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Dj Print Tshirt

i hope your like this proposal!!! is a cool design, something that many would surely want to buy not only for the brand but for the attractiveness of the design, it is a Dj Rino, chosen by the primary colors of your corporate colors makes it ideal, showing rudeness, solid work, a stylo urban, using the shirt printing machine as an instrument for the DJ, where it gives harmony with a slogan for this shirt to say! that the company adapts to the rhythm of the client! I hope you like the concept, I hope for your feedback and raiting, thanks a lot. is to 4 colors design layers

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  • steven30
    • 11 måneder siden

    You are an amazing artist! Unfortunately, we have awarded 3 different designs on other design contest websites/platforms. I will check with my boss to see if we could award yours too. Regardless, we will DEFINITELY be keeping you in mind for some upcoming contract work for doing designs for our customers.

    • 11 måneder siden
      • 11 måneder siden

      I write you previously through your page in Fcbook so you can write anything to me there! I saw your company's contest at 99design too! but I did not see ideas like the ones I present to you! That is something more fun and there are many people who would buy it! I am at your command

      • 11 måneder siden