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I am the first contestant to submit an entry and finish the project ! I have used a focus beam in 3 colors to fade out the logo from the margin of the video, it was the only viable option because if i would have blurred or chopped of the top and bottom of the video the quality of the remaining material would have been very bad... DropBOX DOWNLOAD LINK for all 3 videos cleaned. NOTE THAT I AM THE FIRST PERSON TO UPLOAD THIS MATERIAL, IF ANY OTHER FREELANCER COPIES THESE FILES AND REUPLOADS THEM, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE DONE THIS AND THIS IS THE FIRST BID AND MY ORIGINAL WORK. (I spent at least 3/4 hours on this) I really think i should win this because i finished the job FIRST and i DID THE BEST POSSIBLE JOB. THANK YOU Frank, PROVIDEOMAKER

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