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    ...for an outdoor activities center. The application will be a small client-server app which will need to run on no more than 5 clients. Installation scripts must be provided with the deliverable. The implementation language and database is up to the developer. A .NET application would be preferrable with MSDE as the database. The project will

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    ...wording from original app developer: I think first you should explain to coders that hotmail has three kind of interfaces - 1 for classic view(old), and two for windows live (current) - classic and full (.NET versions). Old interface used by early registered accounts. 2 new interfaces used by new accounts and those users who switched to new interface manually

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    In short this is a small app that is used to manage Windows NT5+ (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista) desktops. It will collect system hardware and software info, as well as pinvoke a DLL ([log ind for at se URL] remote desktop). Attached is the spec for the client (this project) and the server. I have another developer coding the server end. This is the client, or agent

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    I am interested in finding a developer to build an application which allows someone to import their 1) favorite books, music, and video, 2) [log ind for at se URL] wishlist into Facebook, 3) Most popular items of the day on Amazon, leveraging different elements of the Facebook F8 platform. I would be happy to discuss the specifics in greater detail, but at a high

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    ...customers' existing app servers and databases and want to developer an installer program that will: * Install the required software - jvm, tomcat, mysql. * Install our app (war) * Allow the customer to configure the app - host, port, etc It is also important that we can maintain and extend this product as we continue to develop our p...

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    _**NETSUITE DATA MIGRATION PLUGIN / UTILITY TO ISSI ERP APPLICATION**_ _**PROJECT OUTLINE - Notes - Updates -Suggestions**_ **_Objective :_** to get data out of Netsuite (Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items, COA Chart of Accounts, misc tables ie payment methods, Terms, Accounting / Journals dated, if issues with this then import accounting info into

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    ...myself so I am well aware of how simple it is. I am tired of writing it though and just want a good developer to either rewrite it or take my code and finish it. Using my code is probably much harder than just rewriting it. This application allows the user to browse and choose many different files or folders and the NTFS permissions are then stored within

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    ...job for an experienced java developer. This job uses a java-flash api that can be downloaded at: <[log ind for at se URL]> I have a small app that uses a java lib to let java and flash communicate. I have a flash movie that plays sound on a Jpanel. This already works fine. Now I want to start the sound programatically

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    ...I am sorry to say. The situation is this: 1. I am a developer myself with lots of ideas but very little time to actually develop anything and therefore I have an outsourced developer already doing most of the heavy work. That is working reasonably well. 2. All of my code is presently written in VB6 and I do NOT want to change to .NET.

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    ...looking for an experienced Java developer for a B2B System. Only people with at last 2 years experience are invited. We need somebody who can help us for at least 3 to 4 months. The app will be created from the ground up, but with help with existing EDI/XML components If you are interested please give us the salary you want to earn per month. ## Deliverables

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    2 bud advantage (symfony, Zend Framework) in order to potentially save time and development effort. Developer ***MUST*** have excellent understanding of secure PHP coding and be fully aware of SQL Injection, Unchecked Variable, Remote Include Methods and other common or well known PHP attacks, and be able to code accounting for these. The web interface is

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    **MUST HAVE PORTFOLIO (WEB APP, WEB UI) MUST BE EXCELLENT WITH BOTH CSS & JAVASCRIPT** SingleFeed is seeking Web Designer-Developers that possess both solid Design and Web Development skills. * Do you rock the DOM? * Is cross-browser compatibility second nature? * Do you have an eye towards cross-browser visual and functional perfection?

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    ...PING check that needs to be performed. The threads keep running fine and then after a few minutes (5-10) the whole app crashes with no reason given. This project is for an experienced Perl developer who can run through the code and fix the issue causing the crash (related to threads in Perl). Attached is the compiled code. The app fails on our test systems

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    ...required for each connection) to whom the connection should be established. The address bar should not be visible. We would like each user to be able to establish as many P2P audio/video connections as possible. If you can include a text chat box in the window, that would be an incentive for us to choose you as the project developer. We will integrate this

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    ...application, however the main difference with this app is that our reps are based at home, not in a central office. So the calls need to be redirected to the reps home computer. I'm assuming this would be a VOIP application but I'll leave this up to whatever you feel is the best method. The app works in the following way: 1) A user calls...

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    For a internal Backup we need a developer who can make a DLL with Typelib that will read out the content of a data cd/dvd to a ISO File. As base we recommend to use the software CDRTools. A adjustment to Windows is needed. Solution have to work with IOCTL and Aspi on windows Systems. Similar to "[log ind for at se URL]" Steps: -Make

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    We need an application to manage production control in a factory using Windows Mobile devices (like the Qtek S200) which will update a FileMaker Pro 8.5 database hosted in a server with FileMaker Server 8.5. The connection will be via a wireless 802.11b/g link and there will be about 12 devices. The application must track time spent in assigned tasks

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    ... professional developer to build a web applicaton, using the VS2005 WAP model. I am a professional developer with almost 10 yrs C/C++ and about 2ys C#, so I would prefer coding to be done in C#. The coder has to be familiar with design patterns and unit testing (pref NUnit), and should have worked on a similar project (I will like to see sites you worke...

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    A previous developer wrote a webpage for us that would stream our MP3 teleseminar files to our end users. The developer is no longer available to make modifications for us. The streaming application is an embedded flash application which uses a php file to generate a playlist of all mp3 files found in a specific folder. The flash app would then

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    ...want a "standard" MP# player app with a couple of modifications. 1. The player will only play special "encoded" mp3 files. These files have been converted or encoded mp3 files. The files will not be able to be played in a regular mp3 player, only my custom one. The decoder will be embedded in the player and a separate app to encode the original mp...

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