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    I forbindelse med overgang fra en Windows baseret udviklingsplatform til en Linux baseret platform, søger vi en erfaren Linux udvikler med lyst og evne til at oplære vores udviklingsteam samt tage del i konkrete udviklingsopgaver. Detaljeret kendskab til følgende områder er en forudsætning: Linux, sikkerhed og firewall opsætning på en Linux ser...evne til at oplære vores udviklingsteam samt tage del i konkrete udviklingsopgaver. Detaljeret kendskab til følgende områder er en forudsætning: Linux, sikkerhed og firewall opsætning på en Linux server, Remote Desktop programmer til Linux, filsysmer, Docker Container, Java programmeing og debugging. Kendskab til et eller flere af følgende omr&a...

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    Som driftsansvarlig i Optimeo er man ansvarlig for at driften omkring serverne, kundernes hjemmesier og e-mail kør...driftsansvarlige har derudover til opgave, at opretholde kontakten mellem Optimeos serverudbyder, og holde et oveblik over hvilke sider som er inficeret. Samtidig har den driftsansvarlige til opgave konstant at være på forkant med den udvikling som er i branchen, således at Optimeos løsninger hele tiden er ajour med den nyeste teknologi. Har du: Stor erfaring med følgende server programmer: Apache 2.4, Nginx, Plesk / Odin, Fail2ban, Iptables Erfaring med følgende protokoller: IMAP, POP3, DNS Erfaring inden for følgende sprog: Php 5/7, Bash, Jquery, Html 5, CSS 2/3, Woocommerce Stor OS kendskab ind...

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    Lav en hjemmeside Udløbet left

    Vi søger en freelancer der mestrer udvikling af browser extensions i Chrome, Firefox, Safari og IE. Der er tale om et stort kommercielt projekt, som vil involvere stort load. Der skal dagligt synkroniseres op mod en database, samt arbejdes med lille JSON-inspireret API. Desuden vil der skulle udvikles en back-end på LAMP-stack (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP).

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    I'm urgently seeking knowledgeable developers who specialize in the LAMP stack, specifically: Linux, Apache, Python, and MySQL. Expertise in REST API is also a requirement. Key responsibilities: - Develop, test, and debug my project using LAMP stack and REST API. - Ensure the smooth operation of all system components. - Complete the project as soon as possible. While the preferred REST API framework has not been specified, experience with any renown REST API framework will be considered advantageous. To be successful in this role, you should have substantial experience with these technologies. Proven success in similar projects, alongside the ability to work quickly yet efficiently, will be highly valued. I need an expert who can hit the ground running due to the urgent ...

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    I'm urgently in need of assistance with the development of a machine learning model using Python and Spark. Key tasks and responsibilities will involve: - Understanding the project requirements and pre...responsibilities will involve: - Understanding the project requirements and preparing a workflow. - Building efficient machine learning algorithms for model development. The specific type of model isn't determined yet, so it's critical for you to have broad expertise in different ML models – classification, regression, clustering and more. The ideal candidate should possess strong skills in Python and Apache Spark, with a rich experience in machine learning. An ability to deliver high-quality work under tight deadlines is also vital. Please reach out if thi...

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    I'm currently facing a critical issue on a project where Chrome users are unable to access the site at all due to a JavaScript setTimeout function causing the page not to load. This has effectively blocked access to my content, and I need a skilled developer to resolve this... Every edit must be in a changelog indicating the points and files edited for correction. Once I define the freelancer, I send the FTP data for online editing of the files and the mapping of the files to be edited. > Environment used for local testing: - windows 11 pro 64 bits + wamp 3.3.0 32 bits in - php 7.2.34, - apache - mysql 5.7.40 ***If possible, I prefer it to work via ftp rather than locally to avoid configuration problems.

