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    TEMENOS is the leading provider of integrated retail Unified Commerce solutions for the furniture, bedding, and appliance industries. We are currently seeking a TypeScript or JavaScript engineer who is proficient with React and Node.js for its next generation software initiative. Your primary focus will be on converting the existing ERP software stack to a microservices backend with a React web ap...

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    My son wrote a book about himself and my daughter. They have superpowers. He has the power of fire and she has the power of ice. I want someone to create characters in the fashion of Japanese anime to represent these characters. They both have olive skin, big almond-shaped eyes, and high cheekbones. The boy character should be wearing jeans and a teeshirt. He should be holding a sword in his...

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    Trophy icon Logo for MentorDanmark 8 dage left

    MentorDanmark is a Danish company offering private tutoring for kids and young people. What drives the company is a common passion for helping kids and young people to achieve a greater desire for learning. We do so by motivation, inspiration and to bring the right learning styles into play in 1-1 tutoring sessions. MentorDanmark has a strong visual identity and are now looking for a new logo t...

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    We are in need of an experienced Fullstack web application developer who is well versed with the languages supported by MS Visual Studio IDE and MS SQL Server. He/she will be tasked to develop a simple, yet an interactive, modern looking and easy to maneuver claim processing web application for our company. Hence, we are reaching out to any qualified developer who have done similar projects bef...

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    Matlab CVX -- 2 4 dage left

    I need help with the CVX code I wrote. I know my math is right, and it is really a very short code. I encountered an error when implementing the objective function for CVX. I got the following error message: "The following error occurred converting from cvx to double: Conversion to double from cvx is not possible." I fixed the error by declaring x to be an expression holder before assign...

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    Use the following data definitions for this problem: .data myBytes BYTE 40h, 30h, 20h, 10h myWords WORD 10 DUP(00ABh), 2000h myString BYTE "ABCDEFGHI" myDword DWORD 12345678h (A) What will be the value of EAX after each of the following instructions execute? [5] mov eax, TYPE myBytes ; a. mov eax, SIZEOF myBytes ; b. mov eax, TYPE myWords ; c. mov eax, LENGTHOF myWords ; d. mov eax, SI...

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    I need a python regular expression to extract out the Process name from a list of lines +--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Processes: GPU Memory | | GPU PID Type Process name Usage | +=================================================|...

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    F: A string which is an S-expression of a ZOL formula. You can assume: The operators used are IF,IFF,AND,OR,XOR,and NOT. The NOT operator has one argument, a wff The IF, IFF,and XOR operators have two wffs as arguments The special = predicate takes two objects as arguments (= is in prefix form, not infix) The AND and OR operators have two or more arguments All predicates have zero or more argume...

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    Animate Project 3 dage left

    Want to know who can animate something quick for me. The animation would only take a couple seconds. Description: I want the characters to be back to back, looking the direction they’re facing. The mask guy I want his arms folded while he twirling his blade in one hand, then I want him to stop spinning his blade and take off his mask. And the girl I want her hair flowing, arms cross and wit...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 10 dage left

    We want to re-brand our company's logo ([log ind for at se URL]). The company name is Sybill. Sybill is an AI agent which provides real-time meetings insights on participants' facial expression and body language to the speakers in a video call. Imagine you are on a video call with 7 others people. You may not be able to focus on all of them to understand how they are feeling. Sybill prov...

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    iam graphic designers ihave 2years expression in brochures design banners design flyers

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    OpenFace is a facial expression extractor software, and it is written in Matlab. The task is: - Detect both Action Unit Extractor and Facial Expression Extractor models. - Remove the top layer from it (equivalent to Tensorflow's include_top = False Hyperparameter) - Generate pairs of [input, deep layers output] for each required model and save it. - Convert both models into Tensorflow if pos...

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    essential oils 1 dag left

    hello im sneha and my project name is about essential oils. essential oil is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile chemical compounds from plants. Essential oils are also known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea, or simply as the oil of the plant from which they were extracted, such as oil of clove. An essential oil is "essential" in the sense that it contains t...

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    Trophy icon RYAN vintage floating head 19 timer left

    I need a floating head illustration of Ryan using the photo image provided. The expression is extremely important: eyes, raised eye brow, flared nostrils and tight lips. The background can be a vintage looking striped sun ray pattern. Behind the head should be the name RYAN or RYAN KAROLY, similar to the Joey Arias image. The text doesn't necessarily need to be sparkling.

