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    Dental supply order and inventory management. We're looking to develop a dental supply ordering application that allows dental offices better control over inventory management, automation in the supply ordering process, and competitive bidding practices to drive better pricing to the bottom line. We have prepared an XD wireframe project that shows the basics of what we're looking for, ...

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    Hi We Want a BOT developer for Apps like Telegram, Any one who has done real good work please contact. We are even open for any other platform other than Telegram, if it is quite convincing.

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    I need you to write some articles. Need writers for magazine articles

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    Hi, I need to write a magazine article for my company. It will need to be of about one to one and a half pages long. Could you tell me the approximate cost?

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    i need create visual communications to convey messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. This incorporates several tasks and responsibilities. Design web pages, brochures, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, annual reports, advertisements, and other communication materials.

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    PLEASE READ ALL ....Delivery my leaflets to [log ind for at se URL] is £30/1000 leaflets (6-8 hours walking ) Requirements: 1 phone making unprofessional videos where its been [log ind for at se URL] can chose the location but it has to be Kent/London [log ind for at se URL] need to donwload our app so we can see where its been delivered. IMPORTANT: 1: YOU CAN DELIVERY OTHER LEAFLETS WITH ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. Using a multi platform language for both windows and Mac - developer must be a talented automation Bot developer task is extremely challenging i

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    I just need help getting started and I have a couple of questions about an existing website...very simple. I need the smallest unit of support I can buy. 15mins?

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    I urgently need you to work with me for a nude photoshoot for my upcoming magazine.

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    Looking to clone an existing website. It should have 100 the functionality of the existing website book a different and better user interface. Would like this development in ASP.NET using VB.NET and Microsoft SQL Server as the database backend. Would use a existing template from ThemeForest for a starting point. There will be three milestones. 1. Finish the entire design in HTML using the templa...

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    We would like to build a better search engine for The skill sets needed are Javascript, Database (mongo or mysql), AWS admin hosting environment, and scripting language of your choice. We have the design ready as well.

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    Please port a discrete event simulation [log ind for at se URL] To: [log ind for at se URL] Also import the MathNet Library all events and their distributions from the original { [log ind for at se URL], new Poisson(18) }, { [log ind for at se URL], new ContinuousUniform() }, { [log ...

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    I want a freelancer who can provide the best website theme for the idea in the step 2 of video at [log ind for at se URL] HOW TO BID ON THIS PROJECT To show that you understand this task, tell me what the action in step 2 of the video at [log ind for at se URL] is all about?

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    Develop a Crypto Market Making Trading automation for an Exchange Must develop a trading bot for [log ind for at se URL] API Documentation will be sent. Must use bladerunner strategy

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    We need a designer to help us build 20-pages (both mobile and desktop) of a marketplace plataform. - We already have other pages of the mockup fully builded; - We already have our style/brand guide; - We already have every element, function, etc. that needs to be presented in each page; - You will need to create 2 version of each page, one for desktop and the other for mobile; - You will work wi...

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    I need mobile app which tracks an image in augmented reality and displays an animated 3d model of a character on top of the image. I'll provide you with 2 images and a FBX model for each image. FBX model contains animations and we'll also provide audio files. Animations play automatically when the image is detected, 3d model should move on the screen if the physical image is moved in the...

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    We need an offer to develop a marketing funnel multi user platform on web. We need your quotation to develop a similar project as Click Funnels with new and extra features and making it a unique project (not graphic but in funtionalities) of [log ind for at se URL] multi users/multi customers. You can register for free on [log ind for at se URL] and test all funtionalities they have. i ne...

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    Develop a Website Udløbet left

    Develop a website based on 3 platforms. A Section for Software and Solutions Development (Ciber Dev), A Section for Solution Services (Ciber Serv), A Section for Training (Ciber Training) Its kind of like 3 website in one. With all relevant links - Content and Some business pictures will be supplied. 1. The Solutions Development section to highlight solutions we've developed, showcase our me...

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    I need an Android app for managing small marketplace business. App will assist in taking customer orders and managing financial aspects of the business. Please state your budget in offer details. Pakistani freelancers are encouraged to apply.

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    Catalogador is a Windows desktop application for cataloging and organizing your personal collectibles, such as movies, books, banknotes, ... My plan is to create a web app that whose first approach should provide a minimum set of features, such as account, login, manage a couple categories (CRUD operations). [log ind for at se URL] I am not a company, but an individual developer that having bee...

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    We need someone to develop a recording system on Linux so as to record four channels (TV and/or Radio) simultaneously on a PC via Ezcap265. We will have to implement same on six PC. Hardware specs: PC: Motherboard Intel1151/DDR4 MSI (Z370 PC PRO) CPU Intel 1151 CI7-8700 3.2 ghz Memory PC Zeppelin DDR4 8Gb PC2133 4 x Hard Disk 3.5" Toshiba 1Tb (PC) Dongle: Ezcap265 [log ind for at se URL]

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    We have an in-house team which helps us maintain a high-level of control over the quality of service delivery. We are looking for a Technical Content Writer/Copywriter to produce high-quality documentation, tutorials, and website copy that contributes to the overall success of our products. You will work collaboratively with our Head of Marketing, developers, product managers, and Support team to ...

