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    skal bruge færdigt projekt til: wifi data. sende en e-mail når en knap aktiveres der skal tilkobles 2 knapper der skal send forskellige beskeder der skal bruges dns da ip ændre sig skal kunne modtag data til at tænde led skal kunne gemme data hvis forbindelse svigter og sende når der er forbindelse igen

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    Gamepad Dabble ESP32 6 dage left

    We are currently working on a POC for a project, here we need 4 pins to change high/low depending on the angle of the joypad in the dabble app, and 6 pins need to go high/ low depending on buttons pussed in the app (when pressed high, when relesased low). Very simple, will add example code below, where serial monitor already displays angle out from the app, and also if buttons are pres...will add example code below, where serial monitor already displays angle out from the app, and also if buttons are pressed, so all you need to do is add function to a given action. pin 21 = Up pin 19 = down pin 18 = left pin 05 = right pin 13 = start pin 15 = select pin 35 = X pin 13 = O pin 14 = Square pin 12 = Triangle Should be a very simple job for anyone with just a little experience in Arduino...

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    - Arduino Uno R3 - 2 Neopixel Led strip ws2812b (Aledstrip - Bledstrip) - 4 on-off switch (ES - BS - GS - WS) Part1 If WS=1; Aledstrip= 30 neopixel turn on white light. If WS=0; Aledstrip= Off. Part2 If ES=0 BS=0 and GS =0 ; Bledstrip= Off. If ES=0 BS=1 and GS =0 ; Bledstrip= 30 neopixel turn on Blue light. If ES=0 BS=0 and GS =1 ; Bledstrip= 30 neopixel turn on Green light. If ES=0 BS=1 and GS =1 ; Bledstrip= 30 neopixel turn on Yellow light Flashing. If ES=1 BS=0 or 1 and GS = 0 or 1 ; Bledstrip= 30 neopixel turn on Red light.

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    Using PID stabilise robot and make it stand upright always

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    I need help with a program: I would like to include this LED strip effect () in this project as an effect mode: I've been trying to tinker it myself for 3 hours now, unfortunately without success. Can someone do that for me please?

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    Develop a small Android interface app which can connect with an Arduino robot. The main code should be NDK (C/C++), and knowledge about Labview and STM32 is a big plus. Deliverables: The code of the app

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    a description of the methodology and the required components following a specific format will be provided the work is urgent and needs to be done in 5-6 hours time around 3000 words

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    PLC to microcontroller with RS 485 4 dage left

    I have 2 PLC,s communicating with wireless Modbus RS 485. Slave requires minimal code measuring up to 30 PPS, battery voltage a latching relay and possible count reset command. My intention is to eliminate the Slave PLC. I'm looking for someone who can help me with: (1) I have programs written into 2 ...someone who can help me with: (1) I have programs written into 2 PLC,s 1 Master and 1 Slave they are linked via RS 485. (2) They communicate through 2 RS485 wireless transceiver,s The Slave PLC has got a very simple program in it . My task is to move the program in the Slave PLC into a microcontroller. I'm presently using an Arduino UNO for the task I've got the majority of the coding done. In closing, I need someone who has SPECIFIC knowledge in IDEC PLC,s and ...

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    Hello Blockchain Developers M., I would like to design a digital banking, like doing a prototype base using Arduino, is it possible to do it, I’m actually in Singapore.

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    Hello Blockchain Developers M., I would like to design a digital banking, like doing a prototype base using Arduino, is it possible to do it, I’m actually in Singapore.

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    arduino LED 1 ON, LED 2 OFF 4 dage left

    LED1 ON when humidity sensor less than 2.5 <50% (using potentiometer to adjust range) LED 2 ON when PH <6 (using potentiometer to adjust range) both status apper at LCD just simple code for beginner

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    Rfid inventory system poc 3 dage left

    I need an application proof of concept that will allow me to track inventory in different locations in realtime through rfid pasive labels and a sensor. I need help to choose the correct sensor. It should be an entry level sensor around $100 usd and should be able to track up to 100 items in a 1 meter range (or more). The sensor would be connected to an arduino or similar and will write the count of items in a given interval (can be changed via a config file)

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    We are using Heltec Cubecell HTCC-AB01 1. Code Logic Updates, We like to add some updated logic to our code. 2. Power Loss with Magnetic Reed Switch / Sensor When we connect resistor (10k) and simple magnetic reed switch we are getting major power loss.

