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    ...development and operations teams Implement security best practices throughout the SDLC Optimize system performance through capacity planning and tuning Respond to incidents and troubleshoot issues to minimize downtime Continuously learn and improve processes, tools, and methodologies Automate deployment processes to achieve faster and more reliable releases Implement infrastructure monitoring and alerting to proactively identify and address issues Collaborate with development teams to optimize application performance and scalability Conduct regular security assessments and implement security controls to protect systems and data Coordinate with cloud providers to optimize cloud infrastructure usage and costs Manage service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensure service uptime and reli...

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    I need a program written to interact Coinbase with Google Sheets that can: 1) Pull prices for specified crypto, display the current price while saving to a spreadsheet to keep historical track 3) View tracked cryptos "All" graph and store all interact Coinbase with Google Sheets that can: 1) Pull prices for specified crypto, display the current price while saving to a spreadsheet to keep historical track 3) View tracked cryptos "All" graph and store all previous price points in a sheet while adding new prices as they get pulled 2) Analyze crypto prices, current and past, to determine probability of profitable sell times 3) Price alerting 4) View my wallet balance per cash and coin This is an ongoing project to keep open as additional features will be r...

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    I am searching for a skilled app developer to build a learning application associated with my existing website. This application should feature: - Instant Messaging: This will enable interactive communication between users. - Alerts: An alert system is required, specifically for alerting users about new content on the platform. - Video Tutorials: The app should be capable of hosting and managing free and paid video tutorials. The application will serve as an extension of my website, offering both free and paid content. You should have ample experience in building communication apps, working with alert systems, and creating platforms for video content. A background in educational or learning application development will be highly advantageous.

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    WhatsApp E-Sign Workflow App 2 dage left

    ...signed electronically, and custom workflow defined on a WhatsApp script. - **WhatsApp Integration**: The app should be able to send requests for signatures via WhatsApp, receiving the recipient's name and cellphone number. Basic integration is needed, with capabilities for sending and receiving messages. - **Real-time Notifications**: A key feature of this app will be real-time notifications, alerting users when a signature has been requested, received, or a document has been signed. - **Secure & Accessible**: Having a secure storage solution for all signed documents is a must. Accessibility and ease of retrieval for these documents are just as crucial. - **UI/UX Design**: The user interface should be intuitive and simple, ensuring a seamless experience for both senders ...

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    ...recommendations. Requirements: - Develop a Python program capable of converting video to images and image enhancement through filter and noise reduction. - It should capable of labeling of images and recognizing various surface defects including cracks, wear, corrosion, fractures, head-checks, wheel burns, rolling contact fatigue (RCF) defects, spells, squats, shelling, and flaking. - Implement real-time alerting mechanisms for identified defects to promptly inform maintenance teams. - Provide detailed analysis of detected defects, including type, severity (defect length/ area), and specific location along the track. - Generate track maintenance recommendations based on defect analysis to guide repair prioritization and scheduling. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in...

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    Migration activity and vulnerablity 13 timer left

    I am looking for a skilled developer familiar with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm charts, Grafana, and security best practices to create a comprehensive alerting system highlighting specific vulnerabilities within our environment. This project aims to enhance our cloud security posture by identifying and alerting on potential threats in real-time. **Requirements:** - **Experience with Cloud Services**: Proficiency in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is non-negotiable. You should be comfortable navigating and leveraging AWS services that integrate with Docker and Kubernetes. - **Kubernetes Expertise**: Knowledge in managing and securing Kubernetes clusters is essential. While admin access can be negotiated, demonstrating an ability to work with customized roles is preferred. -...

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    I'm looking to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly MERN stack application for my Kirana shop, that doesn't currently have an existing website. The aim is to automate, manage, and streamline multiple areas of my business operation. Key Features Required: - Inventory Tracking: Accurate, real-time stock levels, alerting for low stocks and predictive ordering. - Product Management: Easy addition and removal of products, with detailed product information. - Sales Management: Dynamic reporting and visualizations of sales, with trends and predictive analytics. - User Authentication: Secure sign-in for admins and users, with dynamic roles and permissions. - Billing and Invoicing: Hassle-free billing system, with automatic invoice generation. - Product Search and Filters: ...

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    ...functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location-based services and their implications on privacy and security. 1. KML, MGRS, UTM,DTED maps formats must be supported. These can be overlaid/underlaid over each other. 2. Multiple Geo-fences can drawn in radius, or with area within a polygon...

