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    Biology/ physiology 6 dage left

    I am looking for someone educated in biology ?

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    Make video solutions of physics, chemistry or biology on a daily basis with a minimum target.

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    This is a environmentally friendly start up

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    I am a biology professor at UC San Diego, and my research lab wants to develop a video game for fish. In our experiments, a fish is held in place in front of a video projection dome where they observe a visual scene. Their tail is free to move, and we record their tail movements in real time to update their visual scene (so they can "swim" around their environment). I want to implement a...

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    Wanted Candidates for Govt Project in Tamilnadu * Handling Trainings of Trainers for own and all Districts. * Operations strategies. * Manage support services. * Monitoring the processes related to enquiry generation, technical & commercial quotation submission, order negotiation, loading & following it up for payment. * Supervising Sales Executives in acquiring new business calls and off...

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    Need to design interactive educational presentations for the following topics: Geography (The sun and planets), Chemistry (Chemical equations) & Biology (Human Body) Required features: - Number of slides (15) slides. - Slide scale (16:9). - Contains elements, images, and infographics suitable for the content of the presentation. It also contains movement for texts and elements. - Possibility t...

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    I need completely new ad designs for my facebook parting. Please see my old design- [log ind for at se URL] I want you to produce 3 new variations using the new style attached- see "new designs" Content for the ads will be: Ad 1: TrustPilot excellent logo top left Back to School Biology & Chemistry Masterclasses for KS3, GCSE & A-Level students. The UK's First Med...

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    need book chapter on bacterial biofilms in freshwater environments. I have data from my own work but the chapter has to include a more generalized approach so includes others' findings.

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    Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Introduction Describe the topic you selected. Why is it significant or interesting to you? Why is it significant or interesting in the general field of biology? Support your response with real-world examples. II. Topic A. Where: Describe the primary locational sources, including the ecosystem(s) and biome(s), where this topic emer...

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    Plant Biology 4 dage left

    Hi Sardar Hasnain A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Background: It appears likely that the virus responsible for Covid-19 was a Chimera engineered in a lab that accidentally escaped. This cartoon will be part of an article highlighting such risks of a future leak. Biotechnology is becoming more widely available and accessible. A rough draft that shows the key elements is all that is required for the competition, then refinement after selection. ...

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    It's biotechnology company , we are looking for website builder

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    Identify an important topic from chapter three Use examples in your descriptions of the topic and visit Google scholar for more information Make a summary of points Type text into an MS-Word document (i cannot upload chapter 3 of the textbook here because of the text book size exceeding 25mb but i can share it via google doc)

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    Write just one paper about a research proposal in histology (chose any subject), should include ( current state of knowledge, construct a testable hypothesis, design experiment, perform the experiment, statistical analysis, interpert and report.

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    I need to scrape 15k B2B email list from Zoom Info. Head of Finance & Decision Maker 15,000 verified B2B emails Industries: Capital Management, Wealth Management, Real Estate Investment, Solar Energy, Machinery, Building and Construction, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Oil and Gas, International Trading, Multinational.

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    Looking for a chemistry and biology tutor that is able to teach concepts about pharmacology, anatomy and physiology relating to the subjects of nursing.

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    Review paper Udløbet left

    I need proofreading and elaboration (at least 4 additional pages) of an already incomplete paper. In the medical and microbiology field.

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    Review paper Udløbet left

    I need proofreading and elaboration (at least 4 additional pages) of an already incomplete paper. In the medical and microbiology field.

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    I want biotechnologist to write the scientific research papers and articles in microbiology.

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    Hi Priya Brat N., Cannot open other profile. Don’t know if you saw my old messages. Found someone for Biology. Please Tell me if you received older messages.

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    Requirements 1) User will enter in lobby (virtual environment) where list of Classes and subjects will be displayed in front end by calling the APIs. 2)The activities uploaded through the portal and will be displayed in the app using APIs 3)Virtual Environment will be uploaded on the portal and will be displayed in the App by calling the APIs and the models will be linked to that particular env...

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    I have an invention that is both toothpaste and mouthwash that improves the body’s immune system. I need someone who can create a Microsoft PowerPoint project that will summarize an introduction, details and a conclusion. it needs to be completed by 9/12 I will supply the complete outline for the developer. It will just be a matter of reducing the outline to a suitable PowerPoint...

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    Good evening, I am looking for someone qualified to help us design our new project. Good at theories: Computability and complexity Efficiency of algorithms Computation modelling: automata, Turing machines Random Access Machines (RAM) Standard languages and grammars Logic for computer science Algorithms Logic algorithms for computer science Arithmetic Graph and network algorithms Text processin...

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    Online Teacher Udløbet left

    Need a good online teacher . Should spend 7 to 8 hours a day So if you are already engaged in any work they are not allowed. I need person who should totally involved in this business Subjects Maths ,Physics ,Biology and chemistry Salary 20000 to 25000. Subject pattern NCERT and CBSE syllabus. Work from home only those who have not for PC with putty internet connection allowed

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    We are looking for a Science teacher who can teach Class 11-12 CBSE Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics in Kolkata. Good communication skills in English is a must. We want to make interactive short videos of lessons which can help students study more efficiently.

