the following I. populate the server ...

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    stm32wb interfacing with sensor and transmit data to smartphone in byte array using ble functionality

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    I have built a laravel website where users can fill out a form with text/images, and a page will be created using that data. I have added a JavaSript timeline to that page, but I am having trouble storing/displaying that data inside the page view. This is because the 3 inputs for the timeline (event, eventDate, eventDesription) can/should have multiple values, so they need to be stored as an array...

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    From my existing Azure Data Lake, I have daily JSON files that are heavily nested. I need these files flattened and put into a tabular SQL database so that I can access the data more easily from other tools & apps. Goal: Pull the data from the JSON files in the Azure Data Lake, extract the data, flatten the data into a structure that can be uploaded to a SQL database. Requirements: • U...

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    Domain : Polynomial/Multiple Regression Objective: we are going to learn Regression models with using Training/Validation/Testing Error concepts with Generalization. Instruction Rules: IR0 : You are going to build Python Class with the name NeuronR. This class should carry the following items; a. Class variables: i. K-Fold (int) ii. Activation Function (string) iii. Loss Function (string) iv. Cost...

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    I have a GitHub repository that uses anaconda environments, python 3, and jupyter notebooks to execute some code. However, this can be improved by creating a CLI to exectue the same code contained in the jupyter notebooks. This is the link: [log ind for at se URL] So for example, the notebook I need to run will align 5 images in a directory called "SET01". This produces an array called ...

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    I'm looking for an engineer to prepare design for an off-grid hybrid PV system for a work/residence compound in a developing country. The hybrid system shall include PV modules, batteries, and a diesel generator for a newly-constructed off-grid compound. This compound will contain living and working facilities for about 10 people. The estimated size of the PV array is about ~100-200 kW. Th...

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    Hello, We are looking for expert in market research in the pet care industry in the United States. We are looking for someone with great expertise. Has deep dive knowledge of the pet care industry in the united states. Can provide amazing presentation document with accurate and verifiable date. YOU MUST BE IN THE UNITED STATES. YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH PET CARE. Accomplished market research...

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    Hello, We are looking for expert in market research in the pet care industry in the United States. We are looking for someone with great expertise. Has deep dive knowledge of the pet care industry in the united states. Can provide amazing presentation document with accurate and verifiable date. YOU MUST BE IN THE UNITED STATES. YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH PET CARE. Accomplished market research...

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    PHP Project 1 time left

    Display a list of youtube videos stored in an array. Your code should do the following: go through your php array where your video IDs are stored, display thumbnail images of the videos and then these videos must be clickable. Keep in mind that the code to do all of this must be stored in a function that will display everything. Moreover, your final page must be styled accordingly: Related videos...

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    Dear developers, At the moment a Wordpress plugin has been developed which communicates between Woocommerce and an accounting system. This works well, but a certain function will not cooperate. Extra metadata must be added to the payment system (Mollie) from the plugin. Mollie also indicates this as a possible option ([log ind for at se URL]), but this function does not work. I am looking for so...

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    I've built an optical sensor board based on the AS7341 chip. Everything communicates over I2C with Arduino based devices. The datasheet and schematics are attached. I've reviewed it and understand but do not have the programming skills to implement best practices. I require you to build me a library (it will become open source) to interact with this optical sensor over I2C. Functions to...

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    JavaScript Coding Udløbet left

    Create a function that takes a string, removes all "special" characters (e.g. !, @, #, $, %, ^, &, , *, (, )) and returns the new string. Characters allowed are dashes -, underscores _ and spaces. Example: const result = MyFunction("Hello World!") [log ind for at se URL](result) //"Hello World!" const result = MyFunction("%fd76$fd(-)6GvKlO.&quo...

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    The main activity : 1. Centred Title - a paragraph of instructions - and a start button - When the start button is pressed a timer is started to a specified time set in a json config file. 2. From the config file a checkbox or radio-button fragment is to be shown - this has a sequential number - and a paragraph of text - optionally an image then: either 4 x checkboxes ...

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    Trophy icon I need a video intro animation Udløbet left

    I need a video animation for the start of videos I edit, with branding of the videos “ONE ZERO FIVE”. The animation only needs to be 2-5 seconds and does not require audio. The brand is an adventure group. We skydive, hike, climb, canyon, surf and do an array of other similar action sport activites, so the animation you will make will be before these types of videos. An example - ...

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    Im trying to sign a SOAP envelope from a WSDL using WSSESoap PHP plugin. I cant make it work as it throws a 'Hash values do not match' issue. The WSDL is: [log ind for at se URL] Im calling from $sc = new MySoap($wsdl); $out = $sc->Execute(array("Rut"=>"123456789")); And getting the 'Hash values do not match' error. I did a research and seems the ...

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    Hi! I’m building a website using React.js and back-end is done using graphQL. Unfortunately I’m new to graphQL, so wondering how to integrate it into React application. I’m looking for a developer to help me integrate the graphQL easily. Here is my idea, but not sure it is possible. Lets say there are organizations and users, and each of them can include an array of other objects...

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    you are required to write a C/C++ program that calculates the average of all elements in an array of integers. Specifications and Procedure:  Report results for array sizes (500, 1000, 5000, and 10000 elements)  Submit 3 versions of the program: 1. Version 1: Implement a serial program (single thread) to implement the above problem. 2. Version 2: Implement a multi-threaded version of the program...

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    JavaScript toggle Udløbet left

    I need some JavaScript to toggle a css class and add a line to an existing JavaScript array

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    This is a customization of SuiteCRM code, I will implement it myself. Code needs to be customized so that the highlighted line [Annotation 2020-05-15 [log ind for at se URL]] is only run when parent_type=='Contacts' The line bellow is sort of what I am looking for but I am unable to figure out where parent_type is coming from. 'initial_filter_fields' => ('&parent...

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    We're looking for what is expected to be a short and simple Cloudflare Worker script that based on an array or singular country code would rewrite a specific link, attr, class, or add a class in html.

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    I am looking to outsource some C code that I am working on putting together for an embedded system that I am working on. I am looking to develop firmware for an ATMEGA328P MCU (datasheet: [log ind for at se URL]) to communicate with an OV7675 image sensor ([log ind for at se URL]). The electronic setup is outlined in the schematic I have attached. I would like for this code to take a single frame ...

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