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Forge Publishing is a new Australian hybrid publishing company on the hunt for sci-fi, fantasy and/or speculative fiction fusion manuscripts.

The winner will also receive a free manuscript (or outline) assessment! This looks at:
- Marketability
- Overall plot/subplots
- Character growth
- Author voice

- All submissions must include a fusion between the above genres (or their subgenres) only, and be aimed at a young adult or adult audience.
- All subgenres of speculative fiction, fantasy and sci-fi are accepted.
- Stream-of-consciousness style of writing is looked on favourably.
- Themes around courage, heroism, and/or good vs. evil are accepted; romance as the main plot is not accepted.
- Characters must be fully fleshed out, and the hook must be in the first sentence.
- All works must be submitted in UK English.
- The word count is between 55,000 at 80,000 and includes a detailed synopsis.

- Alternatively, if you have an outstanding idea for a story, let us know: a full plot outline and detailed synopsis will be required.

- Manuscripts with excessive violence, rape, or hate speech will not be considered.
- Manuscripts that are non-fiction, are aimed at children, or are not of the above genres only, will not be considered.

The winner is not required to accept a hybrid publishing contract upon winning.

Good luck!

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“Excellent to work with.”

Profilbillede BlurbAndHer, Australia.

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  • legacy4anna
    • 2 måneder siden

    #extended thank you contest holder for extending

    • 2 måneder siden
  • zedish
    • 3 måneder siden

    In other words, "self-publishing service" for which you get paid for? Besides, 55k words at least, for 20 bucks!? Then an author will have to pay you for a soi-disant "publishing contract"!? Come on! "Hybrid"... hhhh At least say it out loud so desperate authors looking at this know: you offer self-publishing services where the author covers at least some of the costs... PASS!

    • 3 måneder siden
    1. BlurbAndHer
      • 2 måneder siden

      Hi Zaine,
      It sounds like you are getting Hybrid and Vanity publishing confused.

      Vanity Publishers:
      - Are unselective with the works they publish.
      - Expect the author to cover ~all~ of the publishing costs.
      - Do not take royalties.
      - Do not adhere to traditional publishing standards.
      - Are no longer involved with the author once the work is completed and published.

      Hybrid Publishers:
      - Are highly selective about the works they publish.
      - Expect the author to cover part of the publishing costs.
      - May allow authors to keep the rights to their work with flexible contracts, allowing creative freedom.
      - Take a portion of royalties to cover the cost of publishing.
      - Adhere to traditional publishing standards.

      Thank you,
      Forge Publishing

      • 2 måneder siden
    2. DepartmentS
      • 2 måneder siden

      Forgive the interjection but I think you'll find the bit that gives people pause here is - "Hybrid Publishers: Expect the author to cover part of the publishing costs."

      We do this for a living, we know how hybrid publishing works - what we're not understanding here is the prize.

      $30.00 AUD works out at around 10 GPD after brokerage, if that - so what's the deal here, we win 10 quid towards the cost of seeing our own story published...?

      Not seeing much incentive to hand over commercially saleable IP here.

      Not a critique, BTW - simply an observation of the problem...

      • 2 måneder siden
  • BlurbAndHer
    • 3 måneder siden

    For clarification, see the definition of a hybrid publisher below:
    "A hybrid press or hybrid publisher is a publishing house that operates with a different revenue model than traditional publishing, while keeping the rest of the practices of publishing the same.[1] The revenue source of a traditional publisher is through the sale of books (and other related materials) that they publish, while the revenue of hybrid publishers comes from both book sales and fees charged for the execution of their publishing services."

    Source: Wikipedia.,their%20publishing%20services.

    • 3 måneder siden
  • Shabmemon27
    • 3 måneder siden

    I'm working please wait for my entry

    • 3 måneder siden

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