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    I need to have someone run "screens" using Bloomberg terminals available at all major Wall Street brokerage firms. Based on my selection criteria you will query a financial database like Bloomberg, Reuters, or Bridge and send me a list of securities that match. For example a typical query would be to select all stocks that have reduced their outstanding shares by 50% or more over the las...

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" (YYYY) format and a field called "Con#" (001, 002 etc...) Format. When a new record is created using our form the user must select from a drop do...

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    We have an Access 2000 database that has a table called "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" and Form called the same "1996 - CURRENT AGREEMENTS & CONTRACTS" the Table contains a field called "Full Year" and a field called "Con#" When a new record is created using our form the user must select from a drop down box between Current Year or Upcoming ...

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    A tiny EXE file that will add a small search band (tool bar) to IE Browser. (like Google or Yahoo bar) The width of the bar is a 1/4 of a normal full horizontal bar size and be placed on top of the browser, on same line with the Menu bar of IE. It will have a search field, next to it a button 'Search' and it will point to a given url like: [log ind for at se URL] what user typ...

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    Hello. I am trying to develop stored procedure that will do the following: accept sql query, low limit and number of records as input parameters and return ref cursor as OUT parameter. Resulting recordset which will be accesible thru OUT REF CURSOR must contain "number of records" starting from "low limit" extracted from whole recordset returned by "sql query". I am u...

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    What I need, IMMEDIATELY (preferably tonight or tomorrow) is a domain gathering program, that checks each domain it gathers for the existence of a [log ind for at se URL] script. Must be EXTREMELY fast, speed is everything.. I would like bandwidth to be the only limiting factor, if possible. Should use a keywords list i create to query search engines to get its domains. Must be very stable, and ha...

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    Simple database A program in Perl that implements a basic image database reading a plain-text data file: [log ind for at se URL]|VLI014|This is an image|other field|etc [log ind for at se URL]|VLI015|That's an other image|other field|etc (maximum abt. 1000 records, performance not an issue) Field names must be very easily changeable (a single place in the Perl code) If later a field is added ...

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    We need a simple asp application that will pull data from an SQL 2000 server to create a monthly precipitation report. This application will include an administration form where and admin can add/edit/delete values from the database ## Deliverables We would like a very user friendly application that is visually stimulating as it is functional. We need this coded in ASP and Java Script as needed...

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    Convert 4 crosstab queries from MSAccess to sqlserver stored procedure In the query MRE1, the condition: ... Where Hid = 4 Or Hid = 6 Or Hid = 14032 is only an example and needs to be passed as a parameter. It could be for example Where HId in (4, 6, 14032) and the chain (4, 6, 14032) could be passed as a parameter When calling the sp, there is a variable number of HId values. ## Deliverables 4...

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    New .net code for portal site [log ind for at se URL] Custom control for the menu with either a - datagrid with textual links and textual header, as ths site is know, background/fontcolor etc mut be settable for header and for the sublinks. - Repeater with same info, for fancier menus - Block of html for even more fancier menus Custom contriol for the main content with one of the above layouts - e...

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    Every day we generate and modify several files on several folders and keep trace of these on a MsAccess table. So we have two kind of needs: 1. to upload on remote server all new/modified files; 2. to upload on another remote server only new/modified files based on MsAccess Query (in example only files of a certain category/Client) These operations must be done only by NT authorized operators. #...

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    I have a complex CGI WEB form that collects a user command or query. The CGI form sends a command to a server. I want to also save the parameters of the form in a specified format (a little differently) so the queries are displayed as named nodes in a tree. A button will be used to launch the function. It must capture the query or command parameters from the form(s) (that are not fixed) and save t...

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    I need a running sum total to work correctly in my query for Access97. The following is an example of the incorrect total for CustomerID # 111 for my query Invoice# 7441 8037 8038 8277 AmtApplied 21.50 15.50 46.00 99.00 RunningSum 203.50 4550.25 4596.25 4711.50 This is the correct information that is needed Invoice # AmtApplied RunningSum 7441 21.50 21.50 8037 15.50 37.00 8038 46.00 83.00 8277 99....

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    I need to write a query to print a report where I want to show the details of orders placed. As parameters I will be selecting the range of companies from a drop down combo, for example companies starting with "A" and ending with "I" and as my second report I will select companies starting with "J" to "Z" and like wise. After the selection is made the rep...

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    I have an extremely complex Oracle Select SQL query. I need some help to tune the query so that it can run in a reasonable time. The select query and a reasonable ER diagram will be provided after I accept your bid. You will not need to run the query yourself. You will need to communicate the optimizer hints or any other improvements you may deem necessary. The project may require a couple of phon...

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    Hello, I need an ASP/activeX solution for my ArcIms mapping system (see: [log ind for at se URL]) Coder must use ESRI activeX connector and deliver a working, well-commented Active Server Page code. Overall, the code should perform the following: 1. Query a database/ESRI geocode table for countries and/or cities and draw dots/color polygons on an existing world-map table. 2. Allow drawing of up to...

