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    We have a list of around 1400 colleges in Tamil Nadu. You need to search the website on internet and take out required details like - Vice Chancellor name & email id, - Principal name & email id or - Registrar Name & email id Please see the sample file attached. Our budget is Rs. 2/- per completed record

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    Normalize the database which is in the file to 3nf

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    Hello, I need someone to create a leads list that contains all of the companies within the cleaning (preferably commercial) in Western Australia. Excluding excluding franchises such as 'Jim's Cleaning' and any mobile car cleaning companies. You will be required to scape the following information from each business page. - Business name - location of business - Phone number of owne...

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    I have one WordPress website, this is multi-site. I have uploaded more then 500 user profile. I want you to do search job. Like if you search user by id or email then search result will display that particular user profile.

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    We are looking for a DevOps person that specializes in AWS, to resell our AWS Marketplace products. Right now we want to focus on one product which is a Rsyslog server preconfigured + with custom software to add automation to the mix. Meaning the deployment and configuration happens though the EC2 Instance UserData, and with the ability to auto recover - meaning the instance should take care of i...

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    Ingetrate Odoo eCommerce & Odoo theme Description- Looking for a Ruby developer who has: 1. Professional experience using with backend web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, or Java/J2EE 2. Extensive front-end and user interface development experience utilizing React, JavaScript / jQuery, React, HTML 5, CSS, Responsive Web Design, and Bootstrap 3. Experience developing and/o...

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    We are looking for Front End Developers only for travel website. Need to have knowledge of the follwing languages. Ajax AngularJS or React Bootstrap 4 CSS3 HTML5 Javascript JQuery

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    1. A website using Zerodha kite connect in ReactJs and NodeJS to display NSE 500 stocks data 2. The page will contain 11 columns(apart from script name) -> 4 columns will be cached locally/stored in DB-depends on developer (value will be fetched only once in a day), ->4 columns will show data fetched from zerodha connect -> Rest 2 will be some calculation ...

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    I am looking for solutions to quicker and more flexible reporting options using excel raw data and SQL database. Potentially needs Power BI to create dashboards and reports. Attached is an example of a table of my raw data. I also need to use MS Access to upload the data to SQL table.

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    It's required to make a conversion from/to Postgre SQL geometry data type to/from latitude and longitude values, also to read all geometry values.

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    Please create a graphic indicating a delivery of auto parts, batteries,tires. It should have the company logo and also the words "delivery service" and the hash tag "sxmstrong". Please design in a facebook friendly way i.e such that the algorithm doesnt stop from boosting due to too much text. Thanks

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    to 3nf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    I need an app for both Android and ios app that the user can post some information and it will go to my MongoDB database. User can also search in the app that it will retrive some information from the MongoDB database. Very simple but I want a very user friendly and the design is very importnat. I want an app that the user loves to open it.

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    1. Desktop: TheBRLab logo is showing extra space 2. Desktop: Cart Count icon is not displaying on page load. It is missing. Cart count icon only display when product added + page refresh. Please fix so Cart Count will show “0” when cart empty and pulse with cart count when items in cart 3. Remove items AJAX function not working on Mini Cart item layout pop-up 4. Scrolling issue on ...

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    database to 3nf.........................

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    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    Develop a Front End web site 3 dage left

    I am looking for Expert Front End developer with high level of experience in HTML,CSS, JavaScript, AJAX ,graphic design skills and related technologies . The scope of work includes creating a stylish & modern web site the candidate should has artistic, aesthetic and creative touches. I have the design and template and I am looking for implementation & customization Deadline: 1-2 weeks

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    Our firm needs a reliable Database Administrator to join our team. We’re looking for a college graduate with journey-level skills and a desire to expand his or her skill set and experience.

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    The below code snippet outputs a list of divs ordered by index - the objective is to generate this list using the variable record.suspension_price The snippet is the following: [log ind for at se URL]({ url: ajaxurl, dataType: "json", data: { 'action':'dealerselector_partnumber_ajax_request', ...

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    Hi, I want to create a single .sql file from four large CSV files. In total, there are over 1.7 million rows in the four files. Each of the CSVs have 46 columns. You will import and keep 13 columns, delete (i.e not import) 30 columns, revise and fill 2 columns, use and then delete 1 column. Also, you will add and fill 2 new columns. This is a very simple job and I need it completed before 12noo...

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    Please read the documentation properly and than only quote me. I have attached documentation so please go through it. Important: It is possible that requirements might change little bit but not major. Example an extra field or minor front end functionality like print or view some more data etc

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    I need a database including(year,make,model) for all cars sold in EGYPT only last 18 years . An excel sheet would be fine.

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    I need a database including(year,make,model) for all cars sold in EGYPT only last 18 years . An excel sheet would be fine.

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    I need someone to transfer all users from old msql database with privilegies and transfer all items to new website from mqsl database.

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    It's required to make a conversion from/to Postgre SQL geometry data type to/from latitude and longitude values, also to read all geometry values.

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    Need to create SAME LOOK epub file as printed layout. Layout has no images and pretty simple formatting. See enclosed sample. Book has 280 pages in total. Just auto conversations from InDesign to EPUB is NO GOOD! Will need to adjust formatings so they look the same. Looking for a person who can do some advanced edits in Sigil or similar software if will be needed. Please see enclosed test file an...

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    I am a beginner programmer with PHP & AJAX so I would like to pay someone to help me code some functionality with my form so it will save entries in ACF options page and limit number of entries that match a value. Here is my form: [log ind for at se URL] we will be working with, as you can see it is very simple so I only have a few parts I need help with right now. I will discuss details wit...

