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Hi and Hope all is well. here for my designs idea

Hi and Hope all is well. here for my designs ideas, hope you give some feedback and feel free to contact me. we are happy and enjoy working with you. Could you please consider my submissions and leave your feedback (entry comment box) we work anything about graphic and website, we do wordpress, html, stationery, brochure designs, favicon , etc. when everything done, we will give you all logo source in handover page, ie: - vector files: ai, eps, pdf - pixel files: psd layering, png transparant, jpg logo with color version, logo with B/W version, logo with white version, transparant version, Vertical logo version, Horizontal logo version, favicon, etc. we will give you complete graphic industry files format, with vertical logo version, horizontal logo version, favicon to use in phone apps, etc all my designs is original. its from my self idea. Thanks,

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