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    Query Project - AOL Udløbet left

    Please see attached .doc in the .zip file. Description: We need a program with a software (.exe) OR online interface that searches the AOL member directory for email addresses under certain criteria. please note that this project can be either online or on the computer. do not respond to this bid with a generic answer. they will be AUTOMATICALLY discarded. we need real quotes, answers. ## Delive...

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    I have need of a query that searches within the same table two separate columns for date values. If the date in column A is equal to the date in column B. Create a new table that ignores the records that contain duplicate values of column B (meaning column A records where the date is equal to column B should be ignored and therefore should not be contained in the new table. As per usual I need a q...

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    Workout data logger Udløbet left

    I am looking for a program to log my workouts. 1 table would hold the data for weight exercises (legpress,bechpress ect.) the other for cardio (treadmill swimming). The weight one would store data for up to 3 sets and have a possible diffent weight for each set. As well as a date field. The cardio would just need a date,total time, speed,heart rate. I will be running this program off of my main co...

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    1) I have an Access database that contains a table or a query that has several fields. The fields that concern this project are three fields: - ImageFile: contains the full path to the image location - NewImageName: contains the new name I need for the image 2) I want to take the file that is located by reading data from the “ImageFile?? field copy it to a new folder. 3) I want to rename the...

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    Serial port query Udløbet left

    At 2hr intervals, Send a command to the serial port (ascii). Retrieve the reply (ascii)add it to a file. Do again 15 times. Then save the file. Do again next interval. Rename old file. Create new one. Kill files 90 days old. The command to send is Q01L...Q02L...Q03L up to Q16L The replies are 5 to 15 lines: 230,123456 232,123457 234,231456 up to 15 lines returned. Each line is formatted by remote ...

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    Need a page made for PostNuke that will allow members to be sorted and displayed in a table by City, State/Province, Country, etc., alphabetically.

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    I have a site that offers free homework documents to students. The server is running Microsoft Index Server, and i need a search page that searches keywords in the files through given directories and returns the results with title, url, first "n" characters and so on. Please notice that this will be an "advanced search" page just like the one in Google, on which you can specify...

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    I am in need of having my current query cleaned up. I would like for this query to do the following: For every record in the FilteredData table select a corresponding record in the Mapping-new table where “PolicyNumFirst9 in the FilteredData table is = Pol Pfx and Serial in the Mapping-new table?? AND the AccidentDate in the FilteredData table is between the KRMS-ConPolEff and the KRMS-ConPo...

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    This project involves developing a MailCheck custom component for ASP.NET - written in C#. The component will need to be able to check e-mail syntax, but will also query MX records (using custom functionality from [log ind for at se URL] namespace and TcpClient class) and check whether the mailbox exists. Additionally functionality needs to be provided for batch processing e-mail addresses on thei...

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    Attached please find a Access Database with one two tables inside. The first is entitled FilteredData. The second is Mapping-New. The first table (FilteredData) is the table of which I want a duplicate search performed on. The original file should stay intact. And, the code you create should be fully portable from Access to SQL and vice versa. We will call the duplicate/non-duplicate search PhaseI...

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    PRE-ENROLLEE VERIFIER / ROTATOR / POSTER & ROTATOR ADMIN What is a Pre-Enrollee? A Pre-enrollee is a lead the has elected to be placed into a free Concorde Group Powerline by submitting their information. See [log ind for at se URL] Please DO NOT enter your information since this is a live website. Purpose of “PRE-ENROLLEE VERIFIER / ROTATOR / POSTER?? Program: This program will 1) recei...

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    Web site Database Udløbet left

    I need a cgi or php programmer who can help develop an interactive web site that will access an sql database based on input from a visitor. Database will contain up to 5 options with the selections determining the returned information from the database. If client selects result, they will be asked to add to a shopping cart, check out and at that point we will deleiver the final document for printi...

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    SQL Optimisation Udløbet left

    I have a ASP page that queries MSSQL Server7 based oninput from a form. The database SQL query is currently dynamically built using asp then executed using ADO with a DNS connection. The problem is that it is very slow to return a result set something like 20 seconds. It needs optimizing. I will provide the HTML form, ASP code and a copy of the MSSQL Server7 database for you to work on. I need thi...

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    Need an automated method to bring a Quickreport query into an Excel workbook . The application I use has paradox tables which quickreport pulls several databases together for a printable or viewable report. These databases are overwritten with new information every time I execute a post procedure from the main application I am using . I want to archive this info into an Excel workboo...

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    Employee dBase Udløbet left

    Simple ... will consist of three major parts. All displayed (buttons?) on a startup switchboard. Entry of employee (picture, name, office (i.e. room number) and phone, immediate supervisor and phone, hours allowed in (such as 24/7 or 07-1700) This button will require password protection. Second, ability to call up "descriptive sheet" (from info above using a name query or office query) ....

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    books name, books id, author name, ISBN No, applet viewer, submit button, database connection, menu bar item (open, save, exit, option), query book. student name, student id, student information, ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform windows ...

