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the result of the logo is built mainly with a triangle This form is closely associated in holding and media it reverts to the function of "play" typography used gives the feeling of modernity and was integrated with isologo to give a more rigid brand i waith your comment after finish logo then I proceed with the model of the site

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  • nicolascalani
    • 8 år siden

    Renemaq. how are you? i need some of extra info to make the mokup of the website.
    can you send me a reference site?

    • 8 år siden
  • Renemaq
    • 8 år siden

    Hi, we love the logo design, we want to give you 5 of 5 stars, but because you are the first with a relevant entry though a beautiful design. We will only give you 4 out of 5. We are very much exited to see what you can do with the website. '

    • 8 år siden