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Perfect fit

I read all of your specifications as well as your comments on the other designs. I agree with you on not having the image over the embossing. I chose an owl, because I think it better represents you as an IT-entrepreneur who probably work late nights. Owls are also more individualistic in my opinion. Please feel free to make any suggestions for alterations and I will edit it as soon as possible.

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    • 10 år siden

    Very nice. Nick name would be something like 'The Owlk' sounding like something that could be serious but with lots of irony. This bigger clumbsy bird while still being predator is good. Focus on name+title with possibility to decode contact information when needed. Handing the card to somebody would cover the bird, they feel the embossing in their fingers while seeing it. Thank you for submitting.

    • 10 år siden
    1. hugmin42
      • 10 år siden

      I'm glad you like it. I see you have an attention for detail, thinking about how the card would be handled, etc. I also like attention to detail as you can see in my design.

      • 10 år siden