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    Responsibilities: 1. Live teaching and course content designing. 2. Quizzes and assessment designing. 3. Must be graduate and have experience in teaching in same requirements. 4. Must have laptop and writing pad. 5. Available for 6 months.

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    Responsibilities: 1. Live teaching and course content designing. 2. Quizzes and assessment designing. 3. Must be graduate and have experience in teaching in same requirements. 4. Must have laptop and writing pad. 5. Available for 6 months.

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    Hi, We look for 3D model building and animation production professional to produce 3D in Bio x 4 animations (around 3 mins each) Bio [log ind for at se URL] The most of the main assets, e.g. heart, human body, the double helix structure of DNA, Cells Pack, Cell Membrane and the animation cell etc will be provided Cells Pack [log ind for at se URL] Cell Membrane [log ind for at se URL] I h...

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    Writing opportunity Udløbet left

    Am an academic writer on freelancing in search of an employer to work under. would like to work more on Medical, nursing, psychology, biology, technology and am also open to other technical and non-technical subjects.

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    I need help with Engineering Biotechnology project , Only experts in this field place the bid please

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    Design of an E-book Udløbet left

    ---PLEASE FIRST WELL READ AND THEN SENT ME A CHAT--- We are making an ebook for people with aquaria. In the ebook we give them solutions for combating different types of algae. The budget for this project is between 150-200 euro's. -> The aim is to make a design: 1. That gives this E-book a professional appearance; 2. Easy to read on mobile devices (75% are mobile visitors), even though...

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    New Tutor Bonus Every newly registered tutor can instantly claim Rs.150 bonus reward! Download the app or Apply this position NOW! About Us We are SnapSolve Tutor, a FREE mobile homework teaching app for all Indian teachers, who are teaching Class 6 to 12 level as well as JEE/NEET level PCMB subjects, English and Social Science, to earn extra income, reduce workload and improve quality of daily t...

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    Upload or share your educational resources for websites, all courses, mathematics, biology, physics, health sciences etc and get paid

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    Candidate must be from Bangladesh and science background.

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    biology, science Udløbet left

    my daughter is a 7 th grade student located at california

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    Hi, I'm interested in your background, combining general knowledge of biology and art (specifically, drawing). I do not have a bigger project open right now, but I'd like to do two things: 1) I'd like you to have a look at a short scientific animation video (I'll specify) and provide well thought-out suggestions how one could make it better; 2) get in touch for potential future...

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    Personal Assistant Udløbet left

    Personal Assistant Duties 7 to 8 hours per week long-term one-year minimum. Manage a task manager account such as [log ind for at se URL]; maybe use Trello Watch Video To See Roughly What I’m After. ? University time manager. • Place tasks in my calendar to do for the day. (Example: I must study biology for two hours today) • let me know of upcoming assignments and ensure I have ...

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    We are looking for content creators and writers for online classes of standard 9-12 in various subjects such as biology, physics, chemistry, [log ind for at se URL] will be under NCERT and CBSE curriculum. This will be a EDTECH Company model. Teachers from renowned schools will be carrying out the video. A pilot video approval will be followed by 50 other videos. Professionals with previous backgr...

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    I need someone to pick 4 topics out of 8 given topics and answer questions.

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    My name is Chiara Miani and i am looking to find someone who can write a Biology introduction of 1000 words. In this introduction i would like to talk about different proteins and what they do ( Transferrin, hemoglobin, cytochrome c, Myoglobin, CD4, Serotonin receptor and Tubulin alpha 1B chain) as well as a definition on what vertibrates are. I would also like the molecular clock to be explained ...

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    Over a Lab Report in Biotechnology a Scientific Poster Designer required who can competently transfer main idea from Report over the Poster. Only competent and with minimum duration and cost offered will be entertained. Person must have Life Sciences or Biotechnology background at least OR having previous experience of designing a poster for scientific research. Thank you

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    The role requires to evaluate educational materials in Polish (a must-have) from one of the following school subjects (you may choose your domain): - maths - physics - history - Polish language - biology - physics - chemistry - geography - English language - German language - social and political sciences (WOS). Knowledge of Microsoft Office/Google tools package would be helpful. We offer a fixed...

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    I am an experienced Multimedia Artist with a demonstrated history of working in corporate and biotechnology industries. Skilled in Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, etc. Highly creative in Motion Graphics, Brochures, Video Editing and Photography (Nikon-user).

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    I am currently enrolled in a non majors biology college course and would like someone to help take some of the load off. For example, helping me out by doing a few assignments here and there.

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    Bartleby is seeking subject matter experts with secondary or higher education level experience to leverage their knowledge of the subject to create short (no more than 10 minute) long screen-recorded solutions for textbook solutions. We're looking for experts in the following subjects: - Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering - Computer Science - Biology - Chemistry - Physics Edu...

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    We are looking for an experienced Romanian freelancer or mid/senior developer, at least 2 years experience with Unity development, for a special educational project. We are developing an elearning platform that will cover virtual laboratories for biology, chemistry, physics. With Tinker, students will be able to understand concepts at the molecular level and conduct educational experiments like n...

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