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    I have an autistic child that made a drawing that I want replicated and made into a 3d cartoon/animated character for a t-shirt design. The shape is a curve letter D with 1 eye larger than the other. I want the character close to the drawing almost like a stick 3d character but open to ideas. I do want to try the eyes in autism colors (red,blue,yellow, green) or a silhouette of the autism colors.

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    I want to do an auto lip sync movement between two 3D characters having dialogue conversation in blender using f-curve. So, if it's possible for anyone then just let us know. Note:- We have to use f-curve method not Key frame method. Since, our character's mouth is a rectangular plane which should move along Y-axis when dialogue will appear

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    Calculate private key from public key manually by ecdsa . I dont want waste time and test before award is must to see the candidate skill and knowledge to do

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    Calculate private key by public key thru ecdsa curve

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    I need a short prompt response written for a job application that I am stuck on. Needs to be relevant to the UX field. "We believe in order to stay ahead of the curve having curiosity is key. Tell us about something you’ve done, read, or saw outside of school/work that you thought was really interesting or inspiring."

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    Trophy icon create an animated company logo 6 dage left

    I need logo ideas for a new technology company. The name is the "Curved Light Group." It is a company that provides 3D visualization and simulations. I prefer something that includes dimensional light paths (particle effects?) (dropped shadows?) curving possibly toward or around the company name, or without company name with a dark or alpha background. Conceptually, the title infers that...

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    Dear Math expert, I have a simple C# code to fit input values into a linear scale. Please see the graph and code in the below slide. [log ind for at se URL] Slide-3 shows the need of bezier curve instead of simple line output. Bid, if you can work on this. Thankyou.

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    You need to have done this a dozen of time at least. I need the car to have wheels respond to all interactions must have spring (adjustable value, bouncing adjustable) can use scripts but make sure there is nothing else in your script but the code for hydraulic of the wheels. the environment can be simple, prefabs please. wheels must have materials(wheel material). car is ok not to have material. ...

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    I'm looking for a MOHO user who builds a MOHO animation like that of [log ind for at se URL] but based on my image [log ind for at se URL] in this way: 1) The blue straight line rotates around point P until it becomes tangent to the red curve in P. 2) The blue spot in Q moves accordingly as in Sample.mp4. 3) The dotted line Q-R (down to the X axis) moves accordingly until it overlaps the dot...

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    This project will entail integration of image acquisition from a wifi- connected digital microscope (currently app name Max-see is used) and processing of acquired multispectral imaging (3 colored images) to produce a spectally unmixed image and spectral curve. The codes of algorithms for multispectral image processing is already available in Matlab and will be supplied to the app developer. The a...

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    Sales Presenter and Demo Closer 17 timer left

    Needs to hire 5 Freelancers Using the power of automation, we provide automated services for Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance agents across North America We're an ambitious team based out of Toronto that enables businesses around the world to provide incredible customer service to their growing client base. We are obsessed with providing value to our clients. As a Sales/Account Manager, ...

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    This is a super simple task I need someone to research a few products and input the data onto google docs is a set format. There is a learning curve to being with but will be straight forward after that. Just to confirm that you have read and understood this project please start your proposal with the name of a random animal.

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    Hi, I have just purchased a 7-axis Kuka Robot and I'm interested in having someone take a STL file that I have and creating the code to send to the robot for the milling. I will be milling EPS foam and wood. I am looking at buying Powermill, but it seems to be a long learning curve. Is this something you can help with? I assume I could get the code (NC) I think and put that into my robot ...

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    I need to convert a code that is written in python 2.7 to python 3.6. There are 40 lines of code that are described in the website: [log ind for at se URL] and calculate the public key given a private key for example for bitcoin with the curve, that code is working for me in Python version 2.7 but when I try to make it work in version 3.6 it doesn't work for me.

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    Need a developer to create an app that have a graph timeline ( XY graph ). User should be able to modify the Plotted path and the corresponding Y values to be displayed againts X value as the graph pointer moves. X will be the time in seconds or minutes. Y can be either [0-100], [-100 to +100 ] or [0,100 ie digital two states ]. For the two state values, graph will be a square and the others wil...

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    I just need someone who can do a sliding/windowed DFT to get correct amplitudes at different frequencies. I want you to: 1) Plot a time-frequency curve. The frequency and time resolution can be discussed. 2) A 1-0 (on-off) plot. 1 = when the DFT amplitude at exceeds a threshold value. The task is quite easy. I do not have time to code. I will give 5 starts with good review for new freelancers...