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    We would need to create a hardware to sit on a raspberry pi or an arduino and connect to vending machines control boards. We would like to read data from the vending machine through the MDB protocol and send instructions to the vending machine. Above is the requirements. Please don't bid on this project unless you got previous experience with mdb protocol.

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    Hi Guruprakash S., I have worked with you before on the Arduino Python graph plotter application. I have to upgrade the code, and I cannot fully understand it. Would it be possible for you to provide me with a pseudo code of the code you have written. Also, would you be free or available soon for continuation of the same project? We are looking to upgrade the software and since you already know the system you are our best bet! Thanks Sourav

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    We have many simple modules to design like temperature sensor or LED drivers. For each module, you must select the key components and produce schematics and layout in Altium. You must also provide a basic Arduino firmware for basic interactions with the module. The jobs will be awarded on a per module basis but ideally the same person would end up making most of them. You must be experienced with Arduino and Altium.

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    Looking for someone to help build some basic timer settings on a Nextion screen using editor, also an ESP32 chip so can connect to a Bluetooth mobile flutter app

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    Looking for Arduino developer 1 dag left

    I am a craftsman and I need to design a very special profile meter for hand crafted curve on a woodwind instrument. I have some product development experience and need someone who can integrate these tiny sensors with a low cost microprocessor that will give me the ability to drive 25 simultaneous 3 segment LED digital read outs. The system will have to have dead on accuracy up to .001 (one thousandth of an inch). We may have to consider programming a calibration mode. Each sensor will have a tiny probe above it which will vary by about 3 mm.

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    ESP32 Audio I2S FFT db 1 dag left

    we have esp32 and microphones : mems inmp441 and/or SPH0645 and/or Sipeed. Communication channel is I2S and adc(with ads1115).need code to capture the sound ( prefer ) and send them via bluetooth / wifi to browser (baby monitor) or save to sd cards. log time and frequencies from several microphones at the same time. also, Sound Level Meter ().

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    Proyecto con Arduino 1 dag left

    Necesito mandar texto a una matrix led desde mi telfono usando arduino

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    We have a fully functional Program which calculates some times using location coordinates and timezone and shows the same on 7Segment Displays. The program currently works on ESP32 without any errors or bugs. For our existing ESP32 program we have used Arduino IDE, We are looking for someone who can port the same to ESP12F. all the work will happen via Anydesk on our computer, Review of our existing code will be possible only after we award the project.

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    I currently have some working code for a zero crossing triac dimmer which works perfectly as 4 channels 4 channels and 4 buttons. Button 1 press 1 turns channel 1 on slowly and button 1 press 2 turns off channel 1 slowly. This works great for 4 channels. I would like to change this to 8ch and work in the same way. I will be using Arduino mega 2560. I have had many hours trying but with no luck.

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    Interface made with studio to receive data from arduino and show in a graphics in real time, light some inidcators, capable of print screen this graphics and save the data in a text file, the interface is showed in the pìcture. It just take the value from 3 temp sensors and graphics in the time interval, to a low speed (2400 bps) Only the interfase, because the arduino equipment is working right now and is sending the data you see in the pictures and file text attached.

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    Quick Project for the right Freelancer Requesting C++ Arduino Code development as per the attached scope.

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    Fitness project 4 timer left

    ...with this example then the base microcontroller board used here is the Arduino Nano. Although this project may not suit everyone as it may require working with steel and a welding machine in order to build a sturdy frame. This DIY arcade style boxing machine project can be found at the Arduino Project Hub where you can discover how this guy did it. This pushup counter uses an infra-red proximity sensor to detect your face with every pushup. Not only will it keep track of how many pushups you do but it will also help detect whether you achieved a valid pushup so there’s no cheating yourself in the process. If your face isn’t close enough to trigger the sensor then you didn’t lower yourself down far enough! The Arduino Uno microcontroller board w...

