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    pcb desigg Udløbet left

    timer concept lcd 3 relay 3 buttons rtc 6 adc (op amp circuit)

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    Basic drivers for Nordic nrf52830 4 dage left

    nrf52832/nrf52820 We need a basic program that give a simple drivers (functions) interface for : 1. SPI 2. UART 3. ADC (couple of inputs) 4. Changing BLE Advertising data function The project is very urgent , so it must be completed in a few days. we prefer a freelancer experienced with this specific chip (or very similar) thanks

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    Citrix Migration 2 dage left

    Requirement is for migration of Citrix ADC applicance to Citrix Virtual VPX appliance and related configuration Can be done remotely

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    1. design 8 channel analog input hardware which will take inputs as +/-150mV, +/-500mV, +/-1V, +/-5V, +/-10V +/-20mA. 2. 16-bit ADC. Stm32 Controller. 3. analog Input and Modbus isolation. 4. Use Stm32 MCU. 5. Write code for the designed hardware. 6. Only experienced designer required. 7. Prototyping will be done from our end.

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    Please go to [log ind for at se URL] from the Virtual Desktop. We need to scrap the data as CSV combining all 12 districts. When you download each data it will be a pdf.

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    Looking for someone with Silicon Labs 8 bit programming expertise for a days work to assist with code development. The solution is small and fairly straightforward but I need someone who can convert library lcd draw text functions into inline code placed into the main() loop so that the overall loop becomes (1) get ADC value & select next mux input 1uS (2) process value 100uS (3) render 1 line...

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    Hi, I'm planning to use TDA8754 in my final year project as a regular free-running ADC. The reason being its price. So I found your offer for a job with the same IC. Now I am contacting you to just ask a simple question: Is this possible to use TDA8754 as a regular free-running 50Msps ADC without the extra pins (Hsync, etc.)? Please note that I cannot afford any money for this question, and...

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    I will need experienced firmware engineer to figure out values of variable from ADRESH and ADRESL I have current sensor that outputs 20mV/A that gets readings through ADC, i want to change it for sensor that have 10mV/A but i have trouble figuring out what is going on in code and i will need you help for this quick task. I can give you part of the code i have trouble that you can overview. This sh...

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    We are looking for a firmware engineer to perform an embedded C project for the STM32 microcontroller. It should be designed and developed in Keil Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) using the current Version 5.33. The microcontroller has 16 KB of flash such that this project will fit within the limits of the free version of Kiel MDK Lite (32 KB restriction). A Nucleo-64 STM32L010 development bo...

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    Esp32 wireless (Wi-Fi) - Webserver - OTA Update - Simple Line Graph (6 sources) Flash Memory IC 8Mb - Saved graph data - OTA Update - Source Code ADC - SAR 4 Input (ADS1015) PCB - Layout (Prefer KiCad or Altium, Proteus) - 4 Inputs - 1 Output - Buzzer - 4x16 LCD - ... Basic app/webpage to view graph with ability to change parameters inside Esp32 ...more det...

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    I need to get 5 miliseconds data (625000 values of 14 bit each), each time I press a button B1, until DDR3 memory is full. The B1 button must be usable again only after the 5ms of data storing ended. An index counter must be incremented with 625000. If I press a button B2, data must be sent to UART at 115200 baudrate, from memory index 0 to current index (multiples of 625000). The index will NOT...

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    I want to update my on-premises DC & ADC from 2008r2 to 2019 Both servers are currently running on VMware

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    We want to build a new Weighing Scale PCB with 5 Buttons, 6 Digit 7 Segment Dispaly, 24bit ADC, Charging circuit fpr 6v Micro controller ESP32 Based. It should also be able to communicate using UART

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    adc lm35 with stm32f429 data in screen through embeded wizard

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    I need you to do some coding and simulation in Proteus software using C & ASM for 8086 interfacing with PPI, ADC, Temperature sensor, 7 segment display

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    1. GSLB Configuration with EPA Scans 2. Work with contact to provide a design for utilizing GSLB, EPA Scans, and Security policies in the Citrix environment. The design process will include the following tasks and components: a. Gather business and technical requirements and identify key prerequisites for integrating the desired 3rd party workflow solution with EPA scans and Security Policies 3...

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    We are a not for profit Australian Think Tank. We have an A4 brochure to advertise an event in March and are looking for a quick professional do-over. Needs to stay as a double sided A$ and we are not looking for a radical redesign, but just some ideas to give it a more polished appearance. We are looking for one redesign proposal and two revisions. Final product would preferably be in a forma...

