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Adulting 101 — How Not to Move Back Home With Your

Hi, In this design, I tried to create a youthful vibe with playful typography and vibrant colors. I'll make the back cover and crease when you send me the back cover content and page size/ number of pages (to calculate the height of the crease). I am planning to add the publisher logo to the back cover, but if you want I can add it to the front cover as well. If you want me to change colors or anything, I'm more than happy to do that.

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  • MarAelLLC
    • 2 måneder siden

    Thank you for your entry.
    The "ADULTING 101" should be in a larger font
    The "Parents" a little smaller font
    Remove the "117" and enlarge the font for the rest of the subtitle
    The logo in the back cover is Great. I would like to add the following with it:
    "Las Hermanas Publishing aims to provide books with real-world advice for readers to help them be confident and find success in their endeavors.
    They want to provide advice that helps young readers be confident in their ability to make it on their own."

    On the Crease you can write "ADULTING 101" place a graphic "LIFE SKILLS"

    I will send you the text for the Back Cover via chat.

    • 2 måneder siden