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    I am in the paint dept of a fab shop. I wish to hire a freelancer to help design, and build a simple wire cutter. The wire is 0.05’’. The wire is then twisted to hang parts for the paint booth. I need to be able to enter in the Desired length, and quantity. Would love it if the machine is built with arduino. Items I think the machine needs. Arduino computer Stepper motor Rotor to maneuver wire cutter/shearer Display There are some examples on YouTube, but I don’t have any knowledge on building one myself. Ready to hire the right person, who can show me work they have done similar to this. If you don’t have pictures of previous examples, you will not be considered. Needs to be done in 15 days.

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    The project has two phases: Phase 1: Monitor up to eight normally open voltage free contacts on a Status Monitor Unit (Arduino based). When a contact closes the event must be counted and the duration timed. Data to be transmitted via GSM to a www platform. Phase 2 Develop a www based platform to monitor up to 500 remote Status Monitor units on a dashboard. The dashboard must calculate and display basic statistics of the Status Monitors. When a change of status is detected, the www dashboard must transmit a GSM notification to an operator.

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    I need a small Go program written to receive Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Advertisements. There is an existing open-source (GPL) library written in Go to do this, but (a) it contains too much additional functio...required). I have tested the existing GPL library on AMD64 and a Raspberry Pi 4b and it functions correctly. I will provide the GitHub link to the GPL software I tested, but to be clear, no GPL code may be incorporated into this product, and no copyright violations will be tolerated. While not required, if you happen to be familiar with ESP32 programming using the Arduino IDE, and have an ESP32 development board, I can provide an Arduino script that turns the ESP32 into a BLE Advertisement receiver so that you can compare the known-good data from the ESP32 to your L...

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    This is a IOT Based Project which includes data communication of different sensors between ESP8266 & Arduino and displaying those data on TFT Screen & Sending them to ThingSpeak. It includes dual I2C communication too.

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    This is project is a IOT Based Project which includes data communication of different sensors between ESP8266 & Arduino and displaying those data on TFT Screen & Sending them to ThingSpeak. It includes dual I2C communication too.

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    There is a small project on Arduino for water waste management sprinkler systems.

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    Hardware project using Arduino and raspberry pi

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    You can see the requirement in the attachment file. Also, it needs some report with maximum 2 pages as PDF. Thank you.

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    17 bud réseau électrique. la consommation de l'appareil lorsqu'il se met en route (en fonction de ses consignes locales) un compteur doit se mettre en route jusqu'a ce qu'il se mette en veille, ce compteur doit pouvoir être remonté par le GSM pour pouvoir planifier les opérations de maintenance conditionnées par la durée d'usage. pour des raisons économique nous avons retenu les plates-formes Arduino® ou compatibles ainsi qu'un module GSM GPRS et un ampèremètre sommaire pour détecter la consommation électrique en fonctionnement. Un relais permet la mise hors tension de l'équipement pendant les périodes "d'Hivernage" Une panne �...

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    Devo costruire un sistema, che attraverso un bottone con led RGB wifi invia una mail per un ordine di quell'oggetto. Il processo è così strutturato : La scorta sta finendo, voglio ordinare il prodotto Premo il bottone associato all'oggetto che voglio ordinare Viene inviata una mail ad un indirizzo predefinito con il codice oggetto e la descrizione e il led diventa rosso Quando il prodotto viene riposizionato sullo scaffale, tenendo premuto il bottone per 3 secondi e invio una mail di ordine evaso e il led diventa verde. Il tutto deve essere configurabile personalizzando i bottoni con un ID cliente e il codice e la descrizione del prodotto. Ho bisogno anche della lista dei prodotti da comprare