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    I'm seeking the expertise of a coder with experience in video analytics for implementing an abnormal event detection system. This system should be designed to identify and alert users about any unauthorized entry in outdoor public areas like parks and streets. Requirements: - outdoor public areas like parks and streets. Requirements: - Functionality to recognize unauthorized entries. - Capability to handle video feeds from outdoor environments. Ideal Skill Sets: - Strong background in image analysis or video analytics. - Proficiency in developing algorithms for pattern recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence. - Prior experience in creating alerting systems would be beneficial. - Familiarity with security and surveillance systems is hi...

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    3 bud security being paramount, integrating secure payment gateways is non-negotiable. I want my customers to feel safe and secure when purchasing, ensuring their private information is protected at all costs. - **Inventory Management System:** As I plan to sell less than 100 products, an efficient inventory management system is critical. This system should help in tracking product availability, alerting on low stock, and simplifying the restocking process, thereby ensuring we never disappoint our customers due to stock unavailability. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Shopify Development Expertise:** A deep understanding of Shopify, with proven experience in customizing and enhancing existing Shopify stores. - **Experience with E-commerce Best Practices:** Knowledge of t...

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    ...environment and also who are working virtually in remote locations. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in Windows OS:** Deep understanding of the Windows operating system is essential, as all employee screens run on this platform. - **Discreet Monitoring Solution:** The ability to monitor without disrupting the workflow or privacy of employees is paramount. The solution should be subtle, not alerting employees to its presence. - **Comprehensive Reporting:** Capable of generating detailed reports on user activities. While I skipped specifying exact activities, the solution should ideally provide insights into application usage, internet browsing behavior, and perhaps an overview of mouse and keyboard activity. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Networking and Security:**...

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    I need a tech-savvy freelancer to configure a critical integration between my Azure Application Insights and PagerDuty. This system is key to my application's operational health, and I want to make sure my team gets exception messages efficiently. Key Requirements: - Set up alerts in Azure Application Insights based on severity levels (Critical, Error, Warning). - Configure webhooks ...Skills: - Proficiency in Azure Application Insights and understanding of its alert mechanisms. - Experience with setting up and managing webhooks. - Familiarity with PagerDuty's incident management platform. - Strong problem-solving skills, with a focus on reliable and effective monitoring solutions. Please explain your experience with similar projects and your approach to ensuring a seamless ...

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    2 bud, and maintain infrastructure to support applications and associated systems. Define and enforce standards and best practices for internal and external IT teams. Provide support for Identity and Access management lifecycles. Support CI/CD tooling to facilitate building and deployment through pipelines. Utilize CloudFormation and Terraform for managing infrastructure. Implement monitoring and alerting strategies based on symptoms across all environments. Document every action for repeatability and automation. Enhance deployment processes and contribute to the growth of infrastructure. Debug production issues across various services and stack levels. Plan and contribute to the growth of the overall infrastructure. Contribute to the development of the handbook, runbooks, and ge...

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    29 bud our AI program for a single camera operating 12 hours a day. 1 to 5 Cameras for 12 Hours: Pricing structure for hosting our AI program simultaneously for a range of 1 to 5 cameras, each operating for 12 hours a day. Visuals Storage: Additional costs associated with saving visuals captured by the cameras. We are interested in understanding the pricing for storage. Stranger Detection and Alerting: If the hosting solution includes features for detecting strangers and sending alerts, please provide details on the associated costs. Specifically, we are interested in understanding the pricing for capturing and sending alerts via email. Additionally, if there are any other relevant details or packages that align with our requirements, please include them in your response. ...

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    I'm seeking a specialized freelancer to develop a KQL query and usecases for a project focused on monitoring and alerting. The builder must be highly optimized for performance and user-friendly for team members who must be familiar with Kusto Query Language. Requirements: - Proficient in KQL (Kusto Query Language) - Experience with databases and query optimization - Strong understanding of monitoring and alerting systems - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for the query builder Ideal Candidate: - Has created KQL based tools before - Can demonstrate past projects with monitoring/alerting - Creative problem-solving skills Responsibilities: - Design and develop the KQL query builder - Ensure the system is scalable and efficient - Implement a seamless in...

