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Revised Flyer

Here are the revised flyer pages. Do you have larger images of humax flyer and EPG guide, or the raw files of them? It would be better if you could provide the better quality of the image later for the optimized printing. Thank you. Best regards, Stevie.

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  • TrentBliss
    • 9 år siden

    Hi Steve sorry for late reply. On the air con page can you add another model for me. CS/CU-E28PKR 8kW Room Size 55m2 Price $2399. Change the 7.1 kw room size to 47m2. Also change the phone number to 0418 314 980 same as other page.

    • 9 år siden
    1. Stevieyuki
      • 9 år siden

      Hi TrentBliss, please do not mind.
      I would like to do the revision, but the contest status has been changed to "pending", I could not upload the revised design anymore. Could you please extend the contest or maybe I could send them by email?
      Best regards, Stevie.

      • 9 år siden
    2. Stevieyuki
      • 9 år siden

      I have uploaded it to my dro pbox. Here it is (please remove spaces):

      w w w. dro pbo x.c om/s/j9annqguj4ojmkc/Transect%20Industries%20A4%20back%20to%20back%20Flyer-05.jpg

      Please let me know if you could not open it.

      Best regards,

      • 9 år siden