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Social media expert

I have great experience in social media marketing in twitter , YouTube, google +, specially Facebook and Instagram. Great in creating media so i will create media for you. Video and images, Stories, posts, polls, everything about social media. Setting 5 day plan of promotion will grow your busses. Facebook marketing(Create business page , shop , Ads , Promotion , FB group ) Instagram marketing (create business or personal profile ,make ads) YouTube Marketing (create Video ads for your business and promote it so can reach your targeting audience ) google search marketing (make your website appear at the first list on google search). I can do any kind of social media marketing (Twitter , etc. ). What can I do for you : Create a business page and optimize & Marketing. Ads Setup & management. Business Account Pixel Setup. Shop Setup. Re-targeting Targeted Audience Research Page organic promotion. Run ads in your FB ads manager. Targeting location and reaching active users.

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