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    ...code sequences result in a certain outcome. Key features I am seeking: - Intelligent USSD Code Management: The application should automatically recognize and execute USSD codes based on user input. - Comprehensive Alert System: This application should be capable of sending SMS and email alerts or initiating a call to a predefined number in response to specific USSD code results. - Result-Based Alerting: The system should trigger an alert only when a USSD code execution gives a specific result. The ideal candidate for this job should possess considerable experience in Android development, as well as a solid understanding of USSD codes and integrated alert systems. An ability to deliver intelligent responses to user inputs is essential. I'm looking for someone who can creat...

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    Devops Engieer -New Udløbet left

    I'm seeking a seasoned DevOps engineer who thrives on developing efficient pipelines and ensuring system stability. Aptitude in automation, monitoring, and alerting systems is key. I am looking for a skilled DevOps engineer with experience setting up and configuring Rancher in an on-premise infrastructure environment. The ideal candidate should have knowledge and experience with the following: - On-premise infrastructure setup (Centos 7 - IPv6) - Other tools and technologies used in DevOps environments - Rancher setup and configuration - Kong API Gateway setup and configuration - Setting up a load balancer and configuring with Rancher - Setting up mongo database -setting up PostgreSQL database. Specific tasks that need to be performed include: - On-premise infrastructure se...

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    Objective The primary objective of this project is to develop a Keylogging System capable of identifying unauthorized access attempts on a server. The system aims to: a) Record keys...potential intruders. c) Generate alerts or notifications when suspicious activity is detected, such as repeated login failures, unusual keystroke patterns, or known malware activity. d) Provide administrators with a user-friendly interface to review and respond to detected threats. Upon successfully completing this project, A functional Keylogging System is capable of recording, analyzing, and alerting administrators to suspicious login attempts and user interactions and increased server security by enabling rapid response to unauthorized access attempts, thereby minimizing the risk of data breaches ...

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    I'm in need of a specialist in Grafana who can assist me in crafting an intricate dashboard. The specific tasks include dashboard creation, data visualization and setting up alerting and notifications. I will be using Elasticsearch as the primary data source. The key requirements for this project include: - Profound knowledge and expertise in Grafana. - Must have hands-on experience with Elasticsearch data source. The functionalities I expect in the final dashboard are: - Real-time data monitoring. - Extensive historical data analysis. - Advanced predictive data analysis capability. An individual with a proven track record in similar projects will be highly favoured. Proficiency in handling these specific functionalities, experience with Elasticsearch and the ability to d...

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    ...Bangladesh as well as all other countries in the VFS database. - A crucial feature of this software would be integration with the VFS Global API allowing for smooth interaction with the VFS systems. - The software should also have automatic form-filling capabilities reducing manual input from my end. - A real-time availability check and notification system needs to be built into the software, alerting me of available appointments. ### Functional Requirements: 1. **User Authentication:** - The software should support user authentication to ensure security and restrict unauthorized access. - Users should be able to log in with their VFS Global credentials. 2. **Appointment Search:** - Provide a search functionality to find available visa appointment slots based on speci...

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    ...threats and safeguarding critical data. Here’s what I expect from the project: - Security Vulnerability Scanning: The system must rigorously scan for vulnerabilities, providing a proactive defense layer against potential breaches. - Detailed Reporting: A mechanism to generate comprehensive PDF reports detailing any found vulnerabilities is crucial for our internal team's analysis. - Real-Time Alerting: While detailed reports are necessary, I'd appreciate an option for immediate notification in the event of a detected threat, though not via email. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in security software development - Experience with implementing vulnerability scanning tools - Familiarity with security protocols and threat mitigation - Ability to create deta...

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    ...threats and safeguarding critical data. Here’s what I expect from the project: - Security Vulnerability Scanning: The system must rigorously scan for vulnerabilities, providing a proactive defense layer against potential breaches. - Detailed Reporting: A mechanism to generate comprehensive PDF reports detailing any found vulnerabilities is crucial for our internal team's analysis. - Real-Time Alerting: While detailed reports are necessary, I'd appreciate an option for immediate notification in the event of a detected threat, though not via email. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in security software development - Experience with implementing vulnerability scanning tools - Familiarity with security protocols and threat mitigation - Ability to create deta...

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    I'm currently having trouble with my phone link app, specifically, Microsoft's Phone Link. I can't manage to answer calls through my PC, which runs on Windows 11. My smartphone is an Android device, and it's not alerting me to any specific error messages when I'm attempting to use the app. Yet, for some reason, I can't answer calls. The ideal freelancer for this task would be: - Knowledgeable in Android systems - Familiar with Microsoft phone link operations - Experienced in diagnosing and solving connectivity issues - Proficient in Windows 11 application troubleshooting Your assistance would be much appreciated, as this service interruption is hampering my workflow.