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    ...streaming, to create a seamless, interactive platform. To bring this vision to life, we seek a skilled Full-stack Developer with a comprehensive skill set and experience as outlined below: **Core Features & Functionality Requirements:** - Implement **Real-time Communication**: Enable instant messaging, notifications, and live updates within the platform. - **Message Queue & Event Streaming**: Utilize Apache Kafka for robust message queuing and event streaming capabilities for scalable, real-time data processing. **Primary Goal:** - To develop a **Collaboration and Project Management** platform tailored for small to medium businesses, promoting efficiency and enhancing teamwork. **Target Audience:** - The platform is designed with small to medium businesses in mind, foc...

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    Solr XML Data Loader 6 dage left

    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to create a custom DataImportHandler for Apache Solr, tailored specifically for one-time data loading from XML files. This tool is crucial for our project, aiming to efficiently parse and ingest our dataset into Solr for future querying and analysis. **Key Requirements:** - **DataImportHandler Creation:** Develop a handler to load data from XML into Apache Solr. - **One-Time Load:** The solution should be optimized for a single, one-time data ingestion. - **Data Integrity:** Ensure the loaded data retains its integrity and structure within Solr. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Apache Solr Proficiency:** Deep understanding of Solr, especially in data indexing and management....

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    ...seeking assistance to develop a Python-based solution utilizing PySpark for efficient data processing using the Chord Protocol. This project demands an intermediate level of expertise in Apache Spark or PySpark, combining distributed computing knowledge with specific focus on Python programming. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming and PySpark framework. - Solid understanding of the Chord Protocol and its application in data processing. - Capable of implementing robust data processing solutions in a distributed environment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Intermediate to advanced knowledge in Apache Spark or PySpark. - Experience in implementing distributed file sharing or data processing systems. - Familiarity with network communication optimization tech...

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    ...supported). Software Installation: Softaculous or other script installers for easy application installations. Support for various programming languages (PHP, Perl, Python). Resource Monitoring: Overview of server resource usage. Bandwidth and disk space monitoring. DNS Management: Simple DNS Zone Editor for managing DNS records. Advanced DNS settings for more control. Advanced Server Configurations: Apache and PHP settings. Server modules and extensions management. Collaboration Tools: Support for collaboration tools like Git. Access to error logs and server-side logs. Customer Support and Documentation: Access to documentation and knowledge base. Support ticket system or live chat integration. Customization and Branding: White-labeling options for hosting companies. Custo...

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    In search of an experienced web development team proficient in LAMP stack. Our company is a childcare place...of features and enhancements for our users to the current site. Along with this, we are in search of an entire site rebuild to bring our site to a modern, MVC-based platform and to integrate iOS & Android apps for the booking component of our current site. The design aesthetic should be clean and professional. The perfect team for this project would have a deep understanding of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and experience working with clean, professional designs and complex web features. Previous experience in building sites and apps for the childcare industry would be preferred. If you have such experience, please be sure to include this information at the to...

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    fix error 502 5 dage left

    I have error 502 on several pages on a plesk 18.0.58 and ubuntu 22.04 server. 1. Dev Server is getting into error 502 a...getting into error 502 all the time Exactly the same code works on the live server 2. Live server 2 domains are in error 502 System admin experience and devops experience To just make it clear. The site is migrated with PLESK migrator. The tool sets the domain and all the same as it was on the old server. On the old server it works for some reason. Platforms: Ubuntu 22.04 PLESK 18.058 NGINX Apache Errors on: 1. live server: 2 x Magento 2.4.3 p1 2. dev server: 1 x Magento 2.4.3 p1 3. dev server: Jenkins Several other sites are working on the servers above so it is not a global error. I have tried to change to FPM etc on some of them without results ...

