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Boar man

Hi! Here I leave my drawing by hand and in pencil for the design of your character. I hope you like it, if you agree and do not want to make any changes, I can give the final inking and do it in full color. I await your feedback, thank you very much!

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  • laddinall
    • 8 måneder siden

    Thanks for your drawing. You definitely have a talent. I wonder if you might be able to make this character more friendly in appearance? He is great and you have obviously paid close attention to the brief but he is a little mean for our character.

    • 8 måneder siden
    1. Emacabrera85
      • 8 måneder siden

      Thanks for the feedback and for being interested in my work! Sure I can make those changes and try to make the character more friendly, I will try to upload a new entry as soon as possible.

      • 8 måneder siden