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green ideas 4

I have tone of ideas but I need a little direction - Does one slogan/tag line/title awaken something?

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  • alpha92
    • 9 år siden


    • 9 år siden
  • FouadAdel
    • 9 år siden

    Pretty creative in how simple it's actually , hats' off

    • 9 år siden
  • Killington1985
    • 9 år siden

    we are going to use you slogan "you don't need green to go green". that is the winner of this contest hands down. Everybody is just stunned that they did not think of that before because its so simple and perfect. We are already working on the graphic for an advertisement with that slogan as we speak. We will definitely be sending you requests for more ideas going forward. Keep up the great work - Justin Boger President at Lower Your Light Bill

    • 9 år siden