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    Trophy icon Reddit Icon Creation 15 timer left

    I need a Reddit icon created embracing a satanic theme. The character needs to be the Reddit character with satanic features. Cartoony please. The subreddit is "r/subtlysatanic". See the attached image for an example of what I am looking for. Use your creative expression and see what you can come up with!

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    Evaluate the following Postfix notation of expression, show status of stack for each operation: a. 500,20,30,+,10,*,+ Ans :1000 b. 120,45,20,+,25,15,-,+,* Ans :9000 c. 20,45,+,20,10,-,15,+,* Ans :1625 d. 100,40,8,+,20,10,-,+,* Ans :5800 e. 5,3,2,4,+,5*,+6,+,- Ans :34 N.B : You have to show stack . without stack i will not accept.

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    HFSS and Microwave Expert Help 9 timer left

    Compact Tri-Band Horizontally Polarized Omnidirectional Antenna for UAV Applications.” My requirements are under: I have designed a Tri-band antenna using HFSS. I am not able to find explanations for a few difficulties. I will share all the simulation files. The freelancer needs to answer the questions. The further details will be shared in the chatbox 1. What is first order, second order...

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    You know, that submission with the hand coming out of the mirror is pretty cool. But the woman on the right, who is turned away, has to be looking into the mirror and we have to see her terrified expression. Can you please email me directly at larrythorowitz at yahoo dot com and we can work together? If you can get the image right it will be a book cover for "beyond the mirror" which wil...

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    We are looking for experienced Facebook Marketing professional to develop and implement the digital marketing strategy. Our business is in EdTech. You will be responsible for creating original content, to handle our social media presence ensuring high levels of performance including web traffic and customer engagement of our page at Facebook. Responsibilities *High quality Creative ad designs ...

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    We will send you information about 330 products, and each product has three modules that need your inspection: 1. Title. 2. Product description. 3. Customization process description. The main works about the title: to check whether the words used are localized enough, whether the sentences are fluent, and whether they conform to the reading habits in western countries. The main works about the d...

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    Trophy icon Company logo creation 5 dage left

    We need to create a logo for a start-up e-commerce company. The name of the company is Mischievous Allure. Originally conceived as a women's fashion e-commerce store, but decided to expand the items to be sold to beyond clothing, encompassing bags, shoes, men & children's clothing, backpacks for school and facemasks as well. At the same time, the e-commerce site will also cater to...

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    I’m looking for an artist that can create some beautiful images for a mobile app. I need 10 original cartoon-like images to own of US president Donald Trump. Each image will have a different expression. I’ve attached the 10 pictures that represent sample expressions. The illustrations don’t need to be exact copies, and I don’t need the extra things or backgrounds that ...

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    I need to calculate averages from the 4 columns of mysql database according to the users to whom the records belong, select min and max value and display its value on the gauge chart for the given user in percentile expression. For the fifth column I need to show a scatter graph with the results of the 5th column. The layout is on the drawing, a sample database in attachement. For chart I need to ...

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    Good evening, my friend Jeselle and my sister Mery recommended you to me. I have a assignment that is same as my sister Mery So, but can you please choose a different organisation to do for the assignment so we don’t have the same assignment. The task is: I have to complete a professional planning document. Expression of interest organisation needs to be chosen. It’s is required to...

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    Animation package for a primary school. We need: - One muslim boy and one muslim girl (age of 10/12) - Has to be cute, but not over cute and a simple illustration - The animations has to be in different emotions/expressions (happy, thinking, etc.) and for some expression we need a smile with teeth. > 10x - With different clothes and themes (summer, winter, etc.) > 10x - With some objects (...

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    The task is to implement a specific regular expression matcher in any programming language and answer a few questions that i will send.

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    I have to complete a professional planning document. Expression of interest organisation needs to be chosen. It is required to explain my professional philosophy and demonstrate an understanding of the historical and institutional influences on the field in which the organisation operates. In addition, you will review the original assessment of cultural competence (my previous assessment which wil...

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    Product name: Soap dispenser Word number: 431 words Translation requirements: paragraph contrast, accurate expression Budget: $15

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    A. I am attaching the link to one 10 x Genomic folder containing the data that needs to be converted to text file (the link is to Minerva server of the Institution, IMSSM). 10xGenomics provide all the support to work on the data using the Seurat software package (in R) ([log ind for at se URL] and [log ind for at se URL]) I already have the conversion done for the particular results attached. Each...