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    I have a chart with chartjs, to count hours in axis y and date in axis x. So, the values of the points not correspond with the value in curve chart, and the axis y not shows the right way.

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    I have a chart with chartjs, to count hours in axis y and date in axis x. So, the values of the points not correspond with the value in curve chart, and the axis y not shows the right way.

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    Hello! Looking to find someone who will value the QUALITY of their work over how fast they will get this done. Must be able to have many edits, constant changes working with me, speak good English and very artistic with drawing. Looking to have the front cover and back cover drawn in realistic form in color. All the pictures provided are some of what my mind sees to represent parts of what the cov...

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    Bid for 20 hours. No agencies, only individuals! Please note, the low skill requirements make this job pay on the absolute lower end. No renegotiation, but we are happy to pay bonus and raise based on quality, reliability and learning curve. This is an indefinite job. 4 hours of research per day, 5 days a week. Additional tasks are possible. We are looking for a researcher that will browse throug...

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    The akamai script basically just gathers info on the host process, then sends that off to be evaluated, so you just need to mimic that data, and randomise it a little bit For mouse you can use a bezier curve with some randomisation. They tend to use acrobonyms. The end goal is to generate valid cookie, request based, not browser. Script is in Python, please be able to communicate in English, and h...

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    Taylor curve as sample picture.i will share more details in the chat.

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    I do not need an expert in Excel for this problem. I need someone who knows calculus. I need a math expert who knows the difference between a curve and a straight line. Linear thinkers who are limited to addition and subtraction should not apply. If your formula is correct, for x = 7.62 then y = 0. And for x = 50 then y = 23.72. And for x = 100 then y = 30. One formula that solves for y...

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    This project will entail integration of image acquisition from a wifi- connected digital microscope (currently app name Max-see is used) and processing of acquired multispectral imaging (3 colored images) to produce a spectally unmixed image and spectral curve. The codes of algorithms for multispectral image processing is already available in Matlab and will be supplied to the app developer. The a...

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    project to design and find x, y coordinates and reverse in eccliptic curve (256K1)

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    This project will entail integration of image acquisition from a wifi- connected digital microscope (currently app name Max-see is used) and processing of acquired multispectral imaging (3 colored images) to produce a spectally unmixed image and spectral curve. The codes of algorithms for multispectral image processing is already available in Matlab and will be supplied to the app developer. The...

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    contour_line Udløbet left

    This is a request for a python code. you're given an excel spreadsheet filled with number that represent a level map. Also, as input a defined level. Let's call it "Cota". The output should be an excel graph line with isovalues, that equals Cota. It is a curve of equal values from the map.

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    This is a Short Form Copy Draft for Companies working in the energy sustainability Sector, The Copy uses minimalistic yet reassuring words That affect people at both an Empathetic and Intellectual level, The craft is usable and working and conversions have gone up on an upward curve.

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    I'm an IT guy, doing an open source project, but my skillset is not in graphics. Can you create a metallic pin, as shown? - I need only one pin - The fun part: Make the main line between dark and light (1) a Bezier curve, and point me to the parameter, so that when a dozen of these pins are lined up, I can make a gradual change of the reflection/the apparent lighting, so all pins are not iden...

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    Hi, we are a soft fruit company and we need the most up to date figures form the forecasters that are in the field. Difficulty is the cumbersome process of adjusting dates and yield curves. We need to register the weekly fc versions and keep track with the actuals. FC accuracy, Bias and loss will be tracked as kpi´s Forecasters keep track of (in weekly buckets): Plant stages - 1. Green 2. ...

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    I want a template of html and css to easily create multiple web pages each with a consistent, clean look, each easy to maintain and edit the data unique to that page; perhaps database driven or perhaps text files, perhaps easily edited data inside the html page. Pages should also have a standard clean navigation system. Example [log ind for at se URL]

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    SENSOR INSTRUMENT PROJECT We have a prototype board (HH) which has one STM32L microcontroller and one STM32F microcontroller; several control buttons; a Bluetooth Module and a colour LCD display. Our original engineer wrote Firmware for this board which works. This Firmware is loaded onto the board using the STM32 ST-LINK Utility Program and USB hardware adapter to a JTAG connector. A simple measu...

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    I am looking for someone to do some very basic graphic design work. I have an image that I need text placed on. Some of the text will need to curve and wrap around a circle. Image given to me must be high resolution suitable for printing on a book or t-shirt. This should take the experienced graphics designer 15 minutes to do. For 15 minutes of work I wish to pay $20USD.

