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2:1 Elliptical Heads

This is screenshot of my AutoCAD VBA macro which calculates volume of liquid inside inclined vessel with standard 2:1 Elliptical Heads. Input parameters are: Di, L, angle (alfa), x and output is volume of liquid. Also, inside of vessel is drawn with liquid in it. Macro works the same way as you would do it manually by drawing vessel and liquid in AutoCAD and then inspect its volume. Macro is written for elliptical heads only. I know you wanted Excel or Mathcad sheet, but since you already have AutoCAD I think this is the best option, most precise. Macro works for AutoCAD 2013 VBA or earlier, I think it may have to be changed to be able to work with AutoCAD 2014. Regards

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    • 9 år siden

    Thanks for the entry. I'm very impressed.
    I use Autocad2012.

    • 9 år siden