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    I am looking for an...account) 5: Fix existing bugs and add additional features. On accepting this job, you will be required to submit a daily progress report Timer clock must be running on all work performed. If it was not tracked by the timer, it was not done. Please show examples of previous work you have done. Need this job to start right now.

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    ...- other. 9- change password , 0 - aval. balance step 6 : the employee press any of the 5 options step 7: the call is connected meanwhile, when the call is connected, the timer starts and checks if the customer has support balance or not? if yes then the call will process else error : " no remaining balance" step 8 : record every call detail. step

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    Project requirements: I. Preferred Candidate should have previous experience using TUYA IoT PLATFORM II. IOs and Android App which can control RGBW Wifi Controller III. The basic light functions we need are: - Control with App - Control with Voice /Mic - All Colors - Timer and Alarm - Speakers - Reaction to sound, music, and motion - Thunder Effect

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    ...times - tens of thousands of registered users, - thousands of projects in total; a few hundred may be live/active simultaneously, - many hundred bidders per project We can host the project on any hosting provider. Purpose We want to set up a simple platform where interested suppliers (individuals or companies with multiple individual members) can

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    new features in ios and android apps 3 - Driver app waiting timer for Passenger wait 4 - Remove the address and Customer name in the Driver app and Driver name in the Passenger app after tip is completed - even do not show destination address to driver till driver arrive at the pick up location and Start the trip. Rating activity

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    ...complete design cycle until tape out for 4 circuits (LNA, PA, down and up converter mixers) using Cadence virtuoso and CMOS technology. I have only theoretical background and I want to learn real practical design. So is it suitable for you to record lectures to teach me designing, layouting, and taping out these circuits for $5000? Thank you. Kindest regards

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    - job is hourly must run timer while working. - must work from anydesk / phpstorm setup already - I will explain tasks over call so you need microphone as well while working. - this is easily 40 hours of work ANSWER ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 1 - do you know how to make an extension open tabs ? 2 - do you know how to make an extension click links and

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    App is simple timer application, last updated 2017 for additional screen compatibility. Now needs new update for new screen sizes. This job was posted from a mobile device, so please pardon any typos or any missing details.

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    I have an arduino project already working and i need to code and hook up a couple items. 1. potentiometer - to control the speed of my stepper motor 2. timer that if the limit switch is not pressed in 2 min to stop stepper motor 3. start button 4. stop button I need to know where these 3 items will connect to and the code to make this work. I am

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    I would like to cr...circle. The gear made in golden color, the lamp in its realistic look, the circuits in vibrant blue, add the science symbol and the art symbol after changing its colors. Attached are the images for the project. The outcome is only one adobe cs6 file. This a serious seed project with related animating the same character and others.

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    ...part of the current CRM and I need a new CRM done. A custom one. It should have the below features: Task Management. Automated daily task reports sent to the manager. Live timer - timed tasks for timebilling. Auto prefill forms based on mail merge feature or something similar. Auto email notifications and custom email notification. Appointments booking

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    The application will have the...test: - Screen for test ( list-view with no limits of questions will also have images in question) - the selection will also have reset button for each question. - there is a timer which can be paused and resumed. - the test will store the results and answers in cache once receive network will uploaded automatically.

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    Hi Swathi Corporate C.,Lets Start the new project here and track you hours before starting I will give you 2hours to send emails for today. start timer or add 2 hours manually.

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    i would like to use Swift Radio project for my site and db. here is project to improve [log ind for at se URL] What should be added/improved? Categories page (Listing from api) Radios under any category page (Listing from api) Favorites page (users must have choice to register on web page and save via web page or just save on

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    - check the picture in annex first Product search for interval timer: This digital timer has a display with small numeric display but the main display imitates an analog clock similar to a clock hand. This interval timer is mostly used in boxing gyms, so a full turn of the clock hand is four minutes. (3 minutes boxing match, 1 minute break) The manufacturer

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    ...generate the order, enter the cryptocurrency, take the qr code photo or manually enter and then view the data for payment by bank transfer from that moment on they will have a timer in which they will be obliged to upload a proof of payment within X minutes if you attach the proof of payment, the order will be in the status of waiting for payment. Once