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    Hi - I would like to make the following changes to our existing 3D cross – this will be used for 3D printing and CnC production: 1. Remove the textured scales running down the middle and smooth out the finish 2. Round it out and make it curve out more – similar to the 2 reference images 3. Provide additional sizing options (as well as the original size) – overall heights 24&rdq...

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    Logo Redesign Udløbet left

    I want to slightly redesign my logo both in two colours also. I have had a logo designed but want to make it more professional looking. I also want to keep the colours, lines, etc but to slighly curve the lines or whatever looks best. I have attached logo's. The logo in white has EV in the design but I want to move that out of the lines. The attached black business card has Electric Vehic...

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    IMPORTANT : Design needs to be in Adobe Illustrator. NOT PHOTOSHOP. Editable files with operate elements is required as the working file Small start up clothing company focussing on female plus size garments need a A5 size Tri-fold profile that talks about them and their products along with a Leaflet which will have a gift voucher as a tare-off Tri Fold Profile - Page size once folded - A5 - Fro...

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    I need to write an algorithm using java that adds blocks to the blockchain. This has to be in json format

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    Football Design Udløbet left

    I would like for the shaking hands to be placed infront of the football towards the bottom. And along the top of the football it should curve and say “Trust The Process Recruiting”.. You can try black white and gold design or black white and red

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    Top half of the football should be American flag and bottom half of the football should be all the Africa flags. Along the top of the ball it should curve with the football and say “Pursuit for American Football in Africa” I need a color logo and a black and white copy.

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    I have written a code which i am now wanting to implement so that it includes different percentages of thermodynamic inhibitors. I am able to provide the code if there is a way to implement the code to show the effect inhibitors have on the hydrate curve

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    Trophy icon Design a logo for animation company Udløbet left

    ¡¡¡ PLEASE, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY !!! ¡Hi, Freelance! I need you to design a logo for my animation-company. The logo must contain the following text, respecting the upper and lower case: OMAR TALAVERA's ANIMATIONS ¡¡¡ REMEMBER !!! I need the emphasis on the word ANIMATION and a graphic related to this, I thought it could be an F-Curve an...

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    Hello, I need someone who has done response curve analysis in Pharma industry. The objective is to understand the process of creating and then choosing the best response curve for decision making. Please ensure that you know what i am talking about before bidding, else i will block the bid right away.

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    Project Details hide (-) Job Description: This job is for ORIGINAL "magical" type gaming effects such as: Energy bursts spells or powers, Particle/Fairy Dust swirls or spells, Fire spells, Plasma/Vortex type spells, and similar wizardry type gaming effects done with After Effects. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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    Company name is Milestone Data Partners. I like the idea of a gently upwards curving road with two milestones, shaped like an obelisk, maybe along the lines of the Washington Monument. The near one should be larger and maybe beside a curve. The second one should be further up and away and therefore smaller than the near one. I've attached a couple of images as examples. The background ca...

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    Hi, I need a cracking YouTube Thumbnail template file for my Baking YouTube channel. The layout of the thumbnail is attached. I need the exact same layout. - for the left hand side I always add a video screenshot so just create a layer for this called "add screenshot here" - the separator: keep the ellipse curve however the color of it can be changed, you can add any effect or whatever ...

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    Trophy icon Design a logo - 19/01/2020 06:06 EST Udløbet left

    Logo for a company called: "Jetloop" 1.) Text "Jet" should be written in Orange, "loop" in Black 2.) Logo should have the following elements: a.) an airplane figure (2D shadow/stick figure) b.) a small cable,wire or a curve figure extending from the back of the plane c.) at the other end of the wire/ cable attach a port/plug/dock/connector Please refer to the i...

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    Design a logo Udløbet left

    I'd like to design a logo for my bar. It's called 'Project' I've included some images of the front door of the bar. I like the gold and black block lettering with the lightning bolts in between. Without the curve. I'd like the flower design with 'Project' underneath in block lettering instead of 'smoking clean'

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    Hi Monir, are you good with quantitative analysis, particularly regression and growth curve analysis in R? I have a project I need help with. thank you.

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    Hello! I need to make me 8 Key Curves for River Water Flow. Here is the recommendations: Every river has about 12-15 measurements (one or two per month). Every measurement has the folloing data: H - water high, V - water Velocity; F - river bed Area; Q - water quantity (Q = V*F) H is constant for every measurement. Q (cm3/sec); V (meter/sec) F (m2) ; H (cm) According to the dada we have to m...

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