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I have a tea website selling premium loose teas. I need copy for each of the 90 teas I will carry. I need my copy to describe the tea , create deep desires in shoppers, and get shopping cart clicks.

My rules are -

Do not copy and paste work from other websites. Google hates plagiarism.

Evoke emotions. - People buy tea for many reasons - health, lifestyle, relaxation, sleep, waking up, energy, focus, taste, smell, escape, appetite stimulation, appetite reduction, stomach ache, to get warm, to cool off, to impress people, to appear worldly, to be different from coffee drinkers, to be more European or Asian, to relive a trip to china or other tea places they traveled to or lived in, etc

Include a call for action - Begin your journey to inner harmony and better health.

I want to cover at least 3 topics. - taste, origin of tea, how its made, how rare or common it is, how it makes you feel, health values, folk tales attached to teas (monkey picked teas, Buddhist monks, emperors' teas), legends (Earl Grey was an actual person),
Show me your best copy! I got 90 teas to do. Be creative.

My website is www.goodlifetea.com I wrote copy for Hot Cinnamon Spice and Bella Coola. Its not great copy. You are welcome to rewrite it and submit as an extra credit entry.
Time is of the essence for this project. I have a total of 90 teas. Write me copy for any of these 3 teas. I will judge based on your entries.

10 teas to choose from
Earl Grey from Harney and Sons
White Cucumber - flavored chinese white tea from Adagio
Decaf Mango - flavored black tea from adagio
Florence - flavored black from Harney and Sons
Angel Falls Mist - fruit tisane from Metropolitan tea of Canada. This is a wholesale only seller. Many website carry it and parrot the metro tea description.
East Frisian - blended black tea from Harney and Sons.
Indian Spice Chai - Blended black tea from Harney and Sons.
Silver Needles - Premium white tea. I get mine from Adagio but its a generic tea name. Very premium
Jasmine Dragon Pearls Chinese green I get from Harney and Sons.
Genmaicha - A Japanese green tea blended with roasted rice. I get mine from Harney and Sons.

I want to see what you write. I like my descriptions no less than 200 words. Give the copy a hook a buyer can hang their purchase decision on.
Please keep in mind the sales adage - "Sell the sizzle not the steak.". People will buy the tea for lifestyle and emotional reasons. Please make the copy appeal to that level.

I have 10 more teas no on the list

please send in completed work as you finish it. I would like the project completed in 3 weeks,


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  • anshulbajaj
    • 9 år siden

    Are you still looking for writers, or have you shortlisted the candidate already. Curious because the clarification board has msgs more than 4 weeks old.

    • 9 år siden
  • DeepanjanDatta
    • 9 år siden

    The 1000 character limit for description of 3 teas isn't enough! I just emailed info at goodlifetea email ID with my copies. Feel free to let me know if there's an alternative.

    • 9 år siden
  • evanpapadakis
    • 9 år siden


    Let me see if I got it right.

    You need 90 different researched for, effective, promotional descriptions with about 150 words each (13500 words), plus 90 slogans for $500.

    Is that right?

    If it is, dearest friend, try $5000!


    • 9 år siden
    1. WDouglasWhite
      • 9 år siden

      Actually, he's right. Your price is obscenely low. Did you do any research into what copywriters make before posting this job? No professional copywriter with a college degree and any amount of experience would do this job for $500.

      • 9 år siden
    2. Melissa81
      • 9 år siden

      So WDouglasWhite, I have a question for you...Why did you enter if you feel it is not worth it?

      • 9 år siden
  • digitaladguy
    • 9 år siden

    Hello....You are looking for proposals or work?i mean entries...Please share

    • 9 år siden
    1. robobrien
      • 9 år siden

      I'm looking for a sample of your work. Its an audition of your talents. Submit if you are interested. Google the teas and see what is being written and give me your best copy. Thanks in advance for your interest.. I hope to see your copy.

      • 9 år siden
    2. digitaladguy
      • 9 år siden

      Great..Thanks...I will return with some copywriting for you to judge. :)

      • 9 år siden

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