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Dear CH, Please see video. For the beginning i made a outline on a area but i am not sure it is the right area. i changed the color in the first foto and add birts in it so it looks like its real. I have more good ideas to re-make your video in a classy nice professionel style. The only problem is i cannot make the whole video, because it is to long 4min video animating is very time consuming and cost a lot of energy. Especialy because this is a contest i can not afford to make the whole video, because others are working on it also, and as i mentioned before the prize ammount is much to low to make a whole video, in the hope that i win. I want to make this project for you, but this way i only can make it if i win te contest. I hope you like what you see, if you can give some feedback that would be nice, for now i can only make it a little further for 1 min total or so, so you can see my style and you can see that the video is going to look very nice, i hope you agree also.

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