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Hello! My name is Dominic and I'm in the process of starting a new business. We help people find and recover significant funds (10's of thousands to hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars) that belong to them but are being held by the government. In almost every case, these people are completely unaware that they are owed money at all and approximately 95% of the billions of dollars held by the government each year end up being forfeited. Even though there are free sites to find things like unclaimed funds and unclaimed property, the claims I work are not found on any website and take significant legal knowledge, effort and money to acquire, nationwide. Since this a VERY niche market, people are weary and skeptical at first and it's my job to establish trust very quickly and get them their money before it's too late. I believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and treating people right - no matter what. That being said, I need a logo that screams trustworthiness and credibility. I'd like it to be golden or yellow and look 3D (if possible, unless it looks silly of course) like a logo made of real gold with black shadowing/gradient to create depth. I'd also like the logo to reflect the fact that we will do everything in our power to treat them right and get them what they deserve. It must look strong and timeless - like we've been around and aren't going anywhere (not like I made it in 5 minutes on a free logo site or like I pulled it off of Microsoft Word. lol). I'm not sure how to show the act of giving large amounts of money in a logo without it looking too tacky, but if that's somehow possible maybe give that a shot. I was thinking a hand dropping/giving money into another hand. I've attached a few ideas, but am very open to suggestions. Also, I was considering adding a tagline "Treating people right." if it looks good with the logo. Thank you so much for your time! I look forward to talking soon! Dominic

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