Funny sketches for a novel for 13 year old boys

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PAYMENT STRUCTURE: The $10 is just a start. Potential for much more.

Either we agree on a flat fee per final illustration, or we partner and split the profits after I publish the book. (we can negotiate the percentage each of us will retain)

NEED: I'm looking for a partner to add illustrations after each section of a children's novel for 13-year-old boys. Perhaps 30-50 illustrations in total.

STORY: The boy is just your average middle school kid, trying to make it through the school year but things don't always go according to plan, and he finds himself getting into all sorts of hilarious and awkward situations. (similar to The Wimpy Kid series of books)

I'm looking for someone with many technical and artistic skills needed to create illustrated comic strips with cross-hatching, textured, three-dimensional looks, characterized by clean, expressive lines, dynamic compositions, and a strong sense of visual storytelling.

Technical skills:
Drawing skills: the ability to create accurate, expressive lines and forms using a pencil, pen, marker, and digital tools.

Compositional skills: the ability to arrange elements in a composition in a visually appealing and effective way.

Perspective skills: the ability to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface using techniques like linear perspective, foreshortening, and spatial relationships.

Cross-hatching skills: the ability to create textured, tonal effects using a variety of hatching techniques.

Artistic skills:
Visual storytelling skills: the ability to convey a narrative or story through visual means, including character design, and layout.

Character design skills: the ability to create visually distinctive and funny, expressive characters with consistent appearances and personalities.

Acting skills: the ability to convey character emotion and behaviour through body language, facial expression, and gesture.

Mood and atmosphere skills: the ability to create a sense of mood and atmosphere through the use of colour, lighting, and other visual elements.

If interested, please provide a few sample images of the characters in funny situations with funny and unusual expressions on their faces.

Remember the audience is young boys.

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