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    ...find forms and fields on a webpage and then test them for vulnerabilities using special test data for that website. It automatically works in the background and alerts the user right at the browser if it finds any field or payload vulnerable to an XSS attack. It will give a heads-up to the user about that specific part of the page and add to the user's history. This will focus on detecting and alerting users to potential cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities that can have several positive outcomes and contribute to enhancing web security: Proactive Security Measures User-Driven Security Practices / Contribution to Web Security Research Customized Payload Testing To make it user-friendly, I'm planning to include a dashboard. This dashboard will show users a history...

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    I am seeking a proficient developer to build a multifunctional smart mirror. This intelligent household device should exhibit the following functionalities: - Display time and date - Weather forecast provision - News updates in real-time - Calendar synchronization - Email synchronization The mirror features a user-friendly interface that...the mirror incorporates a human movement monitoring sensor. This sensor detects user presence and places the mirror in sleep mode when not in use, contributing to both energy conservation and device longevity. Furthermore, the mirror incorporates a gas sensor to detect unusual odours in the environment, enhancing user safety and well-being. This feature adds an extra layer of functionality by alerting users to potential hazards in their surr...

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    As a business owner, I am seeking a talented graphic designer to develop a compelling leaflet to promote a product/service primarily to young adults aged 18-25 years old. - Task Objective: The key aim of this project is to direct and hold the attention of this demographic, alerting them about our product/service. The leaflet must be constructed in a way that effectively encapsulates the critical details and delivers the message. - Message: The primary message the leaflet needs to communicate is informative—prominently highlighting the existence of our service. - Required Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate can demonstrate: - Previous experience developing promotional materials targeted towards a young audience. - Adept graphic design abilities, understand...

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    ...control and proper documentation of infrastructure configurations. Automation and Scripting: Script automation tasks using languages such as Python, Bash, or PowerShell. Continuously seek opportunities to automate manual processes to improve efficiency and reliability. Monitoring and Logging: Implement monitoring solutions for microservices built on AWS and applications. Configure logging and alerting to ensure proactive issue identification and resolution. Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and ensure infrastructure meets performance and security standards. Provide documentation and training as needed to promote knowledge sharing. Qualifications: • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, E...

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    I'm on the lookout for a proficient skilled app developer in COIMBATORE that can master the development of an Android and iOS application for our IoT-based product focused on industrial monitoring. The ideal candidate should be efficient push notification system to alert users of any crucial updates or irregularities. - Constructing an intuitive user interface that allows for medium level interaction – we're looking for some user inputs and adjustments here. Experience in IoT apps or industrial automation would definitely be an advantage. Understanding of industrial processes to fine-tune the app's monitoring and alerting capabilities is a plus. Your skillset should allow you to make the perfect balance between functionality, user-friendliness, and real...

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    I am seeking an expert who is proficient in Data Dog and Azure to assist me with setting up monitoring and alerting for my project. Tasks: - Setting up monitoring and alerting system - Configuring specific metrics and thresholds for the alert system Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Data Dog and Azure - Proficiency in setting up monitoring and alerting systems - Familiarity with configuring specific metrics and thresholds for alerts Criteria for the Alert System: - I am open to recommendations for the alert system - No specific criteria have been set, but I have a rough idea Priority Level: - Medium priority - the project can be completed within the week

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    ...Incorporate an interactive dashboard with Oracle Business Intelligence tools for real-time data visualization and insights. Hyper-Personalized Outreach: Integrate with Oracle Marketing Cloud for targeted email campaigns, utilizing its AI-driven personalization features. Develop custom email templates adaptable to various consumer segments and preferences. Real-Time Lead Alerts: Implement real-time alerting mechanisms using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services for prompt notifications via email, SMS, or mobile apps. Use Oracle's event-driven architecture for efficient and reliable notification delivery. Machine Learning Model Training: Apply continuous learning and model updating strategies, leveraging Oracle Autonomous Database's self-updating capabilities. Incorpora...

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    I need assistance with Android development, more specifically, I am seeking a high calibre professional who excels in user interface design, database integration, and API integration. This project involves developing push notifications as a main feature and the envisioned user interaction for these notifications will be alerts for updates or events. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Java with...developing push notifications as a main feature and the envisioned user interaction for these notifications will be alerts for updates or events. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Java with proven Android development experience - Experience in user interface design - Proficiency in integrating databases and APIs - Experience in implementing push notification systems, particularly related to event ale...