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    macOS phpMyAdmin Setup Expert 5 dage left

    I'm seeking a freelancer with profound experience in setting up phpMyAdmin on a macOS environment on my MAC AIR. My setup already includes a functioning web server (Apache/Nginx), suggesting that a part of the environment is prepared for phpMyAdmin installation and configuration. Getting Forbidden error when trying to run setup on setup **Requirements:** - Strong background in PHP and MySQL - Previous experience setting up phpMyAdmin on macOS - Familiarity with macOS server configuration and security practices - Ability to troubleshoot potential installation and configuration issues

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    In search of an experienced web development team proficient in LAMP stack. The project involves maintaining & enhancing the current website currently utilizing the following features: - User authentication and registration - Data storage and retrieval capabilities - Integration with third-party ...need to add a list of features and enhancements to the current site. Along with this, we are in search of an entire site rebuild to bring our site to a modern, MVC-based platform and to integrate iOS & Android apps for the booking component of our current site. The design aesthetic should be clean and professional. The perfect team for this project would have a deep understanding of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), and experience working with clean, professional designs and com...

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    AWS DevOps 3 dage left

    ...uninterrupted service. **Requirements:** - **Experience with AWS Services:** Proficiency in Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, and AWS CodeDeploy is crucial. You should be familiar with the intricacies of these services to navigate and optimize our deployment process efficiently. - **Django Deployment:** Demonstrated experience in deploying Django applications is a must. You should be comfortable working with Apache and Python environments, ensuring our applications run smoothly and securely. - **Automation & Scalability:** I'm focused on automating our current deployment processes to reduce manual effort and errors. Your expertise in automation tools and strategies will be valuable. Additionally, strategies to enhance our application's scalability and performance are so...

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    ...BUDGET ONLY 600 - 700 1. **Web Server Setup:** Installation and configuration of Apache to host my website efficiently. 2. **Database Configuration:** Proper setup of the database to store and manage my website's data seamlessly. 3. **Security Enhancements:** Implementation of robust security measures to protect the server against potential threats. Ideal Skillset: - Extensive experience with Ubuntu Linux. - Proficient in Apache web server installation and configuration. - Knowledgeable in database setup and management, preferably MySQL. - Strong understanding of server security practices. This endeavor aims to ensure my VPS is secure, performance-optimized, and fully prepared to host my website with an Apache web server. Your expertise in these areas will b...

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    ...load. This situation has affected the overall performance of my WordPress site hosted on a VPS with Apache. I'm seeking expert assistance to delve into this challenge, identify the underlying cause, and implement optimizations that will alleviate the CPU consumption. **Key Details:** - **MySQL Version:** Currently running MySQL 8.0. - **Website Traffic:** My site draws in a medium range of traffic, about 1,000 to 10,000 visitors daily. - **Content Type:** The primary focus of the site is static content, including blogs and news articles. **What I'm Looking For:** - **Technical Expertise:** Someone with deep knowledge of MySQL 8.0, WordPress, and server management, particularly with Apache. - **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to diagnose the cause of high CPU...

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    Linux Dev for App Creation 2 timer left

    We are looking for a Linux developer to join our team. We are all remote workers. We are looking for the following skills, most important at the top: Perl SQL (Mysql/MariaDB) Shell Script PHP / Codeigniter Linux Docker We operate a mixture of web sites (php/apache) and data manipulation scripts (mainly perl).

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    I'm in urgent need of a Node.js developer with experience in API integrations, specifically Razorpay's API for payment processing. Key Aspects: ihave ubantoserver uneed to setup apache +mysql and nodesjs in server - Implement the Razorpay API in an Ubuntu environment. - Allow for one-time payments through Razorpay. - Integrate the functionality for handling refunds and cancellations in Razorpay. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in Node.js and API integration - Familiarity with Ubuntu environments - Prior knowledge of integrating Razorpay's payment processing features.

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    ...Refactoring and Update We have an existing web application that needs to undergo significant changes to ensure compatibility with the latest technology stack and improve user experience. This project involves both refactoring the codebase and updating the application's UI and functionality. Objectives: Compatibility Update: Upgrade the application to be compatible with the latest versions of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP stack). Ensure that the application runs smoothly on the updated environment without any compatibility issues. Code Refactoring: Restructure the existing codebase to improve readability, maintainability, and performance. Remove any deprecated or redundant code. Optimize database queries and overall code efficiency. UI Enhancement: Redesign the use...