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    Derive the GNF by first converting it to CFG and solve it. (aa)*(bb)*+(aa)*abb(bb) (regular expression)

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    I have a project about regular expression. I need only 1 line of regular expression command. It's very simple. My budget for it is only 10 USD.

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    Regular expression Udløbet left

    I have a project about regular expression. I need only 1 line of regular expression command. It's very simple.

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    Derive the GNF by first converting it to CFG and solve it. (aa)*(bb)*+(aa)*abb(bb) (normal expression)

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    Hi Md Fakrol H. please rig the whole body, rig current clothes with the body, Facial rig for expression work for the AP character

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    I need you to write a research bout which classifier ( CNN or SVM) give the accurate classifying for following facial expression attributes ( happy, sad , anger , fear, disgust) and full the attached table

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    Fit expression to polynomial..

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    Bellow is the error i am getting when implementing the matlab function file aimed at calculating the fisher information matrix. Help is needed in resolving the error and trouble shoot the errors [log ind for at se URL] matlab function is attached together with this question . #>> Kinfomatrix([2,10,3,2],[3,20,1.5,0.4]) #Error using fcnchk (line 106) #FUN must be a function, a valid character ...

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    I am rebranding my dance & entertainments company. We teach adult dance classes, runs parties/events and do performances. So I need a logo with expression, energy and artistry to represent that. - LOGO SHAPE: must fit in square or circular shape, NO rectangular or elongated logos - MONOGRAM: 'RV' monogram in center of logo - Use Calligraphy, brushstroke or Modern/Futuristic detaile...

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    Mo Video Rditing Udløbet left

    Video editing for a couple different projects. Cooperate commercial vibes to music artists Expression.

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    TM4C123_assembly Udløbet left

    become familiar with the stack data structure. This will be achieved through the simulation of a simple postfix notation (a.k.a., Reverse-Polish Notation or RPN) calculator. Also, to become more familiar with the TM4C123 Work Task Part 1 Now, load the stack using a loop with the values shown below. After the stack is loaded, use index mode (indexing using the SP register) to load R10 with 0x0000.0...

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    1-state the truth table 2-list the minterm and maxterm 3-Express SOM and POM 4-simplifi using simplification 5-express sop and pos 6-simplify the expression with 3 karnaugh map 7-draw the complete logic circuits after simplifying with (gate)

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    Expression recognition like the link below. [log ind for at se URL] When there is an event, send a message to the serial port and to a raspbarry output (an output (IO) for each type of event and another output (IO) to inform that there was an event). Detection will only work and a specific raspbery (IO) input is active. Payment only after completion of the project.

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    Trophy icon Logo design Udløbet left

    ROSE. DOLLY. MAFIA is a fashion forward accessories label that offers stylish overstated fashion jewellery for the GLAM woman and who dares to stand out of the crowd. So this name has a meaning and quirky backbone...and I want the visual aesthetics of this brand to create a story and portray the message of how it was created. ROSE. The goddess Aphrodite has many symbols that portrays her ch...

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    1. The binary method of exponentiation computes a^n for any positive integer n using the fact that a^n =(a^(n/2))^2 if n is even,and a^n =a·a^n−1 If n is odd. Please see the picture attached for this question. (a) Give the pseudocode for a recursive algorithm computing a^n where n is a positive integer, using the above idea. Do NOT use memoization. In your solution, when n is even,...

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    create a JS function which will parse given expression and convert it into another expression based on the parsing rules.

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    <html> <head> <script src="[log ind for at se URL]"></script> </head> <body> <div id="app"> <div style="clear: left"> <div v-for="(y, i) in bars()" :key="i" :style="{ width: scale, height: numberOfBars * scale, float: 'left', borderTop: (y * scale) + 'px solid blue' }"...

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    illustiongaming Udløbet left

    A game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for entertainment or fun, and sometimes used as an educational tool.[1] Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more often an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements. However, the distinction is not clear-cut, and many games are also considered to be work (such as professiona...

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    Build a Website Udløbet left

    A game is a structured form of play, usually undertaken for entertainment or fun, and sometimes used as an educational tool.[1] Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more often an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements. However, the distinction is not clear-cut, and many games are also considered to be work (such as professiona...

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    Common facial expression attributes of depressed children on telemedicine

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