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Coin - front/back

Hi! "front" and "back" are made in photoshop. "2front_vectorised" is the result from illustrator. Off course, the shadows coin will disappear for the final trace. The photos represent what would be obtained after chemical treatment. My kind regards!

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  • jamesrbscott
    • 9 år siden

    I really like how the head is coming along in this. The skin surfaces still need to be slightly smoother and a bit more stylised (there are lumps on the forehead and one on the neck that could be smoothed) and in general most of the surfaces should be more like clean curves (refer to the example coin provided in the brief). There is a general "grainyness" to the shirt collar, the neck, the ear and the right cheek (and also in the background to the coin, especially around the text at the top). I'm not sure whether this is deliberate, but smoothing this out would probably look much better / closer to the example coin.

    The text is also a bit stretched at the top, and in general the text font looks a bit "wild west" (like a "WANTED" poster) rather than evenly sized, sleek and professional. This entry: has some good text.

    • 9 år siden
    1. jamesrbscott
      • 9 år siden

      While there were some shortcomings in this design, I still like it better than the later versions, and the other designs I liked in the competition were not in the format specified in the original brief (i.e. Adobe Illustrator vector graphics). It is a shame that you were not able to make a version with cleaner text, but assuming the 2front_vectorised version is a proper trace in Adobe Illustrator vector graphics format that can be scaled (not just an imported image) and you can provide me with that, I will probably decide to award the competition to you. Please let me know.

      • 9 år siden
    2. Geobriegal
      • 9 år siden

      Hi Mr. James!
      Thank you for your feedback!
      First, I want to ask about the cleaner text version (entry no. 9) If you do not feel that is not a clean text, please define me what you understand to look a clean text (if possibly through an example of a type of font). I'm a little confused about this issue.
      Second, I propose you this: After you determine what type of font you would like, I will send you the vector file for test it, without any obligation on your part.
      If the currency goes well, then you will pay my job. If not goes well, I will try to work around your comments on it. I love what I do, I work with passion and soul. I want you to be satisfied with the work. I have no fear that you won't pay my work if the results will thank you. Nature has its own balance. If I win undeserved money, I will definitely miss those deserve into another situation. The reverse is also true.
      So, please clarify my the clean text issue.
      My kind regards,

      • 9 år siden