Give Me Your Expert Advice On Setting Up Facebook Business Manager & Google Accounts

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I know some candidates don't bother reading these descriptions thoroughly and enter anyways. We are not interested in you if you aren't with us. We will know if you haven't read the description entirely so please make sure to do so.

The goal for you to win the contest is to give me a great suggestion/solution to solve a 'tricky' situation. Your answers should:
1. Present 1~3 routes to take.
2. Present the pros and cons of each option.
3. Finalize with your personal suggestion AND WHY.

Alrighty, so here's the deal. Basically I want all the FB business manager, ad manager, pixels, and Google Analytics set up for me quickly. I can and would do this myself, however, my situation is quite tricky and at the same time my hands are full and it’s probably better if I had someone who’s been doing this as their career with tons of experience to just do it for me so I don’t run into problems later on.
So here’s my ‘tricky’ situation.
There will be PART 1 and PART 2:
1. I have a company (an LLC) called KODO Technology, LLC ([login to view URL]) that was established originally to teach beginners how to code online. So basically an online programming course. However, that business has been sitting around doing nothing as I had to take care of other business.
2. When I first built KODO - this programming course/company, I also personally set up the FB business/ad manager, GTM, etc and they still exist. (This was a long time ago and honestly, I forgot how I the setup process looks now).

1. I have 2 out of 3 one-product Shopify stores ready for marketing/testing on FB (and possibly Google Ads). [[login to view URL], [login to view URL]]
2. I don’t have an official business name for my eCommerce business yet but I know I should have it backed with an LLC to protect my assets should something goes wrong - so I’m thinking of using KODO Technology, LLC to transform this company into an eCommerce business rather than leaving it as a programming course business.
3. The DILEMMA: I want to either use the ‘already-existing’ KODO Technology (KODO) FB business account & Google Analytics account (GTM etc) and link it to our 3 Shopify stores OR create a completely new account on FB and Google.
4. So far I’m getting a feeling that it’ll be easier to create a new account entirely but I’m not 100% so I want your advice on the pros and cons. I mean, wouldn’t it get really confusing if I had 2 FB business accounts and Google accounts that both say “KODO Technology” for the account name?? I sure would be frustrated…So I’m looking for solutions/best options to go about this situation. Or on the other hand, would I be able to delete the original accounts permanently from both FB and Google platforms like it never existed to mess with the new account later on?...

- Once I find the best answer that I feel most comfortable/resonate with and select the winner for this rather petit contest, I'd like to offer a job (agreed hourly or flat rate) to this winner to simply clean up my FB and Google account and link them with all 3 Shopify stores so all is set up - marketing and analytics-ready.
- If the job is completed and I'm convinced this winner is a true expert, please expect an invitation to keep getting working with us.

1) You’ve dealt with something similar to my situation before.
2) You’re 1000% certain you can clean up and set up my FB and Google Accounts, testing/marketing ready w/out possible account issues and/or complications later.
3) Should have the skills and experience to do this cleanup and setup in 1~2 hours.

Looking forward to hearing all your unique and brilliant approaches.

Thank you.


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  • kodotechnologies
    • 3 uger siden

    At first I thought this might be too short of an answer but as I started reading, I really enjoyed how 'to the point and simple' it was.

    It was easy to understand and I was able to agree basically all the way through.

    A big thumbs up.

    • 3 uger siden
    1. ArvidsM
      • 3 uger siden

      Thank you James
      I work exclusively with Facebook Ads. I have case studies in eCommerce niche.
      If you need help with Facebook Ads & everything related, - let me know. Thanks.

      • 3 uger siden
    2. ArvidsM
      • 3 uger siden

      About Google Analytics setup.
      You can move info between your GTM setups. I can do basic setup in 2 days.
      Custom conversion events: 1) page scroll (90%); 2) 2 mouse clicks; 3) video view

      Also, can setup per demand.
      For example, user sessions, image hoovers, element visibility etc. etc.

      • 3 uger siden
  • kodotechnologies
    • 3 uger siden

    @Chavie F:
    Thank you for your very thorough response. I can tell you spent a good time on this and very detail-oriented.
    However I'm having a hard time believing that it takes 1 week to do the setup. I know that you COULD take 1 week setting Analytics up doing testing etc but I also know that you can also quickly get this done in less than 1 hour because I did it myself.

    I was able to see where the traffic was coming from, dropping off, the basic demographics etc and although it wasn't heavenly data or anything and could use tons of improvements like any project - frankly it enough data to give me a good indication to where to target and create my avatar (target audience), and that's basically all I need for now.

    Just things cleaned up.

    Again, I know you COULD spend 1 week making my analytics account gorgeous but how quick can you actually do it do you think?

    • 3 uger siden
    1. chaviefuchs
      • 3 uger siden

      Thanks for your response. I take great pride in my work and only take on projects that I can complete correctly and thoroughly, set up for the long run. Your proposal is for 3 e-commerce sites. It's simply not reasonable to expect proper set up, testing and QA for eCommerce sites in less than a week. Skimping on Analytics set up might feel like a good way to save money at the onset, but eventually improper setup for e-commerce sites will cause problems for you down the line, if not immediately.
      I can understand and appreciate the need to get things set up and running as quickly as possible, even if it means skimping on certain things along the way, I personally specialize in set-up for the long-run because from my years of experience I see it pays off. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck with your business.

      • 3 uger siden
  • bishalali101
    • 3 uger siden

    Hello there! I have carefully gone through your job post and understood your requirements. I am offering you my quality service. You can check my profile & portfolio for details about my experiences. If you give me the opportunity, I’ll provide you quality service according to your instructions within your expected budget & estimated time. We can discuss it more over chat and also can show you my plans as well as previous work samples.I am waiting for your positive response. Thanks! Best Regards, Bishal Ali

    • 3 uger siden
  • kodotechnologies
    • 3 uger siden

    I will announce the winner here once the contest period ends.

    • 3 uger siden
  • kodotechnologies
    • 3 uger siden

    @Jobaida, you clearly didn't read the instructions in the description. Sorry but you're disqualified. Thanks.

    • 3 uger siden

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