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I want to to put my personal manifest on an oversized wallposter (BIG!).
As i have no creative spirit, it is basicly a "wall of text".
I dont want it to look like the christian 10 bids, i want to have a digital art piece which has the attached informations inside.
Priority number 1 is not that everything can be read "quickly", it is okay that you have to "step closer".
I hope there is a creative mind out there that can fulfill my requirement!
A good way to go would be text-art:
examples: [login to view URL]
especially: [login to view URL] in a Universe Theme could be nice.


• Courtesy: Be supportive and positive to other people without expecting something in return
• Friends: Surround yourself with people that leave you happier and better off every time after you met them
• Family: You would not read this without them, so cherish them, give back and be there
• Relationships: Strive to spend the quality time with people important to you
• Toxic People: Stay away from people who drag others down instead of improving themselves

• Choices: Love it. If you don’t love it, change it. If you can’t change it, leave it
• Consumption: Don’t buy stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like
• Optionality: Accept the fact that you miss everything except of what you do, feel and are right now
• Priorities: Set mental and physical health on top to enable achieving other priorities
• Quality of Life: If I would die now, you should be able to say that the last 3 months were great overall
• Stay Pristine: “Keep the child in you alive” – question, learn, adapt, play, have fun
• Nutrition: Go for moderate alcohol, low carbs, medium fat, high protein and fibre

• Antifragility: Aim for low potential downside, but high potential upside. Calculated risk is OK
• Busyness: Being busy doesn’t mean you are doing a great job – achieving results does
• Career Path: Destination before speed and comfort…but still make sure you enjoy the journey
• Meetings: Meetings can make sense – if well-prepared, outcome-oriented, and without tourists
• Networking: Engage with people because you care and ask yourself how you can support them
• Sustainability: We should only spend what we have and utilize only what is renewable

• Ancestry: Be aware that our brains (and bodies) are not engineered for the 21st century
• Be Yourself: Not pretending to be somebody else frees up a lot of energy to improve yourself
• Creation: Prefer creating to managing, consuming and complaining
• Development: Who do I want to be? Who am i now? Whats the Gap and how can i close it.
• Goals: Write them down and track them…what gets measured gets done
• Habits: Habits are stronger than discipline. Use discipline to build positive, robust habits
• Listen: Listen actively, striving to truly understand and not just waiting for your “slot” to speak
• Ownership: There’s one person you 100% responsible for – yourself. Own your life
• Learn: All information available today is basically free. Use it!
• Risk: The biggest risk is not taking one.

• Mindfulness: The present is a present
• Commit: Do what you say you will do - than deliver.
• Curiosity: To survive, we need to adapt, therefore to learn, therefore to be curious. Always stay curious
• Gratefulness: Appreciate what you have – don’t only focus on what you do not have
• Impact: Strive for the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things you can, and wisdom to know the difference
• Integrity: Integrity defines our character, relationships, decisions and trust from other people
• Time: Everybody has the same 24 hours a day. Having no time means setting other priorities
Trust: Strive to be predictable on how you will behave for other people to build trust

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“Blanka is very motivated. It was fun to work with her.”

Profilbillede choerfurter, Germany.

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  • donfreelanz
    • 9 måneder siden

    Please message me for some relevant info to start my art piece.

    • 9 måneder siden
    1. choerfurter
      • 9 måneder siden

      Hi. I cant send you a PM, at least i did not find out how.

      • 9 måneder siden
  • IrapuatoBerry
    • 9 måneder siden

    #increaseprize #increaseprize

    • 9 måneder siden
    1. choerfurter
      • 9 måneder siden

      #DidYouMakeAnAccountJustForThisComment , #CarpeDiem

      • 9 måneder siden
  • choerfurter
    • 9 måneder siden

    text-art is a nice way to go, examples:

    • 9 måneder siden
  • reyesonline
    • 9 måneder siden

    What size ratio of your poster?

    • 9 måneder siden
    1. choerfurter
      • 9 måneder siden

      rather wide than high would be nice (21:9, 16:9), but not mandatory.

      • 9 måneder siden
  • moonsetviolin
    • 9 måneder siden

    where is you text i can't find it what is it you want included in an art piece?

    • 9 måneder siden
    1. choerfurter
      • 9 måneder siden

      i attached it as a file, but it looks like its not appearing, dont know.

      • 9 måneder siden
    2. choerfurter
      • 9 måneder siden

      i added it in the description under "MANIFEST", please check

      • 9 måneder siden

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