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    Need a Logo...! Udløbet left

    ADC A Centre for Restorative and Implant Dentistry for website... [log ind for at se URL]

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    1. GSLB Configuration with EPA Scans 2. Work with contact to provide a design for utilizing GSLB, EPA Scans, and Security policies in the Citrix environment. The design process will include the following tasks and components: a. Gather business and technical requirements and identify key prerequisites for integrating the desired 3rd party workflow solution with EPA scans and Security Policies 3....

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    General constraints (common to everybody) 6) You must use the LDR sensors supplied by the school. If you want to use your own, you will need to submit a brief statement explaining the reason why you should be allowed this advantage; approval is granted by the teaching team and decision is final. 7) You can use up to two separate light sensors 8) You can only use LM741 and/or TL081/2/4 as amplifier...

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    High Level: Develop firmware / C-app for ADC conversion of diff. signals using XADC module of existing Snickerdoodle FPGA board Digital values converted using ZYNQ processing system. Linux OS image interface used to access values in [real-time]. Python application for interfacing and accessing stored values. Please see uploaded files for additional details.

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    microcontroller Udløbet left

    assessment This assignment is to assess student understanding of microcontrollers and their functions. The assessment concentrates on one particular family of PIC microcontroller (PIC-16F877A). The LO1 and LO2 are assessed through C programming of microcontroller and using features like ADC, Serial, program logic, and development tools like MPLabX IDE and PICSimLab simulator. All the feature...

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    By using ATMEL 8051 MCU and ADC 0804, assembly code is needed. The result will be shown on the Proteus 8. See the following part A and part B sections for the descriptions. Part A; [log ind for at se URL] Part B; [log ind for at se URL]

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    By using ATMEL 8051 MCU and ADC 0804, assembly code is needed. The result will be shown on the Proteus 8. See the following part A and part B sections for the descriptions. Part A; [log ind for at se URL] Part B; [log ind for at se URL]

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    Hi, We developed a firmware that today works on an open source ESP32 / Max31865 cards. We need to develop the gerber file and list of materials unifying the following components: Use the TP-100 sensor (3 wires) for temperature reading. Below the detail of the plates and components used: 1) MAX31865 PT100 / PT1000 RTD-to-Digital Converter Board Temperature Thermocouple Sensor Amplifier Module 3...

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    I'm looking to create some custom code for a VESC (4.12 or 6.6) which controls a BLDC motor. Currently, the VESC is connected to an ON/OFF switch, and uses ADC to start/stop the motor. I would like the unit to be turned off once the load on the motor reaches an idle state.

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    I'm working as a business research analyst with Avalon Global Research, India. Currently, we are studying preception about CDMOs like Catalent/Aldevron [log ind for at se URL] Novel modalities like ADC, VGT, CT, RNA including mAB.

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    Provide mentorship & guidance on following project to complete together. 1Hr per week training over the course of Q1 of 2021. (starting in 2020 if avialable) 1. Hardware design and configuration (using external MUX and ADC, as well as PMOD elements (for WIFI) to measure a network for Wheatstone bridge like circuits. 2. Developing Vivado Project & Design (Xilinx) for interfacing with har...

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    Hello, Thanks for your support, I'll try to be short as possible with as many details as possible so I attached pictures too. I would like to have Menu Library as shown on the "[log ind for at se URL]" diagram, and if possible from "[log ind for at se URL]" I would like to Add to the "[log ind for at se URL]" diagram "Display Flip", "Display Dim...

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    design a integrated circuit for a device with adc to dsp to adc

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    Hi David L., I've got a little problem with ADC calibration at the moment. Is this something you might be able to assist with?

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    Hi, Looking for someone to fix the code for the my voltage sensing. Device is a DC-DC converter, as the input voltage rises, the output voltage ADC offset shifts. Output voltage reading is accurate across the range when no input is connected. The problem is demonstrated in the attached spreadsheet. The issue seems to be linear so can be compensated for in the ADC filter, but would like someo...

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    This is a firmware project using NXP's iMXRT1050 MCU. Please check the rough details in the attachment for the general project introduction. To summarize: 1. Asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0(UAC2) controller. - UAC2 audio connection is already enabled with EV board. Needs some more tweaks. 2. Enable 2 MCU sharing audio data in series. 3. Enable I2S,I2C, GPIO, UART connection with other audio...

