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Website Design Concept for TCHER Agency

See artwork at 1:1 scale in browser window: The layout is a responsive HTML5/CSS3 design which can display seamlessly on desktop/tablet/phone. The Region #2 scattered icon background ("I want to Learn/Teach" area) would function well as a Parallax scroll background, giving the page a modern and lively feel when scrolling. If you'd like to see revisions or more design variations, please feel free to request them. Thanks for your time.

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  • neuralfuzzy
    • 9 år siden

    If it's possible, I would like to give you a 4.5 stars but I can't :( So far your design is among the closest to what we are looking for in terms of the influence of minimalism. But somehow the red section with the teach & learn buttons are short of something to be rated 5 stars for the overall design. Don't get me wrong, it is decent but something missing from that region.

    • 9 år siden