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    Web page written in Php via uploading files to an ftp server I need to build a web page necessary to upload a files or more files to an ftp server protected by user/password NOTE: - The apache server is mine and resident within my local LAN, the ftp server is within the star LAN network - The ftp client is installed on the apache server - The page must be responsive NAME: Uploader DEL FRATE SRL (dns ) HOME PAGE: - KEY 1 LABEL "OFFICINA" or link ./officina // upload to ftp 1 - KEY 2 LABEL "CARROZZERIA" or link ./carrozzeria // upload to ftp 2 - KEY 3 LABEL "VENDITA" or link ./vendita // upload to ftp 3 After choosing by pressing which FTP server the file will go to, a field appears where you can enter the ma...

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    Switching Aapche Handler Upgrading PHP Version

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    ...initiate scanning for form fields and filling the form with data from an Excel file, respectively. 2. **Dynamic Web Scraping and Automation:** Selenium WebDriver is a powerful tool for web automation that can interact dynamically with web pages. The application should use Selenium to identify form fields across different websites, regardless of the specific HTML structure. 3. **Excel Integration:** Apache POI or a similar library will be used for reading from and writing to Excel files. The application must dynamically map form fields to Excel columns, accommodating forms of varying complexities and structures. 4. **Adaptive Field Mapping:** The application should intelligently identify and record the 1. **id:** 2. **name:** 3. **class:** 4. **type:** 5. **value:** 6. **hr...

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    I'm embarking on a project that necessitates the expertise of a freelance professional well-versed in Apache Beam pipeline development using Java. My project's primary objective is to leverage Apache Beam for comprehensive data manipulation and processing tasks. This undertaking involves three critical components: 1. **Writing Code for Data Transformation**: Crafting efficient, innovative code that can transform data seamlessly across various stages of the pipeline. 2. **Setting Up Execution Environment**: Establishing a robust environment conducive to the streamlined execution of Apache Beam pipelines, with a particular focus on leveraging Google Cloud Dataflow as the primary runner. 3. **Debugging and Pipeline Troubleshooting**: Identifying, diagnosing, ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Linux system administrator who specializes in Ubuntu servers. My primary goal is to optimize my server for web hosting, ensuring it runs smoothly and securely. Here's what I need help with: - **Server Setup and Configuration:** Configure the server for optimal performance in hosting web applications, including Apache or Nginx setup, PHP configurations, and any other necessary software installations. - **User Management and Permissions:** Establish a secure and efficient user management system. This includes setting up different users for different tasks, assigning appropriate permissions, and ensuring that only authorized users can access certain files and directories. - **Security and Firewall Management:** Implement robust security measu...

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    ...SSL certificates on two Windows 10 machines. Both machines run Apache as the web server, and I already have a domain name configured for my app. However, I need expertise in both crafting a new SSL certificate and properly setting it up to ensure my webapp opens securely with https. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Apache server management - Experience with SSL certificates generation and installation - Familiarity with Windows 10 environment - Knowledge in configuring domain settings for secure connections - Ability to troubleshoot and ensure a secure and efficient setup **Requirements:** - Generate new SSL certificates for my domain - Install and configure SSL certificates on two Windows 10 machines running Apache - Verify the webapp opens with h...

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    ...install, configure and secure Apache HTTP Server 2.4 on my Windows Server 2022. I have a AWS instance with IIS installed. Remote desktop connection is possible. I want to run php7.6 and php8 on this server so, you need to install php and mysql + phpmyadmin also. I already made some configuration to be able to run a on IIS, so this configuration should not be modified. The AI wrote Apache HTTP Server 2.4 automatically, but i dont know if there is another option or not? You can offer. All i know that i shouldnt use IIS Php module... Key Responsibilities: - Install and configure Apache HTTP Server 2.4 - Provide recommendations on necessary Apache modules - Ensure the server is secure and ready for hosting a website Ideal Skills: - Experience with Apach...

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    Necessito freelancer com alto conhecimento em configuração e direcionamento de domínios dentro do Xampp/Apache com Windows Server.

