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Hi, this is my video. I have already created the part in "RED" and you will love the full piece. Also the voiceover can be relaced to a better calm voiceover and I can also change the background music and I can also change or add some animations if you like. Ok, thanks I hope you like it :). Have a good day!

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  • Letrab
    • 9 år siden

    I like the animation alright - and maybe it could work with completely different music and voice over - but as it is towards the end the music is so harsh and distrubing that I can't even watch enough to decide if I like it. I am planning on watching them all in silence because I think i am going to pay for a voice over and do the music myself no matter which one I go with. After watching them in silence and talking with some others to get their opinions I will make a selection. Thanks

    • 9 år siden