Illustrate a lifelike man and a woman from waves.

  • Status: Open
  • Præmier: $50
  • Modtagne indlæg: 7

Konkurrence Instruktioner

here are the parameters of the illustration vibe and preferrences.
* the illustration does not have to be digital, but i will need to receive it in very high quality if scanned. if it will be painted and scanned, i will want to right to get the page\s delivered over mail as well (with additional fee for the shipping).
* the preferrence is to have the illustration performed using a graphic pen, like WACOM. once choosing the winner, all the rights of the design will be transferred to me.
* the AI file that will be delivered will need to get deleted from you computer (and backup) after completing the transfer to me.
the illustration should be in color and not black and white.
* attached are examples of different designs which are more to the vibe and style of what i'm looking for in the result (the "yes" file). and there is another file (the "no" file) that shows the styles i wouldn't like to see in the result. the examples should explain the colors, way of the brush strokes look, abstraction etc. and not the content itself. for the content i have explained below.
* the illustration needs to be vectored. if it will be a pixels based (photoshop) it must be a very high quality of at least 600DPI in at least A4 size.
* the illustration better fit a ratio of 2:3

details for the painting content.
the illustration needs to show some sort of a lake\river\pond that the water rises from both sides like waves. the left wave needs to look like a man and the right wave needs to look like a woman. the middle part between the male and female needs to show a little part of the earth, as if the waves were rising from the middle and revealed the dirt below, from that small dirt are that is revealed, a very small vine needs to show popping from the dirt.

the entire vibe of the illustration needs to be live and positive. it should indicate that many water can't turn off the fire of love. so the male and female needs to look joyful.

please use your creativity to bring an artistic view of this illustration.

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  • yuyu11uu111
    • 3 uger siden

    it is not me that sets the budget, but a client of mine. i wish i could do better. i'll try to see what can be done. maybe he will allow some changes to the contest so it will be easier in terms etc..

    • 3 uger siden
    1. smarkies
      • 3 uger siden

      - Nghi V.

      might be a middle man for his client, and he don't want any traces from where the artwork from, and maybe client willing to pay 1k, and he post his job here for 50.

      • 3 uger siden
    2. GraphicsByGrant
      • 3 dage siden

      What is wrong with my entry? #1

      I mean for $50 that should have you over the moon.

      • 3 dage siden
  • Gilardi
    • 6 dage siden

    send me a msg please and we could talk about this project...

    • 6 dage siden
  • MrMarioBros
    • 1 uge siden

    #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize
    Also, this just seems like you are paying someone unexperienced to do your job.

    • 1 uge siden
  • Ashwings
    • 2 uger siden

    The type of illustration you are looking for isn't usually done in vector. I think 600 dpi is just too much, most illustrations for printing are done at around 300 dpi. But other comments are right, for the amount of detail you're looking for you will probably need to #increaseprize if you want to get decent entries, just for the sheer amount of time it would take for someone to do this. Also the whole thing about deleting the files makes it sound sketchy as hell.

    • 2 uger siden
  • yuyu11uu111
    • 2 uger siden

    i undestand what you all are saying, i know the client will not be able to increase the prize, but maybe he will be willing to change some of the critiria. hope that will help.
    i'll update soon.

    • 2 uger siden
  • qshahnawaz
    • 3 uger siden

    the style you are looking for is really expensive..I cant work in that style otherwise would have tried..

    • 3 uger siden
  • ArtistRitu
    • 3 uger siden

    #increaseprize please

    • 3 uger siden
  • KatonAqhari
    • 3 uger siden

    Increase the price to USD800 please.

    • 3 uger siden
  • turned2ice
    • 3 uger siden

    haha, good luck

    • 3 uger siden
  • pliiats
    • 3 uger siden

    So many demands and so minor money, you fanny guy. And how you`ll check the winner computer hard disk?

    • 3 uger siden

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