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    I'm looking for an experienced Linux system administrator who specializes in Ubuntu servers. My primary goal is to optimize my server for web hosting, ensuring it runs smoothly and securely. Here's what I need help with: - **Server Setup and Configuration:** Configure the server for optimal performance in hosting web applications, including Apache or Nginx setup, PHP configurations, and any other necessary software installations. - **User Management and Permissions:** Establish a secure and efficient user management system. This includes setting up different users for different tasks, assigning appropriate permissions, and ensuring that only authorized users can access certain files and directories. - **Security and Firewall Management:** Implement robust security measu...

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    Hola Matías, El objetivo del proyecto es desplegar una aplicacion django en (apache). La aplicación está ubicada en /home/payconer/domains/ La conexión entre el servidor y apache se hace a través del protocolo wsgi. La app ya carga localmente en el puerto 8000. si rutea al archivo pero la applicación no carga. Cómo instalar Django en Apache:

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    ...requirements: - Someone who is atleast around for 8 hours during this time zone: 8AM - 1AM EST/ET (GMT-4) - Extensive expereince in CentOS/Ubuntu and all of its subsystems such as apache, mysql, PostgreSQL, cPanel, KVM virtualization, nginx, installing a server manually from IPMI, complex boot issues, load balancing setups with things like CloudFlare, haproxy, sync scripts, etc. 50% of our clients/tickets/clients use ERP Odoo software we host as well. - Well versed in optimizing high traffic systems and setting up advanced configurations and software for better performance (custom nginx, varnish, php-fpm, apache, etc) - Huge plus if you have any experience with Odoo or other ERPs installing, migrating, etc.. - Atleast 6 years of experience. - Be able to be alerted by em...

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    ...stack. Ideal candidates will have proven experience in bringing such platforms to fruition, with a keen understanding of the requirements outlined below. **Core Requirements:** - The application must allow for effective ticket tracking and status updates, ensuring users can follow the progression of their submissions from initiation to resolution. - It should be constructed on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack, leveraging these technologies’ full capabilities to ensure a smooth, efficient, and secure user experience. - The platform should be web-based, accessible through various browsers, and optimized for performance and user friendliness. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in LAMP stack development, with a portfolio of similar projects. - Expertise i...

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    ...Proactive measures to minimize the risk of downtime, ensuring continuous availability. **Skills and Experience Required:** - Proficiency in Linux server management, with a focus on performance tuning. - Strong background in hosting and optimizing web server applications. - The capability to diagnose high resource usage issues and implement solutions. - Experience with a variety of web server software (Apache, Nginx, LiteSpeed) is advantageous, though not specifically required for this project. - Excellent problem-solving skills, with a proactive approach to preventing performance issues. I'm seeking an expert who can swiftly identify the root causes of the slow performance and execute effective optimization techniques. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of...

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    ...with issues concerning high CPU usage within my Linux WHM MySQL environment. The processes seem to be consuming more CPU (~100%) while only using a quarter of available RAM. I need a talented and experienced Linux systems administrator to optimize this for better performance. The most pressing issue is the excessive CPU usage by MySQL, Apache, and Nginx processes. The successful freelancer will have experience in: - Optimizing and configuring MySQL, Apache, and Nginx for efficient CPU usage. - Handling Linux server management and specifically WHM environments. - Performing RAM utilization optimization tasks. I am looking for a detailed approach on how you plan to reduce CPU usage and ensure optimal usage of RAM resources. Please include any relevant past work or experie...

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    I am seeking a talented developer with a strong background in Apache Struts 6.3 to build an application focused on facilitating online transactions. The cornerstone of this project will be to create a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform that empowers users to easily conduct transactions. **Key Requirements:** - Development of user authentication and authorization to ensure a secure environment. - Integration with a database to store and retrieve user data seamlessly. - Implementation of form validation to maintain data integrity and enhance user experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Apache Struts with a solid understanding of its architecture and framework. - Strong experience in building secure web applications, particularly those involvin...