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    I am newcomer to STM32, and I have to troubleshoot an existing STM32 project. I need help to fix 2 issues: 1. There are two adc channels, one of the brings correct data, the other one not. I think it is a question of configuration, but need help to find the reason for the issue. 2. This is a low-power design, where a timer interrupts every 0.25s to wake up from sleep mode and check the inputs. TIM...

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    Trophy icon redesign the logo...! Udløbet left

    need redesigning of the logo with the tooth and word [log ind for at se URL] are looking to have a unique design combination of tooth and word ADC in logo. please see the attachment for some logo. You can also take help by looking at the website : [log ind for at se URL]

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    I need assistance with solving my PCB capacitive sensor issue. I am using an ADC (ADS112C04IRTET) to detect a voltage output from two coplanar electrodes, and I am receiving strange readings. The issue could possibly be due to ADC, or an issue with my schematic. I need a freelancer who is very experienced with circuitry, programming (particularly this ADC in Arduino), and preferably someone who kn...

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    I am looking for an expert who can help in implementing multi-order FIR filters to support ADSL/VDSL on an Arduino microprocessor and test the hardware performance. specific tasks will be to: 1. Implement multi-order FIR filters on microprocessor to support ADSL/VDSL and test performance. 2. Write a pass-through code in C language, to optimise the communication between the ADC, SPI and DAC of the...

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    Hi, Trying to measure voltage and it's not very accurate so looking for someone to improve the accuracy. Code is written in C for the microprocessor and pulling information from a battery charger's ADC inputs. Microprocessor: MSP430F247-TPMR Clock: ECS-160-20-30B-TR ADC circuit and relevant existing code is attached (voutsense is connected to P6.1/A on the MSP430)

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    I need to adjust an arduino code to make the ADC CLOCK be 1/128, and another code to be 1/64. Then record the measurements on matlab. I will provide more information.

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    Job Preparation Udløbet left

    Looking for help in preparation of interview for the role - Product Engineer. The JD describes - 1. Functional and performance testing 2. Debug, evaluate and characterize IC's across all operating conditions 3. high speed scopes, spectrum and network analyzers 4. Develop bench hardware and Software to control and automate bench test equipment using python 5. Analog ckts, RF ckts, signals and...

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    The task is to develop software for the control of a toaster using the Arduino kit. The toaster has the following features: - Start functioning/stop pushbutton. - Toaster ON/OFF indication (LED) - Toast lever sensor (pushbutton) - Toast lever indicator (LED) - Browning control (simulated through potentiometer), using 6 LEDs to specify the time left. - Smoke detector (simulated through potentiomete...

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    I want someone to write a program form me that ca transfer data from one dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller to another dsPIC30F4011 microcontroller using Bluetooth. So basically two HC05 Bluetooth modules are used for each microcontroller. The application for this is that ADC values will be collected using a sensor interfaced to one micro-controller. These value should be sent to the other micro-contro...

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    i need a research paper on wireless sensors and their applications in [log ind for at se URL] attaccing discription below about my abstract .please look into this (abstract:In this research work, a survey on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and their technologies, standards and applications was carried out. Wireless sensors and wireless sensor networks have gone to the front line of established rese...

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    - I need expert in those topics - continues work ( up to30 task) -solve & explain problems Book name: Attached Topics: Ch. 1 Introduction to Microcontrollers 1.1-1.2 Microprocessors & microcontrollers ——————————————————— Ch. 2 :8051 Assembly Language Programming 2.1&ndas...

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    The scope of this project is to develop a 4-channel datalogger and Android application to control it. Requirements for the characteristics of the analog inputs: - number of analog inputs - 4; - signal sampling frequency - 50 kS / s per channel; - 14 bit ADC (better to use 16 bit ADC); - input voltage range: 2 inputs with a range of ± 20 V, and 2 inputs with a range of ± 200 V; - mul...

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    Modify Compute Module 4 iO Board I would like to change the Compute Module 4 io board to suit my project . Design must be done in Kikad 6 ( nightly build required as described Here: [log ind for at se URL]) Designfiles can be found here : [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] Delete the following parts from the current design : • GPIO Header • Remove 2nd DSI connector &b...

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    connect few MCU of STM8L151G4Y6TR with 110 ADC to 1 MCU with BLE include schematic SW and sample build

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