Introduction for a web series (10 to 15 seconds)

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I am producing a web series called 'Slipping UP', and I want a 10 or 15 second introduction to the show. It should be fun and whimsical and cool. The show is essentially an interview show with people who are objectively successful in their careers. I'll be asking them about their biggest mistakes.

My idea for it is a white background with black line art and a stick figure / bathroom guy type character that does things in hard or stupid ways, but some how succeeds anyway. Examples could be:

Crossing a river by hopping the backs of different aligators...but zooming out showing there was a bridge right there.

Going up some stairs, only to show it was a down escallator, and there was an up escalator right next to it.

Slipping on a banana peel, but slipping so high in the air, they land on the first place level of a platform showing first, second, and third place.

The song in the background should be 'Big Mistake' by Tim Fite. I really like the lyrics 'Everyone gets to make, one big mistake'. Here's a link to the video on youtube:

Beyond the work here, there will likely be a bit more animation work to do as we go into post production.

Attached is a copy of a potential logo. Feel free to use it in your animation, or create your idea of one...but it has to similar in feel

Things I don't want:

I don't want Anime. Period.

I don't want something where you just put the word 'Slipping Up' into something pre fab that you just inserted the logo or words into.

I don't want anything particularly complicated, or with a ton of colors all over the place.

I don't want anything that could be seen as super crude or vulgar. This is not at all targeted at kids, but it has the potential to have a wide audience.

I don't want want anything super long. It's the intro to a show.

Things I do want:
I want you to ask questions if you have them. I am happy to answer and discuss ideas.

I want to be able to view your ideas easily. I've never done a contest like this before, but sending me links to YouTube postings of your idea would probably work well because I can view them on my phone on the go (I run around alot).

If you win, I'll of course want all the source files in their rawest states.

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  • Avillar12
    • 10 år siden

    Hello! I can't submit my entry because i can't upload any videos, just images. Please tell how to show you my entry. Thank you!

    • 10 år siden
  • aaronross91
    • 10 år siden

    I believe you may have forgotten to upload the sample logo :p

    This is something I'll definitely try my hand at, as it's an interesting sounding project.

    • 10 år siden
    1. timalexander
      • 10 år siden

      Ha! You're right! I don't know how I screwed that up. I'll upload today, and looking forward to your submission. :)

      • 10 år siden
    2. timalexander
      • 10 år siden

      Fixed. :)

      • 10 år siden

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