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    I urgently require an experienced professional who can assist with the installation of an Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate on my Apache web server. Key Project Tasks: - Timely installation of OV SSL certificate. - Ensuring that the certificate is functioning correctly and providing secure connections. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth knowledge of Apache web servers. - Familiarity with OV SSL certificate procedures. - Promptness and efficient communication for a quick project turnover. Please bid if you possess the relevant skill set and can deliver the tasks within a short time frame. I have downloaded the SSL files and started transferring them to their correct location, but the tech I used last year noted that I need to create a .pem file which als...

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    Desarrollo PHP Udløbet left

    Busco desarrollador en PHP, con Apache y Mysql o similar, para crear una app con las siguientes áreas: Alta, baja, Modificación Usuario, con campos estándar, Nombre, Alias, Sede, email y contraseña. Pantalla principal donde dos usuarios, pueden estar o no logados, van pulsando botones en un juego tipo pool, hasta que uno falla y entra el otro jugador. Saludos

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    ...Familiarity with AlmaLinux and WHM cPanel is a definite plus. I prepared 2 very simple php files, to open mysql POD connection and run just one sql statement. running a little bit complex sql with 4 UNION. running an extemely simple sql as select is_id from an_isler_yeni limit 0,10 I am making stress test with Apache JMeter software. Even with 25 x 2 samples, info3 crash the server, im getting 508 Resource Limit Is Reached. The which is so simple also reach this error on just 50 x 3 samples. It seems really impossible to me. I made a lot of webpage capable to answer to more than 500 threads... I tried to modify and settings but nothing helped. I couldnt fix. Hardware is 2 CPU -

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    We're looking to update our Opencart webshop on a new test VPS server (RockyLinux 9): Current Setup: # Opencart on CentOS 7/Apache 2.4/MySQL/PHP 7.4 # Custom theme (Marketshop) and Vqmod modules (* see below) New Setup: # Test server: RockyLinux 9 with Virtualmin (Apache 2.4/PHP 8/mySQL) The Test server is already installed, and currently contains a copy of the Opencart store Support Needed For: - Migration approach and Opencart version advise (3.x or 4.x) - Theme/template recommendation and customization - Setup of new template/modules in the updated Opencart - Quick checkout option implementation - Data migration to the new Opencart version - Optional: Merge static pages and a news module I'm looking for a skilled Opencart specialist a...

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    I'm in need of expert assistance to configure Apache Tomcat on my Virtual Private Server (VPS). Detailed requirements and expectations include: - **Configuration of Tomcat 8**: Ensuring its optimum performance and security. - **CentOS Expertise**: Familiarity with CentOS commands and environment necessary. - **Security Setup**: Implement proper security measures for safe operation. **Ideal Skills Required**: - Proficiency in CentOS-based systems - Experience in configuring Apache Tomcat environments - Knowledge in web server security best practices - Effective communication for any clarifications or suggestions **End Goal**: Having a fully functional Tomcat 8 environment running smoothly and securely on my CentOS VPS with complete documentation of the setup process.

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    I have the software BeDrive (PHP based + mysql) installed into IIS (Windows server 2019). No Apache. Here a "demo" of the product: (you can login for free). The application is customized (logo changed, layout modified, ...) into my server and works corretly. The application is running into an intranet (no extranet connection). There are personal data and I'm not allowed to share the access in remote desktop. The support required is by a REALLY expert both in IIS and BeDrive product who will have to guide us to - suggest IIS configurations and security patching - implement more customizations - implement a backup/restore plan - implement a diskspace improvement (2 or more local disks or distribuited environment) - ... This is an activity that can last over time

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    I need make App ANDROID and IOS for connect to server web apache .htpasswd - the app only serves as a browser for viewing the site - i send you link to my webpage protected from apache .htpasswd - i need change in the app the user/password ( (you just need to be able to write it in the code, anyone who uses the app doesn't need to change it, if I want to delete a user I delete them on the server) - I uploaded the app logo (let me know where to change it in the code) The app ONLY serves to avoid having to enter user/password, nothing, from to the app site just log in