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    Need a VB front end that can be used to query an Access database. Also need the ability to sum columns and/or filter by date if the respective columns are included in the query. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows XP

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    PhP + SQL Project Udløbet left

    I need a web based database to for Human Resource Management purposes. I would like to have the frontend written perhaps in PHP and the database designed in either MySQL or MS SQL. In a nut shell, I want this app to do the following... 1. Require the user to login in order to make additions or query to the database. 2. The logged in user should be able to add a new employee to the database, edit e...

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    I need a front end application designed that will work with a pre-existing Access DB. The app should query to determine whether or not a member already exists...display their info if so...and if not add a new record. The input textbox would need some type of mask to separate a mass of characters into their appropriate fields. Basically, the input will come from the magnetic strip of a driver'...

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    Hello, I need a very little piece of software to explore a Vbp/Vbg file that will be able to find and display all Subs/Functions included a Visual Basic Project using regular expression. This search will have to work in every configuration of the declaration of course. Here is a starting point for the query: Pattern for RegExp Query: "(Public|Private|( Friend*))( Static)* (Sub|Function) (w+)...

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    I have a small access 2000 database. It has 7 tables and seven forms. Relationships are already setup. I need to create a monthly attendance report. The reporte must be automated and based in a parameter query. It does not have to show sundays and holidays. If want a report for Mr X clients I should be able to get automatically updated and formated. See attached file for an example. ## Deliverab...

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    Mail Blaster Udløbet left

    Mail Blaster We are a small UK based IT Recruitment Agency and are looking to provide a service that allows clients to send out their resumes to many companies easily. Web Environment Unix/Apache/MySql with Perl and PHP Brief Summary Program will use a backend MySQL DB to store a list of email addresses, and will send out resumes (or other documents) uploaded by the user to the email addresses bas...

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    a vb form with a sql query and display the data into flex sql script and sample data provided ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform win98 or above and sql2000

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    Hello folks. I am using the below query to generate a report. The report in CR8.5 has a report header that should capture the users entry 'from' and 'to' dates. It should say.."Report from '06/05/02' to '07/24/02'. How do I go about coding this and capturing this heading? Dim Start_Date As Date Dim End_Date As Date Start_Date = CDate([log ind for at se ...

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    search engine Udløbet left

    is ther anyone out there that can create a small software application..jus a simple one that would allow for a user to input a query or request (example "palm pilots")..and would automatically pull up 10 webpages from a search engine such as google and then take those 10 webpages and its information and somehow bring it into microsoft word and do a word count on all those 10 webpages? ju...

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    Search System Udløbet left

    We are looking for an online search system that will search specific criteria provided in drop down menus. For example: Users would first choose from a list of Locations then a Sector then an Agent Type to get the result from the query. There are, currently, 60 Locations each one having 12 Sectors that in turn have 6 Agent Types. So if a user chooses the Location; London and the Sector; Financial ...

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    Create a form in the attached Microsoft Access 97 database that will allow for input of information that can be printed in the top half of the report "SHOP JOBSHEET" and much additional functionality. Also create a table that will store our inventory. Currently, the report "SHOP JOBSHEET" is normally printed from a command button that appears in the footer of the form "frm...

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    Two part project for 1) Add image upload (via ASPupload) and thumbnail image creation (via ASPImage) to two asp pages (forms) that populate two tables. The base pages already exist and simply need to be modified. This has already been done for one page... so you will probably simply have to follow the same format as I origionally used. Also an edit (update) option needs to be added,...

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    Web Table Query /Save Web Text to Database Project Part 1: Need a program to query and extract tabular table data and corresponding picture(s) from web sites. The site can be an ASP or CGI or other type of sites. For each web page's table save to an excel file. I if there are multiple tables in a web page save them o the same excel file. You need to create a folder for each web site and store...

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    Hi, How do all of these expired domain name, websites get their lists from, do they query the main computers or buy the lists or what? Any information would be great. Also how easy is this to do, and how much would it cost to set up such a site? Thanks ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete c...

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    VB6 + ADO 2.5SP1 Project. Source code must be well commented!!! Steps: 1. Select a MS Access 97 or MS Access 2000 database via a DSN as the FROM DSN and a Sybase or MS SQL Server database DSN as the TO DSN. Must also work with OLEDB connections. Would be great if program read connection info from an INI file or a separate MS Access database. 2. Fill one checked list with tables and another checked...

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    Hi, I would like the users to be able to not have to see more than the number of results per page that they would like to see. The script (boltsearch) does not have a page function on it, meaning, all the results are shown on one page. I'd like to have it so that the default would be 10 results per page and the user can change that if they'd like by using the "advanced search&quo...

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    There are three databases and corresponding ASP reports & supporting files (zip Archive attached). The db admin has changed some functions and the asp report/query no longer works. See our test files at [log ind for at se URL] Problem seems likely to have occured in the DB related to fish type function. Fish type in old DB was string, queries also used an expression vs. now fishtyp: ftype([fis...

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    Develop a simple Accounting application. The application must use the following database - Accounts Table Column Name Type Comments Account_Number Integer Primary Key Account_Name String(25) Account_Balance Integer Transactions Table Column Name Type Comments Transaction_number Integer Primary Key Account_Number Integer Foreign Key Transaction_Type String(1) Value can be either ‘C’ for...

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