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    El trabajo consiste en hacer que una placa NodeMCU ESP8266 12E versión 3, envíe parámetros al sitio La API de windguru recibe parámetros a través de solicitudes HTTP GET y para establecer comunicación se debe proveer una variable de autorización encriptada HASH MD5. Link de especificaciones del sitio web: https://s...sitio La API de windguru recibe parámetros a través de solicitudes HTTP GET y para establecer comunicación se debe proveer una variable de autorización encriptada HASH MD5. Link de especificaciones del sitio web: Solo necesito que el freelancer me provea el código (+ librerías necesarias) para compilar la placa mencionada desde el IDE Arduino y trasmi...

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    Hello, I am interested in ordering an application to control a RC toy. The application is installed on a smartphone, Android and iOS. WiFi control in the ESP32-Wrom 32 toy and the l298n bridge, two DC motors and a mini servo. Application in the form of a virtual joystick. there will be 2 types of vehicles: 1) Servo-controlled travel direction (proportional) Drive by motor A and B controlled by bridge also proportional to joystick deflection. Back and front. Facing straight line calibration. 2) a tank vehicle controlled by an engine on the left and right side of the vehicle. Proportional. I need App for Android and App for iOS (Flutter ?) and one code for esp32. Marcin

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    I'm looking for a developer to implement ADC and Timers for Arduino Due by handling registers because the analogRead() from Arduino is not enough (too slow). Please only bid if you have experience in handling SAM3X8E registers or previously worked on a similar project. Regards!

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    I have a Maxon Motor Iberica motor connected to a KEYA MOTOR power stage. I have the controller software with which I connect directly to the controller via serial port using a Windows 10 PC. So far everything works fine. Now I need to communicate in CAN-BUS between the KEYA MOTOR controller and an Arduino board. I don't have specific libraries for Arduino neither from KEYA nor from MAXON MOTOR IBERICA. We can speak in English and Spanish

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    I am looking to develop a raspberry pi or arduino chipset and code to pull American Football Scores and display them. Possible other features would be adding time clock, quarter, possession

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    ... You must be at least 16 years old. You do *not* need any experience but you must prove to me that you are able to think logically. You will normally work 1 hour/day (20 days/month). ✻ THE PROJECT ✻ You do *not* need an ESP32 (which is similar to Arduino). You will help me build a consumer IoT (Internet of Things) product using MicroPython on the ESP32. MicroPython is a subset of Python used to program microcontrollers. ESP32 is a microcontroller (similar to Arduino) but ESP32 is generally better and more powerful than Arduino. ✻ DAILY PAYMENT ✻ I will pay you each day for every hour you work with me. ✻ WORKING DAYS AND TIMES ✻ You will normally work 1 hour/day (20 days/month) for one hour on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at a t...

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    Our device generates an S-shaped loop using Arduino and Python. You will be needed to code in python to draw lines on the curve, measure height, area of triangle. The problem is stated in detail below, please refer to : 1. Draw two base lines: (i) straight line connecting points A and B on the curve (selected by the user) and touching the curve at C (ii) straight line connecting points D and E on the curve (selected by the user) and touching the curve at F. 2. Measure height from point Epa to line ABC (Ipa) and from point Epc to line DEF (Ipc) (heights are to be measured parallel to Y-axis). 3. Measure areas of triangle Δ Epa BC and Δ Epc FE. 4. Area between two base lines A’C and C’F (shaded area), i.e, Area of the total curve &n...

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    Hello Freelancers. I'm want to send data to a realtime database in firebase using a Sim800L and Arduino nano. Thanks

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    Arduino Project Udløbet left

    Hi Alexander W., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    we need to store audio messages in the memory and then play it on the speaker based on our inputs and priority wise. priority would be pre assigned and then play the audio based on the input and in priority wise

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    You need to store some message/alarm in Arduino memory and need to play it on speaker based on inputs and logic from 3 push buttons.

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    We need an engineer based in kolkata, india for assembling and manufacturing Robotics and IOT models for us

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