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    ...have 12 levels of meditation. When user logs in, show a level screen to display level specific benefits and steps. User can set a time and do meditation. Upon completion of timer, user can log some session data/notes. User should be able to review the recorded level data. Upon accumulating certain points, user moves to next level. Supplemental functionality:

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    To design a PCB Udløbet left

    For someone to design PCB layout as well as schematic and small circuits. I want a PCB design with 40 way header to connect to raspberry PI3, The circuit must have 6 Digital Inputs 24vdc opto isolator with LED , 6 Digital outputs opto isolator with LED, 2 analog outputs 0-10v instrument signals , 2 analog inputs 0-10v instrument signals. RS 232 output

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    I need a coin size PCB designed with [log ind for at se URL] will wake up every 20 mins via Watchdog Timer (WDT) and send AT commands via rx/tx to a rf module with one analog input port .It will be powered by lithium 50mah lipo battery. You only need to make the firmware that lets the MCU wake up in every 20 mins. Further programming and interfacing with RF module

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    ...Countdown Timer: The plugin displays sales countdown timer in single product pages and the shop page of WooCommerce. The clocks will notify customers when will the sales end or how many sale product quantities left. In WooCommerce single product, you can select Sales Countdown Timer settings and schedule sale campaigns. Select Sales Countdown Timer profile

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    We are Gujarat based startup in India. We have expertise in embedded system, iOS and Android development. We have requirements to design the circuits and PCB for a prototype. Following tasks needs to complete. 1. Need to design a PCB. (Schematic will be provided ) 2. Need to design a circuit of batter charging for 12 V battery. 3. Need to design

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    ...electrical engineer, so I'm looking for improvements idea and suggestion from the awarded freelancer. PCB should be designed in 4 layers separating load cell analog circuits and power supply circuits from others routes required. Once the designs is completed files will be sent to PCB manufacturers in China for design approval. The awarded freelancer must

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    ...help in validation on an angular app. Create a page with a tab set with 2 tabs and form in each tab, use Angular Material. Form #1 in Tab 1: Name, email, phone(format: 416-555-5555) Form #2 in Tab 2: Address1, Address2, city, province, country. postal code (format: a1a1a1) Validation Required validation Custom validation to check the right format

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    Arduino code Udløbet left

    The project consists of writing a code for Arduino, i would like to have all the parameters set by variables, so i can modify them by opening the Arduino IDE. I have one PCB controlled by Arduino UNO.. in this PCB there is: Controlled by I2C: nr 1 MCP23008 nr 7 digital input nr 1 MCP23008 nr 7 relays nr 3 12 Volt DC motor nr 1 LCD Display 16x2 there

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    Hello, I would like this page: http://winyourwifeback.pages.ontraport...would like this page: [log ind for at se URL] To have the countdown timer in the same style, but have it give the person that lands on the page 5 minutes on the timer. In other words, every time a new person visits the page, I want the timer to be 5 minutes.

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    ...on, and shorting the PV-input, interrupting the charging with this. A diode needs to be placed between PV-input and accumulator in order to prevent that the FET also short circuits the accumulator. The voltage of the accumulator should be selected by solder-jumpers to 1.35V, 2.7V, 4V, 3.1V and 4.15V (1-3x NiMH, Li-Coin-Cell and LiPo). Accuracy always

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    I have a esp8266 running Arduino code that currently controls 2 relays. The relays work with Google Assistant and webpage and will be used to open and close a small door. I need the code modified to work like this.... hey Google open door...relay1 turns on for 10 seconds then stops. hey Google close the door...relay2 turns on for 10 seconds then stops.

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    ...on Linux. Script should print the disk size on a regular interval (triggered by a timer) to a file. File will be on /var/tmp and disk size should be appended to the file. Script/Service should be able to handle start, stop, restart commands from systemctl command. Project needs to be completed very soon within a day. Full documentation/comments need to

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    ...Sectional exams Now sectional exam feature is provided in this version Each exam can be divided into sections and each section has set of questions Section with and without timer Question display in 2 languages Now the exam question and options are displayed in multiple languages based on user choice Simple admin panel to create multiple language questions

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    ...non-black cards) - Want to specify that do sports, theatre and concert ticket - Include my Name Joe Vxxxxxxxx no title - email address joes@[log ind for at se URL] - phone number 610-555-1212 - Website [log ind for at se URL] - include my logo .. this can be red - This is the printer that I am using The UV spot instruction for the printer is located here https://www

