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Instagram Story Board

This is a sample of what I can do for this project, wish you like this design. please feedback and feel free to contact me.

Konkurrenceindlæg #23 for instagram story board - 22/03/2019 14:05 EDT

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  • mirageoud
    • 1 måned siden

    Hello Sir,
    I think you did great job but we would like to see more creative ideas

    here you just took a large image and divide it into 3 small ones
    Please create something more creative

    • 1 måned siden
    1. heshamelerean
      • 1 måned siden

      Sorry, but you are wrong; this is not a large image divided at all; it contains two images, two vector shapes, type and logo. If you need any more creative idea, please give more details for one specific point to work on.
      Thank you.

      • 1 måned siden