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I created a mobile app for video games and I haven't been able to come up with a good name for it.

I'm running a contest for you to come up with the top 3 names you can think of for my app. I also want to name my logo so please also submit 3 names for the logo attached in file “logo upload”. The entry with the best name for each will be chosen.

The winner will be the person who comes up with the best three possible names for my app.

Below is a description of my what app does and a link to the prototype on InVision you can click through. I've also included the logo & some key screenshots.

The need the app fills & what the app does:
- In many videos today, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and many other "Battle Royale" type video games, you can only play on the same team as your friends but you can't play against them. Many video gamers like to compete against their friends to see who's better because bragging rights against your friends is very important!

- My app allows video gamers to compete against each other by automatically getting their stats (Kills, Wins, etc) from the video game they're playing and lets them to create a competition on my app and add all their friends to the competition.

- The competition will run for a set period of time and everyone in that competition will be ranked and there will be a decisive winner.

- For example, when a user downloads my app, they'll enter their Fortnite username so we can automatically get their stats and then connect with their Fortnite friends. They'll then start a competition and invite as many of their friends as they want to join the competition. The competition will have a specific end date set by the user and will notify everyone when its over and who won.

- We will be starting with Fortnite and expanding to other games afterwards, which is key to keep in mind when coming up with potential names

InVision Prototype: [login to view URL]

What I'd like to see in a name:

1. I do not want the name to be a phrase. It should be 2 words at the most and ideally one word. The single word can be two words mashed together such as GamerHub.

2. It should get gamers excited about beating their friends, creating excitement is extremely important

3. It should be at least somewhat descriptive as to what the app does. It doesn't need to literally describe what the app does, but a name such as GamerDuel is a good example that illustrates that this is an app for gamers to have competitions on

4. It must be a catch name, easy to say in conversation and roll off the tongue easily. Users must be able to say, "Hey, let's play ______" and be excited about it.

Examples of some names I have so far but still don't have the right catchiness and don't roll off the tongue easily enough:

1. GamerDuel
2. DuelieHub
3. SquadDuel
4. GamerHub
5. StatDuel

Other Notes about the app:
- The app will be released on Android & iOS
- The name will need to fit in the space under an icon on the home screen of the users phone. Space is limited and not a specific number of characters but a specific pixel with. If you suggest a long name, please include a short form as well that can fit under the app icon.
- The names must be original and cannot include copyrighted content, such entries will not be considered
- The app is gear towards users 13 - 30 years old so please make sure your name is child friendly. The name of the app will impact the rating I receive for the App Store and it must be rated for children

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  • abhinavrajkp
    • 4 uger siden

    please check #124

    • 4 uger siden
  • kaiserstyles
    • 1 måned siden

    Please check #125

    • 1 måned siden
  • sushabhan72
    • 1 måned siden

    There are 20+ great names in entry #126

    • 1 måned siden
  • khemrajsubba
    • 1 måned siden

    please check# 106 and #108

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  • shawonsaad
    • 1 måned siden

    please check #95 , #98 and #99

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  • kaiserstyles
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    Please check #104

    • 1 måned siden
  • nayakvimal
    • 1 måned siden

    Please rate #85 . Thanks.

    • 1 måned siden
  • whetstoneedits
    • 1 måned siden


    I left a comment on my entry which includes additional names (based on your original names). Thanks for your feedback!


    • 1 måned siden
  • jKaiDesign
    • 1 måned siden

    Hi,How is it going? I'm writting to let you know that I've sent you my proposal,I'd really like you to see it: #48 Thank you.

    • 1 måned siden
  • tkhan0
    • 1 måned siden

    Hello there! If you could rate my entry, #62 so that I may see where I stand, it'd be appreciated!

    • 1 måned siden
  • ainiyusoff
    • 1 måned siden

    Good Day Sir . Please review my work #11 and if you like it please give me stars . Thank you

    • 1 måned siden

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