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    Prepare an Ebook Udløbet left

    I am looking for someone to prepare an ebook or digital book on aquaponics gardening. I will need them to give me full rights to the book.

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    Greencraft Udløbet left

    Looking for a computer graphic designer to build a website for our aquaponics business.

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    Aquaponics Udløbet left

    Aquaponics business plan . Financials required for commercial use in the Middle East

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    Design a 2000 sqm aquaponics farm in Egypt, design should include autocad drawings, technical spec for the whole system

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    I need a CAD SoildWorks programmer to make files for an home Aquaponics Table Prototype Project. This table we allow people to grow their own organic cannabis at home. Our design incorporates both a fish tank and a plant growing area on the same level. It will measure approximately 30" X 47". The table is made from 1/2' and 3/8" PVC panels and 3/8'

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    ...more content to several of our websites in the Do It Yourself niche and would love to have some original Aquaponics videos created to post online for our users to love and share. If you have any experience in the DIY niche or in building Aquaponics systems, we would love it if you could help us with some videos showing our users how to create a system

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    Trophy icon Create a logo Udløbet left

    We are seeking someone to design a logo for our new company. The company is an aquaponics (fish and leafy greens) company that grows food, demonstrates the process and system, trains in the field of aquaponics and sells products. We would like a fresh, clean, simple logo that encompasses some of the elements of aquaponics (water, fish, leafy greens

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    I need you to write some content for a website. I’m trying to reconnect with the freelancer who wrote two blogs for me, one about aquaponics and the other about hydroponics. Since I am unable to locate your completed work, I am hoping that you will leave me a message. Thank ioyou, Lydi

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    I need you to write some content for a website. I would like two blogs. One on Hydroponics, one on Aquaponics. Within the blogs, I would want a definition of the technique, as well as a information of equipment that is needed to set up the project.

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    Hello! We require a logo to be created for a planned open-source project. The project name is "Open Aquatics", and will focus on open-source software and hardware aimed at the aquarium, aquaculture and aquaponics markets. We're open to ideas on what the logo should consist of, however our thoughts include: -Logo must include the words "Op...

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    Need help with hardware and software design of a set of sensors (already specified) to monitor pH, temperature (Tc), Electrical Conductivity (EC), and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) in water. Prefer to use RasPi (with RTC) as the computer. Will be housed in a Pelican case, with a small display available for operating and configuring/calibrating. The sensors

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    The requirement is to establish the size, market penetration and viability of Aquaponics in the UK. The following possibilities should be part of the conclusions of the report: 1) Incumbent Aquaponics market size and players - is this a fragmented industry or consolidated? If fragmented, is consolidation an option? Is Private Equity active in this segment

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    Hello, dear writers! I'm interested in hiring a ghostwriter to write a self-help/guidebook. The topic will be about Aquaponics : The Easy Beginner’s Guide to Aquaponic Gardening - How To Build Your Own Backyard Aquaponics System and Grow Organic Vegetables With Hydroponics And Fish -Learn How To Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables and Fish With

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    Trophy icon Logo Design Udløbet left

    We are starting an aquaponics farm, Breezy Hill Sustainable Farms. Aquaponics is raising fish (Tilapia), filtering the waste and using the energized water to grow lettuce and other greens. The greens then filter the water which is returned to the fish. The process is done in a greenhouse, so there is no need for any insecticide or herbicide, and

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    Design a logo Udløbet left

    We are a manufacturer of fiberglass aquaponics and aquaculture products. We are looking for a simple logo to etch into every product for brand recognition. The brand name is "GrowFish".

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo/Brand Identity Udløbet left

    We need a logo design for a newly established Non-profit organization called ACES (Agriculture, Culture and Education Society). ACES is a non-profit organization specialized in designing and implementing sustainable developmental programs under 3 different categories: 1. Agricultural programs focusing on teaching Aquaponics farming. 2. Cultural

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    Trophy icon Design project Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed. Simple clean. Water, plants, fish. Kazakhstan flag color blue and appropriate green color with it. Name: Almaty Aquaponics

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    Language editor Udløbet left

    I need a language editor for my masters thesis. It is about aquaponics systems (sustainable development). My first language is not english so there are problems regarding sentence structure, grammar, etc..

