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lead generation

Hi Dear, Do you need help with B2B lead generation? If you’re in sales and need to build geo-targeted prospect lists, I can help. I have 8 years of experience in lead generation. I can help you build a list of fresh and geo-targeted prospects based on your target market. With my help, you can start selling your product or service as soon as I submit the work. I will need the following to understand your needs: 1. Target Industry (e.g., Real Estate, Fitness, Hospitality) 2. Target Location (City or Country) 3. Required Fields & Format 4. Company Headcount 5. Required Fields & Format I will do the research and collect data from almost any industry and location, and refine them based on your provided criteria. I will use professional networking sites, popular online directories, and Google search to build your prospect lists. I will provide you leads in the following format: 1. First & Last Name 2. Title (Designation) 3. E-mail Address (tested and verified) 4. Phone number. Thanks

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