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Concept 01 - Aquila 001 2022-01

-Easy to alter colours and fonts -seven slides that demonstrate your logo, brand identity, and definition. To view, simply scroll down or turn the page. Also -Read my proposal. These technical elements are vital for your project, and this is a good offer for your project.

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  • Kemetism
    • 5 måneder siden

    You will receive:
    01- Concepts for unique logo designs.
    02- I'll create all of my artwork designs in vector style.
    03- My designs are all original.
    04- Deliverable file types for web and print include AI, PNG, EPS, PDF, PSD, and JPG.
    05- Mock up one to three works of art, including "My Handover."
    06- The font I used will be included in my handover package.
    07- A Mini Brand Book Guideline and a thorough identification will be delivered to you.

    • 5 måneder siden