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    Design of a logo Udløbet left

    ...from 2. Design to include a fish standing like a human, fishing in a aquaponics pond that has a plant coming out of it. 3. The logo must incorporate the name of the company “Complete Aquaponics”, the website address [log ind for at se URL] - the website address and the company name can be incorporated as one 4. The completed logo file must

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    I am looking for someone to design and develop a marketing website for my new company. It is a farm that grows aquaponic vegetables and fish. Are you familiar with aquaponics? In any case, the website will only be for information regarding the company and our products. No need for databases or payment gateways or anything like that. The only problem

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    Design a logo Udløbet left

    My business is about creating aquaponics system. Aquaponics is a way of growing both fish and vegetables in a closed loop water circuit. Basically the fish wastes are used to fertilise the plants, the later acting as a natural bio-filter (some bacteria are also involved in the process). Water keeps flowing back and forth between the fish tank and

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    Sales and Marketing Udløbet left

    I need some help with selling something. I have Compact Aquaponics System suitable fod flats amd apartments and homes and offices. In another word, the product of the future. I would like these units to be sold in large scale.

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    I run a aquaponics and hydroponics design company. We have designed a new layout for a single aquaponic node and I would like an engineer with plumbing experience to look over our AutoCad design and essentially check our work. We will need a certain flow rate through the pipes to ensure that our plants and fish stay alive and we do not know if our pipe

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    I want a business logo design for an aquaponics business I want fish and plants in the design together with pipes and flowing water in the pipes. I want this completed in 5 days

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    Trophy icon Need a website with Graphic Designs Udløbet left

    Hello, We are a company that trains small holder farmers in Aquaponics Farming based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are looking for help in setting up our website. A site that introduces our company to the world by telling a story of our work via graphic designs/illustrators. Looking forward to working with you. Cheers! p.s. if you need more clarification

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    Make Presentations on Renewable Energy Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Solar, RAS : Recirculating Aquaculture Systems or any subject!

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    I am looking for a professional botanist to make a 20 page write up about 20 different plants that can be grown in aquaponics environment. I will require types of lighting each plant needs to flourish, How much moisture their roots require as well as a full write up about each plant and what they offer. Pictures must also be available copy right free

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    We are developing a aquaponics project - a farm and greenhouse. We will also be raising Brittany Spaniels as a accessory business at the farm. The spaniel will be our mascot and logo. The mascot dog will be well trained and will join us on sales calls. Cute, no doubt but we also would like to see some edge in the logo. The Farm/Business name is Fury's

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    aquaponics designs Udløbet left

    Designs for simple aquaponics project help about aquaponics

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    Young Design, Engineering & Systems integration company in the Aquaponics & Biomimicry tech sector looking for a dynamic and iconic logo to conveys our core message "Waste=Food". We are designing App-driven organic food production systems for the next generation of eaters. Please no clichéd 'fish turning into plants' concept art! Cutting e...

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    I would like a 3d model of an Aquaponics System housed in a green house. I will Provide details and a Hand drawn layout to whom ever is interested. Please see links for an Idea of what I want. [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    Video projects for ecobit video#2 2:30mins - 400 USD fairity video 1:30 mins - 350 USD spirulina video 2:00 - 375 USD aquaponics 2:00 - 375 USD 5 Changes each Total 1500 USD

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    ...article written on how to get started with aquaponics. It should cover. -What is Aquaponics -How it fits in with sustainable living -How big should my first system be? -When should I move to a bigger system -Selecting the best fish for aquaponics (you should start with Gold Fish) -Maintaining an Aquaponics system -What is PH and how to monitor

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    Configure hardware/software based on the preferably located within the EU. Suggestion on parts (shields, probes etc.) can be found here: [log ind for at se URL] If a cheaper solution of hardware is possible please suggest in the bid for the project.

