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Logo placed

can you provide me the website page where the current_identity.jpg is placed?..i think white background with a slight reflection suits the website...another idea is to give shades of colour to background that is given face of design(where "aec" is written)

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  • fernandomalard
    • 8 år siden

    Yes, I'm afraid the image don't mix well. Take a look at our current web page:

    I think the Revit icon doesn`t look suitable for the design. Let's keep them as a name at the bottom center with a font smaller than the product title. So at the middle top "ofcdesk / aec" then at the middle bottom center "Revit". The grey area and ofcdesk logo are just fine.

    Background I don`t know...I like the greyish but the white should mix better with our background...If you can test them. Thanks.

    • 8 år siden