Technical writer with background in coaching, journalism or instructing.

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Konkurrence Instruktioner

Get me 10 quotes of 280 letters each. I'll check consistency and quality. Copywriter answers from source in the format question + answer (280 letters)

Check files attached. Work Document are examples of what I need. The other are the source material.

Each publication should be a practical resume of a good applicable solution to an issue. An algorithm of how to deal with a certain situation or issue. A quick instruction guide based on technical source material.

The publication should answer any of the following questions or any other relevant concern .

How do you K an X_ person?
X=intj, infj, enneagrama 3, C subtype, etc..
K=teach, coach, educate, please, show respect, live with, befriend, assist ..

What's the best J for an X ?
J=job, career, trip, hobby, activitiy,

As an X how do you Z ?
Z=plan, workout, mantain friendship, have fun..

As an X how do you cope with Y ?
Y=fear of abandonement, career choice, depression, co-living..

As an X what F you?
F=pleases, irritates, instigates, depress, cheers, interests, displeases, calms,

In your opinion what are the best H in an X?
H=qualities, talents, skills, ideas, beliefs, intentions, compliment,

In your opinion how is it to L with an X ?
L=live, share house, marry, dance, work, negotiate, partenering, being attended, serve, beneighbour, practicing hobbies, leisuring, learing, be bossed etc..

Do you trust X to performn V? Why?
How many stars would you give in average to the people of X type for this skill? skip (Optional).
V=management, house keeping, designing, planning, keeping schedule, manage people, uplift groups, hosting..

How do you differ X type from X ?

How do you know you are an X type and not an X?

What is a common Q__of an__X ?
Q=attitude, vice, preocupation, wants, necessities, desires, interestes,

What are some visual clues that can be seen on an X ?

The source material to be mined are attached.

Each publication should answer one of the questions, for example:

'What is a common attitude of an ENFJ?

According to X author ENFJ are inclined to .......'

The X report says that you can always see an ENFJ doing......'

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  • aaronlowcy
    • 4 måneder siden

    Kindly review entry #5 . Thank you.

    • 4 måneder siden
  • rizia369
    • 4 måneder siden

    The description doesn't seem to be clear.

    • 4 måneder siden
    1. vitorakeda
      • 4 måneder siden

      check now

      • 4 måneder siden
  • bharitiwari
    • 4 måneder siden

    Hi. I was curious about what kind of samples do you want. Could I send you non-specific samples from my previous work? They'd be all more than 280 characters though.

    • 4 måneder siden
    1. vitorakeda
      • 4 måneder siden

      Hi, yes just added some samples.

      • 4 måneder siden

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