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    Fixing 1. Alerting Method 2. Repainting 3. Update to v5 Pine

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can configure pod failure alerts in ELK for my personal use. Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up and configuring ELK stack - Strong knowledge of Kubernetes and EKS - Familiarity with pod failure alerts and custom alerting configurations Requirements: - The ELK stack is already set up and functioning properly - I require custom alerts for pod failure and other specific criteria - The alerts should provide detailed information and can be customized according to my needs Please only apply if you have the necessary skills and experience to successfully configure pod failure alerts in ELK for EKS.

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    Looking for Reputed Programmers who have capability to work on all three platforms iOS Android Web ?️ You will be working by Integrating Various API , to build Analytical Data Dashboard and Trends GENERATING PDF REPORTS OF USAGE Filtering Data and Reporting via Email & Alerting using websockets . Shared are screen shots for understanding bits of the project

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    Project Description: I am looking to develop a sensor-based we...detector for residential environments. The ideal candidate will have experience in developing sensor-based systems and be familiar with residential roofing systems. Requirements: - Develop a sensor-based wet roof leak detector for residential environments - Design the detector to accurately detect and notify when a leak is detected - Implement automated phone call notification system for immediate alerting Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing sensor-based systems - Knowledge of residential roofing systems - Proficiency in programming and data analysis - Familiarity with automated phone call notification systems If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal for cons...

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    I'm searching for an expert who can speedily develop a lig...InfluxDB. (The database where all processed and raw data could be stored for further analytics. BEST PRACTICE: - Stand alone Processor (Microservice Architecture) - Event-Driven Architecture - Stream Processing - Data Sharding - Efficient Algorithms and Libraries - In-Memory Caches (e.g., Redis) - Dynamic Load Balancing - Rate Limiting and Back-Pressure Management - Resource Monitoring and Alerting - Database Optimization Techniques The intended data source is AVL devices or/and Mobile Apps. Experience with these sources is preferable. The project timeline is aggressive, ideally less than 2 weeks. If you have proven experience in handling large, complex data sets in Golang within tight timeframes, I want to...

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    My team and ...and manage a CI/CD pipeline. Your tasks will focus on streamlining our development process through infrastructure automation, ensuring consistency and reliability of deployment. Key Responsibilities will include: - Establishing a CI/CD pipeline to speed up development and deployment times - Regular codebase management using Git as our version control system - Ensuring continuous monitoring and alerting are in place This project involves applications deployed on both Google Cloud Platform and Azure, so experience in these platforms is crucial. Ideally, you should be able to demonstrate significant experience in these areas alongside robust portfolio showcasing similar projects. Having a problem-solving attitude and great attention to detail are key qualities I am lo...

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    ...designed to prevent customer journey hijacking. This platform should include: - Real-time monitoring of all activities - Fraud detection capabilities to safeguard the customer journey - Customizable alerts to keep us informed instantly In terms of dealing with customer journey hijacking, the perfect solution for me would include: - Detecting and preventing any unauthorized redirection of customers - Alerting users immediately of suspicious activities - Providing detailed analytics on hijacked journeys to enable actionable insights I am looking for full customization for the platform, extending beyond just basic aesthetics. I would like to be able to customize its design and functionality to ensure it caters to my specific needs. The ideal freelancer for this project would be ...

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    Dev ops Golang Udløbet left

    ...development and state management. 2. **Expertise in Kubernetes:** Advanced knowledge in Kubernetes for container orchestration, cluster management, scaling, and network policy implementation. 3. **AWS EKS Skills:** Proficient in deploying and managing Kubernetes clusters using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). 4. **Monitoring and Alerting Tools:** Skilled in setting up and using Grafana and Prometheus for system monitoring, performance tracking, and alerting. 5. **Programming in Go:** Solid experience in Go programming, particularly for system automation, tool development, and improving code maintainability. 6. **CI/CD and Automation:** Experience in building and optimizing CI/CD pipelines, along with strong skills in automation and scripting. 7. **Incident Management:...