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    I require a skilled freelancer to secure my VPS server by installing a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. My server is currently running Ubuntu 22.04, and I'm utilizing Apache to host a Django application. I do not have an SSL certificate; I need the freelancer to obtain and install it for me. Requirements: - Proficiency in Linux, specifically Ubuntu - Experience with Apache and SSL configurations - Familiarity with Django framework deployment - Ability to secure a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate Tasks: - Obtain a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate - Configure Apache to use the SSL certificate - Ensure that all web traffic is redirected to HTTPS - Test to confirm that the SSL certificate is working correctly

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    Hi, Currently a website is running correctly on a server. I want to migrate it to a new one, but got stuck. It's a PHP website, running and working mysql connected database. Webserver is apache (.htaccess) I'll send you the current website and login credentials of the new host. You should make the website work on the new hosting.

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    I'm encountering an issue where my dSpace site is consistently showing an "HTTP Status 404 – Not Found" error on all pages, which began occurring after recent server configuration changes. Here are the specifics of what I am looking for in a freelancer: - An in-depth understanding of Apache Tomcat servers and dSpace platforms - Experience troubleshooting and resolving HTTP 404 errors - Ability to identify and fix configuration issues that could be causing site-wide errors - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail IDEAL SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: - Proven expertise in managing and configuring Tomcat servers - Previous work with academic repository platforms like dSpace - Strong knowledge of web server software management - Familiarity with Java and...

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    I'm seeking an expert with profound knowledge in Python and containerized environments, predominantly Docker, to convert a data loading task on an existing Airflow container. Your responsibilities would include: - Checking the necessity of any additional modules based on the task requirements and integrating them if requ...loading task on an existing Airflow container. Your responsibilities would include: - Checking the necessity of any additional modules based on the task requirements and integrating them if required. - Rewriting the task to ensure seamless conversion in the Airflow environment. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Python, with experience dealing with data loading tasks(SFTP and FTP) - Understanding of Apache Airflow - Experience in modifying or creating Doc...

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    I'm currently encountering a permissions issue with my Apache server hosted on a Linux system, managed via Webmin. My goal is to swiftly resolve a "Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource" error that I received when trying to access content within a web application directory. Key tasks I need assistance with include: - Diagnosing the root cause of the permissions error - Adjusting Apache virtual host settings - Correctly setting up SSL for secure access - Verifying correct directory permissions and .htaccess configurations, if applicable Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in Linux operating system - Expert understanding of Apache server management - Experience with Webmin control panel - Familiarity with SSL installation ...

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    ...Development: Create a cohesive design language that reflects Swiss Vans' brand identity and appeals to the target demographic. Design high-fidelity mockups for major pages including: Home Page: A captivating landing page that provides an overview of Swiss Vans’ offerings and guides users to explore further. Product Pages: Engaging and informative pages for each custom van kit (e.g., Hornet, WASP, Apache, New Wave, Swamper, MS-RT, NLG, Predator) and Body Kit pages for different vans (e.g., VW Transporter, Ford Transit). Custom Van Page: A showcase of different custom van kits with detailed information and high-quality images. User Experience (UX) Design: Ensure a seamless and intuitive user journey across the website, with clear call-to-actions (CTAs) and minimal user...

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    I am in immediate need of a seasoned data engineer with pro...Spark, and Python to assist with a critical data analysis project. Here’s what you’ll be diving into: - Data Ingestion: Implementing robust mechanisms to ingest data into Azure. - Data Transformation: Applying transformations using Spark to prepare the data. - Data Analysis: Conducting deep analysis to extract actionable insights. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Azure cloud services - Expertise in Apache Spark for big data processing - Strong programming skills in Python - Experience with data modeling and processing - Ability to document and communicate findings clearly This project requires someone who can ensure efficiency and accuracy. If you have a proven track record and the necessary skills, I look fo...

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