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Submission with Color Pallete

Dear Contest Holder, I have tried to use as less color as I could but maintaining the persons of the images recognizable. Also I have followed all your instructions. So, I hope you like my submission. If you make me the winner, then I will start making the number version of this design as you asked and finally handover all the files to you. Waiting for your response. Thank You. Regards, Md. Akif Zaman

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  • TheLeader007
    • 9 måneder siden

    why are you interfering with my work

    • 9 måneder siden
    1. akifzaman2603
      • 9 måneder siden

      because you cheated, bro. dont worry the contest said he/she will make you the winner anyway. I am just feeling sad for him/her cause he is not gonna get what he/she is actually looking for. best of luck and congratulations.

      • 9 måneder siden