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    ...should have the following features: - Recipe suggestions based on expiration dates: The app should be able to analyze the expiration dates of ingredients and recommend recipes that can be made using those ingredients before they expire. - Inventory tracking of available ingredients: Users should be able to input the ingredients they have in their pantry and the app should keep track of them, alerting the user when ingredients are about to expire. - Shopping list generation based on meal plans: The app should allow users to create meal plans for the week and generate a shopping list based on the ingredients needed for those meals. Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Strong web app development skills, with experience in creating user-friendly interfaces. - Profici...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with adding a Zabbix host SFTP power module to my Linux-based Zabbix server. Requirements: my Linux-based Zabbix server. Requirements: - Proficiency in Linux operating system - Experience with Zabbix installation and configuration - Ability to add and configure the SFTP power module - Understanding of advanced monitoring and alerting for the SFP power module, including up/down status, signal strength, temperature, and voltage Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Linux - Expertise in Zabbix installation and configuration - Familiarity with SFTP power module integration - Experience with advanced monitoring and alerting in Zabbix If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to me wi...

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    I am looking for an intermediate to expert level DevOps developer who can provide ongoing support with: - CI/CD - Jenkins - Terraform - Kubernetes (+ Kubespray) - Docker - Monitoring and Alerting (Prometheus, Grafana) - PostgreSQL - Hetzner Cloud Your first task: The CI/CD pipeline exist already for the development environment and has to be extended for the production environment. We use the mentioned technologies for the deployment of the infrastructure on the Hetzer Cloud. The second task will be the development of a monitoring and alerting system with Prometheus and Grafana to observe and alert to increase server availability and reduce downtime. Skills and Experience Required: - Intermediate to expert level of expertise in DevOps - Experience with the mentioned skills...

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    SCOM expert Udløbet left

    I'm looking for a SCOM expert who can help me with my project. I need assistance with installation and configuration, monitoring and alerting, reporting and analysis, training and job support. I prefer to use SCOM 2016, and for communication, Skype would be preferable.

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    We are seeking proposals from experienced a...Load Balancing ● Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) ● High Availability ● Security Measures: Utilize Kubernetes network policies, SSL/TLS certificates, and secure communication channels to safeguard data transmission and protect the infrastructure from potential threats. ● Monitoring: Integrate monitoring tools like Prometheus and Grafana to collect real-time metrics, enabling proactive monitoring, alerting, and performance optimization ● GitLab CI/CD Pipeline Technical Details Operating system required: ● Ubuntu 20.04 Auto-scaling strategy: Conference Sharding Infrastructure Setup: Preferred Cloud Provider: Scalability Requirements: Ideal Skills and Experience: Automated testing: Version control strategy: Deployment through Gitlab CI:

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    ...content of a specific web application. Alerts via Telegram: Set up an alert system that sends notifications to a designated Telegram channel or group whenever specific content criteria are met. Filtering Functionality: Implement robust filtering features that allow us to define the specific conditions for triggering alerts. Real-Time or Near-Real-Time Updates: Ensure that the monitoring and alerting system operates in real-time or near-real-time to provide timely notifications. Customization: The solution should be customizable, allowing us to adjust the monitoring and filtering parameters as needed. Skills : Proficiency in web scraping and monitoring tools. Good knowledge of Telegram API for creating bot-driven alerts, and add some filtering features. Familiarity with web ...

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    I need software that is compatible with the Windows Operating System and is capable of capturing images in real time and comparing them against a reference image. I would like the software to be able to learn and adapt to any minor differences between the reference image and the image being evaluated over time. When there is any discrepancy, I need the software to give me both an audio and a visual alert. I'm expecting the software to be highly efficient and reliable so it can be quickly deployed for my needs. It would be very much helpful if the software can be deployed on something like raspberry pi or some microprocessor.

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    I need an experienced SQL coder to help me with an enhancement to a SQL script. The specified enhancement should include alerting on long running jobs, and I will provide detailed requirements. This is very urgent and needs to be completed within 24 hours. In existing ESS Dashboard, In the long Running Jobs we have standard 30 Mins time limit. We need a parameter where where we can customize the long running Jobs as per customer requirement (Trigger email once the ESS Job reaches max runtime). To calculate Average time for all the ESS Jobs and display the Average time column in the ESS Dashboard.

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    As a client, I'm looking for a full-stack developer to build a courier/logistics website. I need someone with experience in the Laravel technology stack, and who can also make sure the website has a content management system (admin/client dashboard). I do not need any kind of hosting or maintenance service, but this might be determined later. If you t...Full stack developer Back end Front End Design Laravel, React .Js, mern or other.. Api Integrations Online Quote Database Payment integration Tracking System Mail conformations Admin panel (créate operations, monitoring, update status, billing) User panel (operations, all status, support system- tickets, chat system user to user- user to admin, tracking, operations completed, update files, pre alerting operations for pa...

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