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Any VPN with HTTPS obfuscation.

Hi. You need to avoid blocking the VPN and then you can run any application. You need a VPN that runs on the standard 443 TCP port and obfuscate HTTPS protocol. This can be OpenVPN over TCP, SSTP, proprietary SSL VPN. Perhaps your VPN provider already has such options and you only need to try them. Take a serious look at the latency on this VPN channel. TCP is slow on high latency channels. If you are not satisfied with the speed, you will have to look for a provider with closer and faster entry points.

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  • antongt4
    • 1 måned siden

    but u need udp protocol for discord

    • 1 måned siden
    1. loftyara
      • 1 måned siden

      Have you ever used a VPN before? You will have a VPN through which you will transfer UDP GRE and whatever. When you build VPN over UDP, you have no problem transferring TCP.

      • 1 måned siden