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CLASA - Branding and Packaging Proposal

Hello! Here's my visual identity and product packaging proposal. I made sure to create something that resonates with both parents and children. I also assessed the competition, target audience and brand personality. All assets such as fonts and pictures are licensed (meaning that you won't have copyright problems). The character illustrations were designed by me using Procreate and Photoshop. I worked on CMYK space. Most of the text on the packaging is illustrative, once you sent me the exact copy for them I can change it. Click on this link for a better preview of the design: I'm open to feedback, feel free to message me if you want to suggest changes in colors, design, feeling and/or typography. I'd be more than happy to help!

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  • bartoszm88
    • 8 måneder siden

    Hi, good job and professional proposal! Thanks. I've got your idea and like how all works well together. Logo is nice, simple but thoughtful. Not 100% sure if your characters are suitable for our idea of a brand, but that just my thoughts, my colleagues may think different. I understand that if we choose your work we will have some cooperation and if need to change some details it can be done :) Anyway it's strong proposal and I will let you know about our choice when contest is done.

    • 8 måneder siden
    1. Maritu92
      • 8 måneder siden

      Hey! I really appreciate your feedback. I understand if you don't connect with the characters and in case of wanting to move forward with my proposal, I can work on creating new ones based on your and your colleagues' thoughts. Same thing regarding color combinations, copies, etc. Thanks for your comments!

      • 8 måneder siden