RoboMonster Contest (6th Run) - Any Darkness Type Robot

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Konkurrence Instruktioner

My name is Adrian and I am an entrepreneur trying to create a new Trading Card Game of Robotic Monsters! I dont know if any of you remember the popular tv show Medabots but what Im coming out with is very similar to that. You may want to do a google search to see the anime so you can get an idea as to what I am shooting for. Of course, the story-line, gameplay, etc will all be very different but thats just to give you a brief idea on the characters/monsters I will need for my project.

I am going to need at least 100 robotic monsters to begin. The reason I am posting this project on freelancer is because I want actual artists like yourselves to have a chance to put your work into my game. Also I would like several of you to all have a chance therefore I am going to be creating this contest 100 times! This will avoid from just having one artist doing all of my our work and will give me a chance to see all of your talent!

All contest winners will be saved in my contact list for future reference as well for whenever I want to expand my lineup.
Now for the contest!...

Rule (1) Please create any Darkness type of robot you can come up with in your imagination.

(The only requirement is it must have Darkness-type abilities. It could be telekinetic or just simply a dark/scary looking robot. Please no iron-man type suits. All of my characters are 100% robot. Droids are perfect. Just don't make it look like it is a human wearing a suit. Remember to follow all of the rules!! Thanks!)

Rule (2) Do not just draw the robot standing there.

(This isnt a mug-shot photo. I need the robot to be in some sort of fighting position using its powers. You want to give the card player the feeling that the robot is ready for battle!)

Rule (3) Attention is in the detail.

(If the robot has powers, please use photoshop or some sort of editor to create awesome fades, lightning effects, blurs, sparkles, etc. The image should really stand out. If the robot doesnt have powers and its just physical strength then maybe have it punching or throwing up dirt, ground, or some type of material where you can add in those details.)

Rule (4) Please dont forget the background.

(I will be placing your image directly into the card that I have framed. I will not do any editing or any additional work to the image. Your project is the final project. So please give our friends some awesome pieces of art to enjoy while they are playing the game. No one likes boring white backgrounds.)

Rule (5) Try not to veer too far from the original winners art work.

(As you know, a game should have a very fluent feel to it. Notice that the monsters are drawn with ink and then painted in afterwards.)

Rule (6) Image resolution quality

(Your final piece must be a .psd file. The image must be a minimum of 350 pixels per inch. The image must be 5x7 inches(vertical) but the focus of the image must be towards the upper half. Please look at the attached card frames for further assistance to make sure that your art fits well with in the frame.)

So thats all! Please have fun with this and remember I will be running this contest 100 times with different robot designs. So if you miss out on this one please join us on the next one. Im super excited to see what you all come up with and I am looking forward to see what types of skills are out there!

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  • AGGamebox
    • 2 uger siden

    I just uploaded some ideas on what I do and don't want as far as your backgrounds go. Check it out!

    • 2 uger siden
  • AGGamebox
    • 3 uger siden

    Hey guys, just for an update because I can see where this might go. This will be a kids game for the same age range of Pokemon. So try not to make it TOO dark lol... So far so good though :)

    • 3 uger siden
  • AGGamebox
    • 3 uger siden

    Please let me know if you have any questions :) enjoy!

    • 3 uger siden
  • atanasovskigorgi
    • 3 uger siden


    • 3 uger siden
    1. AGGamebox
      • 3 uger siden

      My apologies. I may be able to afford more on a future project.

      • 3 uger siden

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