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    Branding Designs Udløbet left

    This project is an Aquaponics farm in Jordan. Aquaponics is a system where a fish aquarium is used to create organic compost/fertilizers, from the waste of the fish, automatically transferred to the plant pots, fertilizing them organically, and the water excreted from the plants is reused in the tank. This farm will be producing ready-produce at supermarkets

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    We plan to build a green house containing an aquaponic system for an indigenous village in Pahang, Malaysia, who's residents suffer from malnutrition. proposal required should be for a one off project, no longer than 5 pages. for information on Aquaponic Systems, see [log ind for at se URL]

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    33 bud I need you to design and build a website for my small business. This website is for my new small business venture which include design, development, and construction of growing cannabis. Our team will fly out to your location(s) and will either design a complete grow system either soil based, aeroponics, aquaponics, or hydroponics. This is

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    The article needs to be around 700 words. (Between 400 to 1,200 words) I will be submitting this article to different websites. I need 2 versions written, both about exactly the same thing. Just written in different ways, so I can submit to two different websites, but not have trouble with it looking like plagiarism.

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    Article 1 I have an infographic on 6 common mistakes with aquaponics. You need to expand this into an article that is 1500-2000 words long. Article 2 I need an in depth article on all the ways to cycle your aquaponics system. This should be 2000-2500 words long. I will be able to provide the chosen freelancer with some research material

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    Article 1 I have an infographic on 6 common mistakes with aquaponics. You need to expand this into an article that is 2000-3000 words long. Article 2 I need an in depth article on all the ways to cycle your aquaponics system. This should be 2000-3000 words long. I will be able to provide the chosen freelancer with some research material

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    ...Top 5 Water Pumps Top 5 Aquarium Heaters Top 10 LED Grow Lights Top 10 Fluorescent Grow Lights Top 5 Grow Media Top 7 Water & pH Test Kits Top 7 Must Haves for Aquaponics Top 10 Best Fish Food And turn this infographic into a similar article.(You will need to google search this, so you can understand it better) https:// www . pinterest

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    Write some Articles Udløbet left

    ...various companies with need for a strong bi-lingual IT expert to design, establish and operate url for each company all connected synergestically and playing off each other for maximum exposure and effect. We are a Mexican agriculture company but have allied businesses: ALGAE and Aquaponics, Fish farm and Vegetables; Health center (diagnostic and laboratory);

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    Content Writing 3 Udløbet left

    Hi ,I am looking for someone who will write for me 1200 words article regarding aquaponics [log ind for at se URL]

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    Aquaponics Udløbet left

    Aquaponics System is a closed loop ecologically balanced system that combines the cultivation of plants without soil and the cultivation of fish (hydroponics and aquaculture). It is essentially a mini ecological system where the plants care for the fish and the fish care for the plants symbiotically. In an aquaponic system, water from an aquaculture

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    Content Writing Udløbet left

    Hi,I am looking for somebody that will write 1000 words article about Aquaponics [log ind for at se URL] should be done thursday this [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...few designs but have have run into some issues with having the design too similar to others. We have a few pictures and current ideas but do not have the skill set to put the ideas into an actual piece of graphic design. The design would probably only take about an hour or two. Design is like a globe, half green half blue, includes a fish and some

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    I need 12 articles of 600 words within 2-3 days related to aquaponics or gardening They are for my blog [log ind for at se URL] The rate is @ 1 USD, please bid 12 $USD Tell me you understand the terms and accept it by writing "I understand & accept all the terms" in your intro The articles need to be done using Yoast SEO Free Plugin for Wordpress

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    Design a Logo Udløbet left

    We want a logo with a fish,plan and a [log ind for at se URL] that best represents Aquaponics

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    Trophy icon The AG LAB Needs a Logo Udløbet left

    Want- Logo/ stationary/ email template/ favicon- 1 set for each company - thats 2 total. I have 2 companies that need logos- they are both my companies. The Ag Lab Kauai is the Brain. Projects are developed here. Signature Homes Kauai Builds out the project. The Ag Lab Kauai-TALK We do agricultural development. Focusing on aquaponics and

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