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    ...library and share ---- 1. Add front/back camera support 2. Allow record/pause feature like tiktok app 3. Allow multiple record modes: hold button, start/stop button, delay timer (10 seconds) 4. Show 1- minute progress bar as user records (min. 2 seconds, max. 5 minutes) 5. Add option to adjust filters like snapchat using ffmpeg or GPUimage 6. Allow

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    Need a step counter made in android studio or xamarin that also adds tome to a counter the more steps you take it's more you walk the more time you get to play games like a ...step counter made in android studio or xamarin that also adds tome to a counter the more steps you take it's more you walk the more time you get to play games like a clock timer

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    Accumulated timer on raspberry pi ZERO W - Two mode for the project: - clock mode & Countdown timer mode. - 3 minutes countdown timer. - 4 buttons start, stop, on , and off. - after every 3 minutes completed countdown, stop till the user click start again and resume the countdown with new 3 minutes one. - Accumulation for the total countdown time to

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    I am trying to find out the cos...and ordering playlists, - associating images with individual media files and playlists, - shuffle playback, - tagging files - timer. Define in hours and minutes when the playback will stop. - clean, minimalistic UI. The project should follow best development practices and be ready to plug into Continuous Integration.

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    ...library and share ---- 1. Add front/back camera support 2. Allow record/pause feature like tiktok app 3. Allow multiple record modes: hold button, start/stop button, delay timer (10 seconds) 4. Show 1- minute progress bar as user records (min. 2 seconds, max. 5 minutes) 5. Add option to adjust filters like snapchat using ffmpeg or GPUimage 6. Allow

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    I need to customize my Shopify stor...pages with SEO content (about us, contact us, return policy, privacy policies etc. ) [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL] bar [log ind for at se URL] and Footer setup [log ind for at se URL] Setup [log ind for at se URL] product Timer [log ind for at se URL] bought Sales Pop-up Provide a professional, simple, responsive and conversion friendl...

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    ...need: 1. Add front/back camera support for video recording 2. Allow record/pause feature like tiktok app 3. Allow multiple record modes: hold button, start/stop button, delay timer (10 seconds) 4. Show 1- minute progress bar as user records (min. 2 seconds, max. 5 minutes) 5. Add option to filters (similar to Reyes, Juno, slumber etc) before or after recording

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    This is a countdown timer with one screen and 5 verbal cues during the countdown. The count down will be displayed in four phase (like four successive countdowns). I have created the app for android, and I want it duplicated in iOS. I want both the finished app and the source code.

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    hey there,I need expert to help me out in C programming for my ARM Cortex Tiva Launchpad? Only timer is required. The deadline is 26th April, so apply asap

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    Hello, I created a schematic in KICAD for a little MCU-project. It is called "Aqua-Control" because with the MCU one can control pumps and display the temperatur of a aquarium. Due to the fact, that I dont have that much experience in creating circuits/schematics I need someone to verify that the created schematic is ok. As well I need a pcb layout

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    i need to design a light controlled motor in lt spice with a 555 timer

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    I need help creating an LT Spice simulation for a project that includes a 555 timer, phototransistor, and a motor. Only reply if you are experienced in LT Spice and Electronic circuits

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    ...site. We already have a Red notification bar but it only shows up when we enable the countdown timer. We need to have a Blue notification bar for more general notifications. Please see screenshot. Note: We will still be using the Red Bar with countdown timer at end of sale periods so we still need that working. We will use one or the other depending on

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    ...dipindahkan ke website tujuan kita. websitenya adalah suatu marketplace luar negeri. sebagai gambaran, salah seorang part timer data entry kita yang paling bagus performancenya, bisa menghasilkan Rp 500.000 per hari! Rata2 part timer data entry kita bisa menghasilkan Rp 200.000 per hari. Persyaratan Candidate must possess at least Diploma in any field

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    ...letter. For example, let's say we want to go from the word spring to the word summer. The order of conversions will be: spring -> string -> sting -> ting -> you -> time -> timer -> dimer -> dimmer -> simmer -> summer To do this, we can think that all the words of a dictionary are the vertices of a graph. Two vertices (words) are linked to each other

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    Hi Sucharu H., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have look at your work out timer App and I have something similar that I will like to discuss with you

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