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    looking for experienced dev to help code an android/iOS app

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    Develop an iOS app with reference to an Android App (with source code). Function of the app: - Connect and receive data from a bluetooth device. - Upload the data to the server. Requirements: - The programmer should know Chinese - Swift coding - Familiar with iOS coding environment The Android App is attached for reference

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    We are an outdoor furniture retailer need graphic design for offline and online ads

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    I need some shift schedule options developed based on the conditions listed below. I feel like this is a problem for a mathematician, but am open to anyone who can help! Conditions: Personnel: 8 Coverage: 0200-1700 Mon-Sat Staffing Requirements: Must have 2-3 per shift (preferably 3 as often as possible, but 2 absolute minimum) Required hours: Each employee must get at least (but no more tha...

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    Develop a website from Photoshop file using Genesis or Beaver Builder theme and Beaver Builder page builder.

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    Website Creation Udløbet left

    I want to create a professional website with an attractive modern simple design and functions to be an online fashion magazine and super easy for visitors to use and find what they want.

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    Hey there! We are looking for someone who can design and develop a very simple website. This website will belong to a company called FinRev, which stands for Financial Revolution. It's a very basic website but we expect a bit of movement like in the examples in the end of this description. The words in the main page should be changing. I attached the website's structure (and it also inc...

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    I am looking for a developer to create an auction software for my finance company. We provide loans and would like to create a matching tool for matching lenders to a loan offer. The idea is based on how the stock market makes it's opening with its auction, but instead use that technology to find market price (interest rate) on investment proposals.

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    I need a mobile app that will be used as an extension / soft phone, I mainly use Asterisk & FusionPBX and need it to work with at least these two. Would need it to be reliable, easy to configure and branded. For both iOS & Android.

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    *** OVERVIEW *** - Ten US dollars per hour. - One hour per day (or per night). - You will help me design, code, and develop an IoT product using MicroPython running on an ESP32 microchip. - You do *not* need any experience with microcontrollers, electronics, electrical engineering, mechatronics, Arduino, PCB, circuit design, or Python. - You can avoid “spending” one of your Freelancer ...

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    We are using Google Spreadsheet as a project management tool and it became UNBEARINGLY SLOW to work with. There are around 15 people working on it simultaneously and this is wasting a lot of time. The spreadsheet: - has around 100 columns and 3000 lines of data - contains project data like IDs, names, dates, sums, some fairly simple formulas (if, iferror, vlookup, round) - has sheets with pivot...

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    I need a app which consist of getting cashback and shop through that on the same app. Basically app with cashback and e commerce.

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    Its a microproject of 15-18 USD max. You have to test a software.

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    Please read carefully These are the options that the app should have 1. Make me a diligence (Give priority to the moment of development) Options within this function Place of delivery and collection “Round trip option” (Checkmark) Affiliate instructions (Text field) (Option to upload files) Does it require any additional cost? (In case the affiliate must pay some type of tax, purcha...

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    Gym & fitness clothing private label. Brand name is Hanley David, would prefer HD as the main label on the cloths ID the tags to contain Hanley David. So basically I would like to see HD stand out more than Hanley David. The look im after is a high end designer type rather than commercial type gym wear Cheers, Dave.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Javascript.

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    Looking to develop an online roulette game. Instead of a random number generator the numbers will be stock symbols and the winner will be the one with the greatest gain over the period of the spin with prices linked to price feeds from various sources. The site needs to take bets in various currencies. Also we want a chat window so that players can interact with a leader board.

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    Exactly want to make this website ...template can be change but all the function need same to same [log ind for at se URL]

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    as discussed in details with you. In conversational tone please

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    Job profile : PHP Developer No. Of positions : 2 Exp : 2+ Years We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to implement functional software solutions. The goal will be to develop high-quality software/s that is aligned with user needs and business [log ind for at se URL] & Responsibilities :- Will own a complete platform from initial architecture, design of components, quality and deploymen...

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    for an educational institution to write blogs and magazine contents we need content writers

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    Survey tool for detecting reasons of early retirement in forces

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    a vector + font artwork along with slassy quotes. a good poster for instagram.

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    I want to have a app for appointments and booking for my sisters Beauty saloon and spa.

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    I need a hybrid (Android / iPhone) app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. It is a to-do list app with extra features and a premium version.

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    PHP app develop Udløbet left

    My company is an E-commerce industry and App develop is production,because of my company's business increase,I looking for someone who can do PHP to develop App professional by full-time,but I have not yet to find the right person,so I decided to look for someone on freelancer by a part-time job. I hope that you can help me to develop the App if you have free time to do [log ind for at se UR...

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    - I need a simple native IOS Quiz application developed in Swift 4+ - Screen Mock-ups and Requirements Details are provided in the attached files. - All source & resource files should be provided and the target application should be compilable on my Mac OS Mojave - All variable, class, interface and method names should be in English and clear enough to understand.

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