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HMi chemical dispensing

Hi there, I am uploading those two images with the objective of having feedback from you and launch a new round of improvements since the description is not 100% clear. Please let me know if the layout of the machine is ok, i didn´t understand very well how the user inserts the instruments so I took reference from some of brands you shared. Please make all the comments you think is necessary

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  • nativehabitat
    • 3 måneder siden

    Simple yet functional design. I like the direction in which the doors open, allowing an easier view of the interior of the large area to the right. One modifications will be needed. The workflow of the sample is along the length of the instrument. Therefore, upon retrospect it seems that the front loading of the sample might not be the best choice. Moving it to left side of the instrument can solve this issue. What do you think?

    • 3 måneder siden