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    Structural drawings preparation of RCC framed 5 storey building 10mx 20m size

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    1. There is a csv file in a remote location which contains data. 2. We have a database that needs to be updated every month. 3. We are creating django rest api to fetch the csv file and update the database. 4. To update the database we delete what we have in the database table. 5. We update the database. 6. We will do this using django rest framework by creating a end point. eg.. url: localhost:p...

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    To have a web-based application based on React js, mongoDB & Nodejs that is to achieve the following: 1. User types in 2 text fields 2. Application is to use field 1 AND field 2 to search on the internet for confirmed word search (like a web-crawler) 3. Results are compiled into a report which on all the URLs/ Links that meets the criteria of the 2 fields 4. Analyst can then accept or reject t...

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    I have an SQL database that holds the data for a Microsoft Access program and a Wordpress page. They are all linked to the SQL database. I need the database cleaned up, it is in good condition now but some data needs to be cleaned from a hack that occurred a long time ago. 1a. Enable confirmation emails to be sent to facility. 1b. Facility confirmation email needs to display recap of assigned/u...

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    Multilingual search form 3 dage left

    I have a woocommerce website and I need a multilanguage search form.

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    Hello I need to create a macro that will scrape multiple pieces of data from a pdf and save into an excel spreadsheet database. It needs to ideally be able to quickly scrape hundreds of these pdf documents. It will need to extract many different pieces of information from the document and be organised with accuracy into the excel spreadsheet. Let me know if this is possible! Thanks

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    I have an old SQL Server 2000 database that I need upgraded to SQL Server 2008 R2, and or 2012.

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    I am looking for a PErfex CRM specialist to implement a Saas sytem. I need SaaS for Perfex CRM Project. Will also require other Modules to go with by stages. This is a long term project. 1. Single Code based. Multi-Tenant Databases. 2. Offload Media to AWS S3 3. Customization should allow Perfex CRM auto update without being overwritten Please bid only if you have prior experience with SaaS a...

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    Dynamic Decision Tree Web Engine 3 dage left

    Looking for simple system to create 'employee self help how to guides'. Needs to be based in aspx c#, jquery, and mssql given my experience for future development. Need back end UI to easily create the troubleshooting queries saved to sql db. Front end, want to be able to call logic on any page via jquery/ajax/web call. I am considering AnswerPath as need to integrate with own website. ...

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    I have Instagram Photos Downloader website ([log ind for at se URL]) , this website allows users to download photos and videos from Instagram. When any user put the post link (for example : [log ind for at se URL]) in my PHP script, the photos are being showed in the same page (which is [log ind for at se URL] ) , while I need to show the results in a separate page (for example [log ind for at se ...

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    website: [log ind for at se URL] Dev server: [log ind for at se URL] Hosting: Plesk Upgrade to newest php and mysql versions Bug fixing: -On product page when there is only one size of product, the size has to be auto selected. -facebook login: when logged in with facebook and user opens new window: page goes to homepage. -delivery and payment page: simplifying: delivery and payment has to be sel...

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    I want an android application that autounlock any type of lockscreen programatically by waking up the the device and click somehow on the password screen (the password will be set previously in the app). UI wise there will be one button that will turn off the device wait for 5 seconds and unlock the screen again and a text input and a picker that get the screen lock type in the phone

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    EDIT : This is about 2 hours simple coding. Some people have bid £250 for the project. Bid sensibly or I will just do it myself. Please do not bid without reading. I had about 5 bids in 3 seconds, which is stupid. You can't bid sensibly unless you have read the project description. EDIT 2 : I don't want to waste your time, and I realise that you have to bid for a lot of projects, ...

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    Good day, I would like consultants who can do SEO for my 2 sites Regards Cornelius

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    Upgrade to newest php and mysql and Bug fixing: -On product page when there is only one size of product, the size has to be auto selected. -facebook login: when logged in with facebook and user opens new window: page goes to homepage. -delivery and payment page: simplifying: delivery and payment has to be selected separetly like in normal webshops -site speed up: all pages has to over 70% on our d...

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    Web Designer 3 dage left

    Looking for an experienced web designer, having good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, BOOTSTRAP, AJAX, etc. He/She can create an attractive and responsive web page. He/She can work at least 30-35 hours a week. Freelancers only.

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    hi i need to modify few things on mobile theme. 1) ajax news load . i already installed plugin, we need to configure it properly or use theme inbuild infinite load which is working fine on desktop and apply to mobile 2) add tab for News line and for important news ( news line shows everything, important news shows specific categories) 3) make mobile theme work faster.

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    Database error Wordpress 3 dage left

    I have the following error in wordpress, need to fix it. url is [log ind for at se URL] wpfe_usermeta: 47 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly wpfe_posts: 73 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly wpfe_comments: 72 clients are using or haven't closed the table properly wpfe_options: Table is marked as crashed wpfe_postmeta: 74 clients are using or ...

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    Simple app for kids 1. Fully dynamic iOS app for kids with scrollable (Please find attachment for better understanding) 2. With Admin app for Content posting (Multiple (Add, Remove)). 3. Content would be Image, Title, Summary and web link on click (In app browsing). 4. Backend must be Firebase 5. Short content with date, time and Topic. 6. Automatically update and also refresh option for new con...

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    Hi khyatiraval,Im student in computer science i want help for create a website i have already create i want help in ajax and php you can help me please

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    Check my code 3 dage left

    I have a search engine app, small app that uses API and is connected with AJAX using .fetch method. The app works, when user types something in search box, the results are filtered and shown to him. But I don't know how to add a line where there is no results. I am using regex and .match method to check results.

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build it.

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    I need a Telegram BOT of Soccer, that make a list of PLAYER. That is the process: - i enter in telegram account - The admin set a list of PLAYER : 8 GK 8TD 8TS 8ATT.... the user that stay in a group can insert in that list. - The admin can reset the bot when the tournament is closed

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