I'm interested in creating a practical and modern interior design for my bedroom that caters to my everyday requirements while offering a tranquil and contemporary atmosphere. The room is 3m height, 3.2 length, 3.8 width. attached is a simple layout - 2

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More details:

What specific elements of your everyday requirements would you like the bedroom design to cater to?
Ample storage space, Study/work area, Sleep, I would like a cozy chair to relax on and play guitar

What is your preferred color scheme for the bedroom?
Neutral tones (whites, grays, beiges)

What style of furniture do you prefer for your bedroom? Contemporary

The following is a guideline, however you may adjust what you see better.

1. Layout & Functionality

• Zoning: Divide the room into distinct areas for sleep, study/work, relaxation, and storage. This can help in maintaining functionality without overcrowding the space.
• Movement Flow: Ensure there is enough clearance around furniture for easy movement, aiming for a minimum of 30 inches around beds and desks, and leading paths to windows or balconies for access to natural elements.

2. Storage Solutions

• Under-Bed Storage: Opt for a contemporary bed with built-in drawers or a lift-up mechanism for storing bedding, clothes, or out-of-season items.
• Multi-functional Furniture: Choose a study desk with ample storage options like drawers and shelves. Consider a floating shelf above the desk for books and essentials, freeing up desk space.
• Built-in Wardrobe: Utilize one wall for a built-in wardrobe with customized compartments for a streamlined look and efficient storage.
• Hidden Storage: Implement hidden storage in seating or in a multi-functional cozy chair that allows for storage within its base.

3. Study/Work Area

• Location: Place the study desk near a window to take advantage of natural light, reducing eye strain and enhancing productivity.
• Ergonomics: Invest in a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair that complements the contemporary style and encourages proper posture during work or study sessions.

4. Relaxation and Leisure

• Cozy Chair: Incorporate a contemporary, comfortable chair with soft, plush upholstery for relaxing and playing the guitar. Position it in a corner with good natural light and near a window if possible, adding a small side table for convenience.
• Lighting: Install adjustable lighting options, such as a floor lamp by the cozy chair for reading or playing guitar, and task lighting by the study area. Include dimmable overhead lights to create ambiance.

5. Color Scheme and Materials

• Neutral Palette: Use whites, grays, and beiges as the primary color scheme to foster a serene and spacious feel. Add texture and depth with materials like linen, wool, and wood in similar neutral tones.
• Accent Elements: Introduce subtle accents through artwork, pillows, or rugs in muted colors or with contemporary patterns to add interest without overwhelming the space.

6. Maximizing Natural Elements

• Window Treatments: Opt for light, airy curtains or blinds that allow for privacy without blocking natural light.
• Indoor Plants: Add one or two low-maintenance indoor plants to enhance air quality and bring a touch of nature indoors.
• Ventilation: Ensure good air circulation with the placement of furniture and possibly incorporate a silent ceiling fan to enhance airflow.

Additional Considerations

• Sustainability: Choose materials and products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, from the paint on the walls to the fabric of the curtains.
• Personalization: Leave space for personal touches that make the room uniquely yours, such as a dedicated spot for guitar storage that’s both functional and displays your instrument as a piece of art.
• Technology: Incorporate smart home technology where possible, such as smart lights that can change intensity or color based on the time of day, or charging stations neatly integrated into the furniture.

To apply please provide samples of your own work, and your availability for the next 48 hours.

P.S: If I REALLY like your design, I will give more ( however I am not obligated to that, it is unspecified at the moment)

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“Mohamad Hizam is a great graphic designer, delivering great deliverables. ”

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  • DucBinh93
    • 1 måned siden

    Please check item #27

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  • AndresGarcia93
    • 1 måned siden

    I am still designing

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  • arasanac
    • 1 måned siden

    Hello, could you give me the dimensions of the window and the door to make a more accurate design? thanks

    • 1 måned siden
  • azinta
    • 1 måned siden

    what size bed are you looking for? its a little tight in space if you want to have a wall for the wardrobe but have the study desk to be in front of the window. If your're open to having one side of the bed near the wall, then we can consider it.

    • 1 måned siden

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